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  1. Totally agree. If I had only cruised with RCI I would be a D+ but instead I have enjoyed trying different cruise lines and I always look for price and itinerary first. I feel that eventually the perks associated with the loyalty program will get less and less.
  2. In the solarium on Allure there are cushioned chairs and love seats. Two of the love seats had people sleeping on them all afternoon. While their backpacks took up space on the chair next to them So they were taking up seating for 5. All seats were occupied A different example of chair hogs.
  3. I found a chair in the solarium while 4 chairs next to me sat empty with towels and beach bags on them for a few hours. Seems they were at an art auction. How considerate!!!!!!
  4. It’s not just Royal, NCL and Celebrity have the same problem. Worse is the people that save a row of seats at a show while announcement is being made about no seat saving. Saw it last week on Allure
  5. If I didn’t want to dress for formal night what is the other option for dinner that is no charge? Please don’t say the Windjammer.
  6. NCL also gives out individual trail mix at their bars. For the World Series they had popcorn and wings for free while watching the game. I imagine those perks won’t last much longer. But it was nice
  7. Lol......I don’t believe that meal was for the general public.
  8. I agree. I have been on Freedom, Voyager and Radiance class ships and enjoyed the food in the buffet. Ambience was nice with dim lights, tables set and quiet music playing. All I’m saying is we tried WJ twice for dinner and once for breakfast just in case the first time was a fluke. Our food was cold all three times . I guess we picked the wrong food to eat those times. The desserts were delicious. A good buffet has hot food continuously. Hey we are not fussy but we do expect our food to be edible.
  9. We ate at the Windjammer on my last cruise on Allure and we did not have dimmed lights or hot food. The selection was great but the food was cold.
  10. RCI is where I’ve cruised the most but I also like Celebrity and NCL. NCL mainly because it cruises to Bermuda out of Boston which is 1/2 hour drive to the port. I love Bermuda 💙💙. With me it’s where and how much.
  11. I absolutely agree with you. The people who notice who has a soda cup are the same ones that notice what people are wearing on formal night and complain on CC if it’s not to their liking. I could care less if the guy sitting at the table is wearing a suit or shorts. He’s on his vacation and I’m on mine. My husband never wore shorts to dinner but it doesn’t make him right
  12. I agree. We cruise around every other year. And I love it but I also love my land vacations. Cruising has allowed me to decide which islands I would like to spend more than a day on.
  13. I was thinking of having lunch at Giovanni’s. Don’t care for Johnny Rockets
  14. We have a Central Park balcony on Allure and with it we receive a free lunch. Not sure how it works. Do we just show up at the restaurant when we want or do we make reservations ?
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