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  1. Just got back last night from a few days in the Lakes. 5 marketing emails and 2 brochures, mostly for Oceana this winter.
  2. That is another advanatge of Freedom dining. I really enjoy the select dining venues and use them more and more. If you're on a club dining table it can seem rude just not to turn up on several evenings because you make a last minute decision to eat elsewhere, whereas with freedom there are no worries.
  3. Try being one solo lady! Most couples on tables I've shared have been pleasant, friendly, and made dinner very enjoyable. However, you do get the odd couple where the lady especially makes her displeasure clear and won't talk to you. Perhaps she thinks I'm after her husband? I've got one at home who doesn't like cruising, and he's enough trouble thank you! Perhaps if i were a little old lady with white hair I'd fare better.
  4. I booked a guarantee balcony on Aurora last yeat and got a HB grade; second from the top.
  5. It was certainly adult only when I was on Britannia in April. Families with young children have the 2 pools on Deck 16 (the Zoo). The only exception made was a couple with a 9 year old girl who used to sit with her mother in the mornings and read; she didn't use the pool. They were a quiet family and I think were looking for somewhere less busy for reading. No one objected; in factmany of us said it was nice to see a child obviously so keen on reading.
  6. As a solo traveller I'm usually happy to share and have never had to wait for freedom dining, whatever time I go in. If i feel like dining alone I go in later when there's no problem.
  7. When I got into St Peter Port I almost wished I hadn't. Terrifying ride in both directions. Mine was the last tender before operations were suspended, and we bobbed up and down for ages before we could get off. People being sick all over the place, screaming, shouting. Wouldn't do it again. Apparently even in relatively calm seas the strait between the island and where the ships anchor is always tricky. That was on Azura a couple of years ago.
  8. Always take real coffee and aeropress. they're great aren't they, and weigh very little. Proper cup of coffee on the balcony every morning; best way to wake up!
  9. I have had great experiences with some of the Captains mentioned. Chris Wells was very funny (I will never forget his midday sea shanty in a gale in the Bay of Biscay!) and made my daughter very welcome on Oriana when she was 10 (it was a family ship then). Robert Camby is always friendly and when his wife gave birth to their son the day before we reached St Maarten on the Caribbean transatalantic on Azura everyone cheered when he made the announcement. Azura broke down in the Azores which made us late into the Caribbean and he kept us very well informed. And yes, I appreciated Derek Grey circulating every table at the Baltic/Ligurian lunch on Oriana last year and speaking to everyone. He also appeared in a tutu at the Staff Show!
  10. I had a seaview cabin down on P Deck on Azura (Ventura is virtually identical) and that had a large square window. It was great.
  11. I used to work on Tyneside and sometimes watched the ships coming in and out at Littlehaven south of the Tyne. Live in Durham now so it's interesting to see how many calls and cruises there are!
  12. Arcadia has a round UK cruise calling at Liverpool in August 2021; I intend booking it as soon as bookings open. It will be very strange going ashore ( and yes it's an easy few minutes' walk from the centre) as I was brought up there!
  13. I have a PAYG smartphone simply because i don't want a contract. if you don't want to go online, download eticket and other docs when you ARE online at home, then just save them somewhere you can find them and open them to show at check in. I've done that before.
  14. I've tried a mix of wet flannel on bedside table plus glass of water, saline spray and tea tree oil. Seems to work, and I haven't suffered for the last few cruises. If they are no longer giving out face cloths/flannels as I have read on another post somewhere, then I shall be asking my steward on the first day to ensure that I have some, as they do make a difference.
  15. Now been on 3 cruises where there was no turn down service the first night. The stewards work from about 6.30 on the turnaround morning so by the time they go off duty at about 4.30 pm they are exhausted! They have always asked me if I need anything else before they go, and if I shower before dinner I just hang the bath towel up where it will dry. Often I shower in the morning instead because I stay at a hotel the night before.
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