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  1. I had the deluxe package on Iona recently and just ordered a 250 ml glass. If I ran out I asked for another; no problem and usually took 10 minutes or so to arrive.
  2. Pre registered for that one this morning, not easy from Fuerteventura. Couldn't resist as it'll be a one time experience.
  3. Finally got an email from them and changed excursions.
  4. Still not received any communication from P and O.
  5. Were yhou notified of this? I'm on that cruise and no one has contacted me.
  6. I have a severe allergy to the tomato sauce in which baked beans are cooked, I always see the Head Waiter on day 1 and they provide me with a table to myself at breakfast, because the sight and smell of baked beans makes me ill as well as eating them so I cannot share a table as if someone orders beans I have to leave. They have always been very accommodating.
  7. I've usually managed to catch a 9-10 o clock train after self disembarking, with a wait of no more then 10 minutes for a taxi.
  8. Another change in the menus is the number of vegetarian and vegan choices which drastically reduces the meat and fish options. As more than 80% of people eat meat and fish this seems unbalanced to me. They shoould offer a separate vegetarian and vegan menu.
  9. I have very long thick hair and found the Iona hairdryers fine unlike those on some ships. Sindhu you can book in advance, cost £10 and you just pay anything in excess of that on the night. Olive Grove book as soon as you board or you won't get in. I found Chef's table underwhelming. Epicurean well worth booking in advance. Excursions to Briksdal Glacier, Flaam railway and Loen Skylift are all worth doing.
  10. Just catching up with your blog as I've been away for a week with poor WiFi. As many others have said, it's been a joy to read, completely honest and very engaging. The longest cruise I've ever done is 21 days, I have another 21 on Britannia in May, but as I've booked the world cruise on Arcadia for 2026, your excellent blog has given me a good idea of what to expect. I like sea days so it's just as well as the world cruise has only a couple more ports than you had and lots of sea days, so it's particularly good to know that P and O provides well for sea days on longer cruises. Thank you for such an entertaining and well written blog. Don't know what I'm going to read when I've finished the paper now!
  11. Of course. If the deck bars are busy I get a drink and have it on my balcony.
  12. There is only a limited range of cocktails on the classic drinks package. To get more you have to book the deluxe, which is good value if you want premium cocktails and spirits, double measures and large glasses of wine. I think fresh orange is included; I certainly had it on the deluxe package last time, but unsure about lime.
  13. Thanks for that; I love Jam Shed and will try my local Home Bargains: big store so likely to stock a variety. Selbourne, I continue to enjoy your blog immensely. You've got me thinking that I'll buy a drinks package in advance for my November cruise on Aurora and spend my OBC in the Glass House on food!
  14. Most toilets in Scandanavian countries are card only or card option. Only once have I had to go behind a bush because they were cash only and I had no coins. Even if you get currency it'll be in notes so doesn't solve that problem.
  15. Wow! Loved your account of the transit. Can't wait now to do the full version in 2026 on the world cruise. Especially as it looks as if Suez may be impossible
  16. Pleased to read these posts as I'm doing 3 weeks on her in May a 14 and a 7 nighters, all to Scandinavia and the Baltic.
  17. I am allergic to the hand gel so concentrate extra hard on frequent hand washing on cruises. I've done over 30, including some where norovirus was on board Never caught it. Never caught covid either. I think hand washing is the best protection.
  18. Having tried both packages including alcohol, I think that the deluxe one is better value, but it depends what you drink. If I were a beer drinker it wouldn't pay. I like decent wine and premium spirirts, and I like large glasses and double measures. You only have to have a glass of wine with lunch, a pre dinner drink, a glass or two with dinner and a pre bedtime drink to break even, and that's without the bottled water and coffees I drink. Whereas the classic package, with single measures, smaller glasses, and excluding the more expensive wines and cocktails, is not for me at all.
  19. Loved the photos especially the monkey, and sad that your sore throat persists. I hate vegan food, no two ways about it. I like vegetarian, but only if it has plenty of cheese, eggs or similar included. I actually feel that these menus are bordering on discriminatory against people who eat meat and fish. I agree there should be choice for vegetarians and vegans, but vegan in particular seems to dominate especially at lunch time. Worries me a little about the world cruise in 2026. We may struggle after the first few weeks.
  20. There are a few conservatory mini suites on deck 9 which are above the Olive Grove and much more private because balconies are set back from its roof. I think I worked out that they are mid aft from 9615 to 9621. I've had 9617 twice now; with the conservatory door open you have total sunbathing privacy. Important to me because I am a naturist.
  21. It's pretty easy to DIY in all 3. Tromso has musuems, a cathedral and town to walk around. Andalsnes we climbed up the hill overlooking the town but you can catch a bus or tram. Stavanger is easy walking, to the town and round the lake. All three are quite scenic in different ways.
  22. Same from me; a number of my friends have had this and it seems miserable. I always take high dose vitamin D3 all winter, especially before a cruise. It seems to work. Honestly I'd go to the medical centre if it doesn't get better soon.
  23. I did it the other way round and the overnight flight home was a nightmare. At least flying out gets it over with and then you can relax into the cruise. I hate flying so much that if I sail transatlantic again I'll do the 35 days both ways. My best friend and I have always wanted to cruise to Australia and New Zealand but couldn't face the flights. So we've booked the full World cruise for 2026.
  24. As I love spicy food I am much keener on the Beach House these days. Some of the MDR stuff is sooo bland.
  25. I needed a nighttime doctor visit once on a ship. Cost was £300 callout plus £75 for meds. My policy paid all but the £75 excess. I only pay around £230 for an annual policy with cruise cover. That covers 10 million pounds medical expenses including helicopter evacuation and repatriation if necessary, plus missed port and confined to cabin through illness cover. I think it's worth it.
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