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  1. I agree ! The number is-1 877 722 7772 have your booking # ready, it's there first question.
  2. Hi, we just booked Regent air to TLV from SFO ( United ) and were told we were on a wait list. We were told this is the airlines doing. Three days later we were confirmed.
  3. Hi, GOARMY, we are on the crossing also and have been reading your comments. I think we would prefer Charleston, there is a direct flight to PHX at a good departure time should it come to that. I looked at flights to SEA and there are 3 direct flights ( AA ) but not the best times one at 4:45p. Lets just hope we go into MIA.
  4. You may be right , all I know is that the RSSC site shows us in a GTY in a Seven Seas Suite. We are hopping for better .
  5. We are also on the TA and waiting for a suite. We started in a PH-B and then were moved up 2 category's Horizon Suite on the Mariner. We now have a Seven Seas Suite -GTY. We see what happens !
  6. As long as you guys are talking about equivalent suites we were booked in a Horizon suite on the Mariner, Wondering what they will move us to on the Explorer ? We were up graded with the 2 category offer . OH yes we are also on the BCN to MIA cruise and are happy about the ship change. John
  7. Just wondering if we could ask Crystal to provide a wine of our choice before ( weeks or months) our cruise one that would be in the same price range as they supply ? Thanks
  8. Found this on Cruse Mapper. NCLH's entire fleet (all vessels of the brands NCL-Norwegian, Oceania and RSSC-Regent Seven Seas) is with an expanded cancellation policy. All bookings on pre-scheduled itineraries (departures March 14, 2020, through May 31, 2021) were given the option to cancel (up to 48 hours prior departure) without penalties. Eventually, NCLH canceled all RSSC cruises leaving between March 14, 2020, and late-September 2021. Operations are currently planned to resume on September 11, 2021, with the ship Seven Seas Splendor (Around Britain cruise roundtrip from Southampton UK, follows Mediterranean and Transatlantic repositioning to the Caribbean). Seven Seas Explorer restarts on Nov 2 (Asia from Yokohama Japan). Seven Seas Navigator restarts on Nov 5 (South America from Miami). Seven Seas Mariner restarts on Nov 14 (Caribbean from Miami). Seven Seas Voyager restarts on Nov 21 (South Africa from Cape Town). All affected bookings received a full refund (100%) in FCC (future cruise credit) transferred to a booking made within 1 year (any itinerary, fleetwide) from the canceled departure date. RSSC's Regent Reassurance policy was expanded to offer penalty-free cancellations (for any reason) up to 15 days prior departure with full refunds (100%) in FCC.
  9. I walk up (3.5-4 mi )there several times a week very nice area and quiet so I can listen to Sirius radio. We are at Splendido 8.5 yrs, yes I can still walk !😀 Splendido is a CCRC but we are a young and active at 77.
  10. Just thinking about the future and if you guys and gals think this would be a possible solution to the slow internet speed on cruise ships ?
  11. Unlimited when we go ashore !😀 No entertainment except for DW on the brass pole !😀 Shore excursions are all on your own but free. Free laundry if you do it yourself. Free WIFI if you can get close to a marina. No air, no butler, why are we doing this ?
  12. We will be part of a flotilla going to Princess Louisa Inlet, 11 days. Also going on an 14 day Desolation Sound cruise in Oct. that is if the Canada/US border opens. Caution you need to be able to pilot your boat your self. That said with the flotilla you would have support from the lead boat. Link below. http://www.nwexplorations.com/flotillas/
  13. We have chartered this little guy for a cruise in the Pacific North West out of Bellingham, WA.
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