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  1. You must have booked really early to get that price! A year ago i was quoted £6500 for solo occupancy of a balcony on that 17 night Aurora cruise. Which is why I'm going with Silversea this Autumn.
  2. Abide with me was my father's favourite hymn and since he died a couple of years ago I tend to get a bit tearful when I hear it. So they'd better not play it on any of my cruises or there will be a problem.
  3. Jean I have done Freedom several times on Aurora.Yes, the queue begins at 5.15 for those determined that they won't accept a shared table, so they queue for a table for 2, of which there are fewer on Aurora than on the larger ships because she was initially designed for the 2 sitting system. I have turned up at various times depending on how hungry I am, whether I had a small or large lunch, what entertainment I want to go to. As long as I've been prepared to share a table I've been seated straight away any time between 6.30 and about 8.15. My favoured time is around 7 and there never seems to be a problem; even those wanting tables for 2 are sent with a pager until about 7.20 when the 2s which were taken at 6pm start to empty. I never saw queues at around 8pm at all.
  4. I agree; if Paul or Sam is talking I'll go along or make sure I catch it later on the cabin TV. Sam in particular had lots of ideas for people who like to go walking independently.
  5. Glad Oceana is returning to Southampton; I love her!
  6. Update on gym on Aurora. I've been complaining for several years about the 8am opening time. It's now open about 7, but you are asked not to use the treadmills or free weights before 8am . People do though. So perhaps avoid cabins immediately underneath; midships B deck port side. I enjoyed workouts at 7.30 though!
  7. Until about 5 years ago very few did; it is a virus which is spreading. It's a real problem for me because of my allergy to the sauce.
  8. I have friends on this cruise and everything is going to plan; they are having a great time.
  9. The black sand beach at La Palma not only has swimming, decent toilets and changing facilities and walkways, it also has decent free wifi! It is identical to the bay at Aberystwyth except for the colour of the sand!
  10. Delays, a couple of missed ports, late back and missed booked train costing me over £100 for new ticket. Not to mention being woken up in the night; I'm a poor sleeper at the best of times. Starting to spoil the cruise.
  11. What is it with P and O and medical evacuations? There never used to be any! In the last 3 or 4 years the numbers have gone up exponentially. Is it "Elf n safety"? Are P and o more likely to evacuate a sick passenger than try to treat them on board? Do they have fewer less qualified medical staff than in the past? I don't know the answer, but it's starting to put me off booking with them again. I have 3 cruises booked for 2020 so am monitoring the situation.
  12. I've been following on Facebook; they left late Sunday night and are a day late in remaining ports. No offer of compensation which had led to some complaints on FB page.
  13. As I do have a few long/fancy evening dresses. as well as knee length cocktail numbers, and I love dressing up, is this going to be OK on Silversea?
  14. I'm going on my first Silversea cruise in December and am seriously considering another in the next year, so am really interested in this. Yes I think I would have my butler unpack as I hate doing it. Yes I would like breakfast in my cabin. I have one food allergy, to baked beans ( or rather the virulent tomato sauce in which they are prepared) so find sharing tables with others at breakfast a problem. As the waiter goes round I am literally praying that no one orders baked beans because the sight and smell of them makes me ill! I get around this on P and O where I have done most of my cruises by having a word with the Maitre D' on the first day; after that I always get a table to myself. Also like the thought of dinner service in-cabin if I'm tired; normally I enjoy sharing tables with others at lunch and dinner and have met some lovely people so doing, but nice to have the option.
  15. They really don't. I often take 2 smaller bottles adding up to 1.5 litres so I have my raspberry vodka AND my preferred brandy, neither of which are stocked by room service. If I want some gin/tonics as well on longer cruises I buy them from Room Service. And if they "clamp down " (which they won't, as P and O do NOT run the Security operation, then there's always rum runners!
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