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  1. Likewise; my friend and I were booked from Southampton to Sydney ( also retirement celebrations) and we really didn't want to go as there will still be so many restrictions, but nor did we want to lose over £1500 each that we had paid as deposit. Now we can use 125% of that against a future cruise. We'll re book for 2022 or 2023 instead.
  2. The noise of the ship's wake as we cruise out to open sea. I dreamed of it last night and woke up crying when I realised it was just a dream!
  3. That is a wonderful cruise; i did it on Oriana a few years ago. Something to look forward to.
  4. I don't think we need to judge other people. I will definitely have the vaccination asap, as it will help everyone return to normal and enable me to cruise again. I have a disability which makes it impossible for me to tolerate a mask or face covering, and I get very upset when people are judgemental or bully me for something I cannot change. As Lockdown eases for most, it becomes a greater prison for me.
  5. Well I've just survived a short break in the Lake District so things are looking up! As for cruises, expecting to cruise next July, September and October, but probably going to reschedule the Southampton to Sydney for 2022 as we don't want to do it in 2021 if there are restrictions and we think January too early to expect any sort of normality.
  6. I have been cruising for 25 years and never caught anything. I admit I'm a bit like Lady Macbeth with the hand washing, and I rarely use the buffet, but I am convinced that if you are sensible, hygenic and have a good immune system, you will probably be OK. And btw, I don't use the sanitiser because I'm allergic to it. Good old soap and water seems to suffice!
  7. It's nice; I often have lunch there with friends. Quiet slightly out of the way site. Approach from the A167 at Nevilles Cross to avoid the closed bridge.
  8. Indigo, Gadds Town House and the Royal County (Marriott) are all in Old Elvet in the centre. The New Elvet Bridge is closed for months from next week, but Old Elvet is reachable if you come off the A1M South of Durham (Junction 61) rather than Junction 62 the "official" Durham junction. It's about 10 minutes' drive through Bowburn and Shincliffe Village then turn left at the roundabout before the University Library and follow the road to Old Elvet. They all have parking. Alternatively if you want a quiet stay with easy public transport access, the Premier Inn North Durham (take the A167 junction 63 north of Durham and follow the road to Pity Me and Newton Hall) offers a cheaper and comfortable stay with loads of parking and the regular 64 bus (about 10-15 minutes' travel) into the centre from the Arnison Shopping centre next door. Newcastle as others have said has more hotels, but I hope you find this helpful (I live in Durham)
  9. Yes; I was her Headteacher. She is a lovely young woman, very intelligent and well qualified, and is proud of her Tyneside accent; indeed she makes a feature of it!
  10. That would be Abbie Quinn (who may now have married and have a different name. Ex pupil of mine; great young woman; full of life and excellent EM.
  11. I wish I'd known... The last time I saw Oceana: in Martinique last December. There she is, moored opposite the Silver Whisper. I was embarrassed when some of the staff said hello on the gangway as they recognised me from my last Oceana cruise several moths before. One of them said he hadn't realised i was onboard and I had to say "I'm not," and gesture towards the Silver Whisper. I was the only Silversea passenger who turned out on deck to watch the Oceana sail away. If only I'd known it was the last time I would see her...
  12. Do take in Durham on your way to/from Newcastle (20 minutes' drive) and see the Cathedral and the old town; it's emptier than usual at the moment.
  13. Yes I was on that too and was a bit concerned about paying the balance as it was an expensive cruise, booked onboard 2 years ago with a £50 deposit. I was really looking forward to it but at least the uncertainty is now over.
  14. Sorted today with my TA; they will transfer the booking to 2022 to as similar itinerary as possible; even offered an upgrade as incentive.
  15. I'm always impressed by the service I get from this TA whom I've used for about 10 years, but we're not allowed to reveal names on here are we? The personal call and the attention to detail from the cruise consultant were impressive.
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