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  1. These are averages. Yes it can be that cool in the Northern isles and Iceland in June. However 3 years ago my daughter and I sailed a very similar itinerary in late June and we had 24-27 degrees except for one day, when it rained and was only 12!
  2. I had quite a long chat with him when he was on Aurora last year. He has moved to Azura as it's a family ship and he has children. I think he's a really nice man.
  3. I am going on Silversea next month. I have 5 further cruises booked with P and O in 2020 and 2021, all but one on Aurora or Arcadia (one is on Azura but that was because of the itinerary only though I quite like Azura). I strongly suspect that I am going to be spoiled for the larger lines and ships. The pattern for 2021 onwards will probably be fewer cruises with the more expensive lines. I'll very likely try Viking.
  4. I often walk if it's fine because I use the Baggage Handling Company for my large suitcase, so I'm travelling to the dock with just a small rucksack on my back as hand luggage. Just show your e ticket at the gate. Coming home it's even easier; get off early, give your suitcase to the Baggage handling Company staff, and walk to the station in time for an early train home.
  5. I like liver, probably because my mother did superb liver and onions when I was young. The liver on P and O is delicate tasting, beautifully cooked and definitely worth ordering. If you fancy a simpler meal, there is always a plain soup, a grilled steak or grilled salmon fillet, and ice cream. These are always available as as others have said are done very well by P and O.
  6. As there are more select dining venues I have found it more restrictive on Club dining as you don't always know the night before whether you'll feel like eating in the MDR at the usual table or not. While it's polite to tell your table companions that you've booked another venue the following night, I sometimes like to eat at, say the Beach house on impulse, and that is much easier with freedom dining. Sometimes you look at the evening menu after breakfast and think, "I don't really fancy that". Freedom gives you the ability to book elsewhere or eat at one of the no booking venues.
  7. I am not keen on the trend for larger ships, though I do have one cruise booked on Azura next year, but that was to do with the itinerary. The others I've booked for both 2020 and 2021 are all on Arcadia or Aurora. After that, who knows? I am trying Silversea in December. I certainly couldn't afford the 3-4 cruises a year I do with P and O if I changed to the 6 star lines. Viking and Saga's new ship attract me also. After summer 2021 it might be a case of cruise less often with a higher priced (and higher quality) line. I liked Britannia despite not expecting to, but Iona is just a step too far.
  8. Another reason why I shall NOT be going on Iona. The main reason is the very poor passenger/space ratio.
  9. There is no excuse for not washing your hands, but I am allergic to the cheap nasty anti bacterial gel onboard so cannot use it, and I know several others who are too. A friend who is a nurse said that handwashing is by far the most effective way of avoiding illness.
  10. Got my confirmation from the TA yesterday for both cruises I wanted, with cabin numbers. Actually managed to snag one of the tiny number of single balconies on Arcadia; been trying to do that for years! No confirmation from P and O yet. If I go onto their website and login, 2 of my 2020 cruises (booked ages ago) are showing but the 3rd isn't. One 2021 is showing; the other isn't. Puzzled now.
  11. I use the MDR for lunch quite a lot. The new menu (since last year on most ships) gives you more light and salad options and portions are smaller than dinner so it's possible to have a light and healthy lunch, waiter served. MUCH prefer that to the Snatch and Grab!
  12. I have 3 pairs of almost flat glittery sandals in different styles. They go with long dresses or evening trousers, and the ones with a small heel go with short cocktail dresses. And you don't feel as if you're going to slip all the time.
  13. Checked my details today from Greece. Most of my future cruises are there but one on Aurora next October is missing. Typically.
  14. As I am in Greece I completely failed to pre register on Monday. Took 10 minutes through a well known TA and extra discount. P and O site inaccessible all day. Every attempt met with red exclamation mark and "sorry there is a problem. Please try later. "
  15. Back in the days when my husband still cruised and our daughter was young, we always managed fine with an upper bunk or a sofa bed. She liked upper bunks better and was fine with an extra bed guard supplied by the steward; she was 3 on the occasion of her first cruise. Balconies are perfectly safe as long as children are supervised and you put the bolt on if you don't want them opening the door. The rails are far too high to fall over and as long as yu make it clear that the child must NOT climb on furniture they are perfectly safe.
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