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  1. I think this is the last day i shall be on social media including this site. The negativity is really starting to affect my mental health.
  2. Also meant to be going on April 12th and was really fed up when the end date for cancellation was announced as the 11th. It's getting very close now and I feel it's about time I was contacted. I am, however, holding my nerve and waiting for P and O to cancel it.
  3. Knowing that my 12th April cruise won't be going ahead, yesterday I tried to cancel my train ticket and hotel. The hotel allowed me to move to late Autumn at the same rate, and said if that doesn't go ahead I can move the room to next year, again at the same rate. The train company will not refund as the ticket is non refundable. I argued that the contract is frustrated. My credit card company agrees with me and is reversing the transaction. Now I'll let VISA and the train company fight it out!
  4. So sorry to hear about this; virtual hugs! Puts food shortages into perspective. Here in the north east there has been so much panic buying that those of us who thought it was unethical and didn't do it are, ironically, going to have to shop more often or not eat. Cruising seems a long way off now, and anxiety is increasing.
  5. We're creating a double width driveway this month or next but still don't think there'll be parking for Aurora....
  6. Oh are you buying Oceana? I'll have Aurora then. Not sure my neightbours will go for that either!
  7. Why don't they just isolate the ill person if that's so?
  8. A friend and I are on the 2021 worldie for half of it, to Sydney. If it looks unlikely in September when the balance is due, we'll rebook for 2022.
  9. Yes, we will all take our revenge when this crisis is over. Those who do not measure up will be mercilessly boycotted!
  10. Wish they'd made it a few days later; I'm supposed to sail on the 12th. Still sitting tight though for my refund or FCC.
  11. Now that over 70s cannot cruise, it is unlikely that the adult only ships will be able to run a viable cruise even if there were any ports to cruise to! The majority of their guests are over 70. The family ships might still be fairly full, but will still have no ports of call.
  12. I'm happy to take 125% FCC as a: I WILL resume cruising when it's a safe option; it's my favourite thing, and b: I always pay by credit card so even if ABTA doesn't cover me (which it will) I will reclaim from VISA.
  13. Now that all the ports for the April 12th Arcadia cruise are inccessible, and given that the adult only ships have a large proportion of passengers over 70, I am just waiting for my cruise to be cancelled by P and O rather than doing it myself and hanging on the phone. Happy with refund and/or FCC and in some ways it'll be nice to think I have a pre paid cruise when this is over.
  14. As long as you book before 31st December 2021 you can take a cruise up to March 2022. Yesterday I was still going on April 12th. Now I'm waiting to see if P and O cancel first, then I'll get a refund. If they don't I may still cancel 3 days before as Madeira is not out and the Canaries will no doubt follow. Just glad I flew back from Fuerteventura at the weekend!
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