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  1. We were on the Fantasy in 1992 for our honeymoon. First cruise ever....This makes me so sad. I like the smaller ships (although back then it seemed HUGE). I know the future is bigger, bigger, bigger.... but I still wish they could make the smaller ships again. I know other lines have smaller ships, but I LOVE CARNIVAL!
  2. My daughter has serious tree nut allergy, other daughter has dairy/gluten intolerance. Carnival was wonderful every time we have gone with their issues (5+ times). My daughter with nut allergies had 2 problems on 2 different Royal Caribbean cruises, one time she ended up in the hospital as they accidentally put a nut in her chocolate ice cream (dipping it next to butter pecan ice cream). The other time they told her the pesto was okay to eat....she suspected that it wasn't true and didn't eat it. Good thing as it did have nuts in it. As far as Carnival goes, I trust them more than the oth
  3. No, I am not joking. Most of the time, they do get paid. In tips. They had one week where they sailed out of New York, and it was a cruise where somehow everyone thought they didn't need to pay tips. They did not get paid that week. Many people will keep their auto-gratuity on their account. However, there are many people who go to guest services and have them removed. Usually for some stupid reason. "My food came out cold" or "I didn't eat in the dining room." I wish that guest services wouldn't let them out of it so easily. Do you go to a restaurant and not tip? I hav
  4. REMOVING ALL GRATUITIES. I don't expect people to pay extra. They can if they want. We chose to because they had to work harder for us (daughters had to order the night before, had special meals due to allergies). You know what they "suggest" before you go. If everyone did what was "suggested" the workers would be fine. I remember the "old days" when you would have to save enough cash to give each worker on the last night. I also remember people spending too much and not having that cash. That is why they added them to your account. We always had an extra envelope of cash
  5. Yes, they do get part of the tips. It is evenly split. We only tipped them "extra" as they were really good with both my daughters who have serious allergies. That is where the "not getting paid" for an entire week is really crazy. They literally did not make anything for an entire week. Can you imagine working 80 hours per week, and NOT GETTING PAID AT ALL? Yes, it is a problem with the system, and if everyone leaves the automatic tips alone, that would be wonderful!
  6. I guess life gets in the way. Sorry I waited so long. I am a teacher and things have been pretty crazy since I got back from the trip.
  7. We went on Carnival Panorama in January, and we got to know some of the wait staff pretty well. Something they told us that SHOCKED US is how many people do not pay their tips. They were working in the "Anytime Dining" area. They said they had some cruises that left from New York where they did not make any money. NO ONE tipped. These people were excellent at what they did. Even if they weren't, they should still get tips. That is what they live on. They don't make money other than that. I know some people say that perhaps the cruise lines should pay them,, and
  8. We are platinum, but others in our party are gold. We all boarded with no problem at 11 a.m. This was a year ago, but considering San Juan has such a long window to check in, they seemed to be pretty lax about your appointment time. We all went to the same counter together to check in, and there was no wait. We were on in about 10 minutes, then off again to explore San Juan. Have a great trip!
  9. Thank you. I guess I haven't seen the luggage tags. We bought some of the clear ones for cruises last year, but can always use more!
  10. Does anyone know what the current gift is for Diamond and Platinum guests? We sail in 2 weeks on Panorama. Getting EXCITED!
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