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We had near everything happen on our last cruise except people getting sent off but it got close.

On island night (we were warned we were going into a low pressure system on the thursday night but only really understood how bad it was on Saturday when we literally came to a stand still) so i think the people who had just a little too much knew what was coming.

2 of the dancing crew/entertainers were using a passengers crutches (the man had a broken leg - i presume they didnt steal them from him :P) anyway they were hugging as one body and they went down the back of the jogging track stairs on PD and crashed into the tables... The guy just left to go sober up i presume and the girl well, she was taken into the bistro with security and when she came out as she was getting escorted down into the boat she was dancing with people etc and obviously didnt know the seriousness of it all (judging by the face of the 2 security guards lol)

THere were 2 people who were not kicked off but removed from the ship for medical reasons... one person i believe it wasbreathing/heart related and the other one a young child stepped on a chunk of wood @ vila and they fixed it up the best they could until they could surgically remove it. WHen a relative was down in the medical centre they saw it and apparently it went through the bottom of the big toe straight through the top side.. Pretty nasty...

This is a very interesting topic lol
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I must admit, I was a bit worried on my first cruise thinking we had to behave like angels and that the security guards were everywhere monitoring your every drink. This is absolutely NOT the case, the security are there but not intrusive and as long as everyone is having a good time and not causing any trouble they completely leave you alone. Good times and happy days
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