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  1. We are platinum, but others in our party are gold. We all boarded with no problem at 11 a.m. This was a year ago, but considering San Juan has such a long window to check in, they seemed to be pretty lax about your appointment time. We all went to the same counter together to check in, and there was no wait. We were on in about 10 minutes, then off again to explore San Juan. Have a great trip!
  2. Thank you. I guess I haven't seen the luggage tags. We bought some of the clear ones for cruises last year, but can always use more!
  3. Does anyone know what the current gift is for Diamond and Platinum guests? We sail in 2 weeks on Panorama. Getting EXCITED!
  4. We have sailed all three lines. They are all very similar. Most of us like Carnival best. One likes NCL best. RCI is good, but I also feel they charge more for the same product. each ship in the line is different. Base what you want on itinerary and what is important to you.
  5. No, never. Nor have I allowed my children to wear jeans, and they have been on 14 cruises, from the age of 2 to 22. It is inconsiderate to others to wear them in the MDR. I have no problem with people wearing them on elegant night, just don't be tacky and wear them to MDR. That just shows a lack or respect for others and the rules. And a lack of knowing what is or isn't appropriate.
  6. That's all we want to do normally. I would be fine with them changing to this. I just don't want to lug my 2 bottles all over the ship!
  7. Our best family cruise times were when we had all 5 of us in one cabin. Yes, it is tight, but soooo worth it! Just the last 3 years did we put them in separate cabins, and I miss the togetherness. Some ships don't have the 5 person accommodations. But as my 3 daughters got older, it was just easier to put them separately. When the oldest 2 were over 18 is when we started separate cabins. Enjoy that together time!
  8. I wouldn't do anything other than the 2 750 ml as stated on Carnival website. They get a little funny about anything out of the ordinary. Make sure you put them in your carry-on.
  9. How much does this perk cost them? NOTHING. I would hate to see them do away with it. I have been cruising for 26 years and have seen cutback after cutback in all the lines. I like Carnival, and have cruised mostly with them. But if they keep cutting perks, and give it to FTTF, I will move to another line. They are all about the same, anyway. I was one of the Platinum VIFP that was upset when they rolled out FTTF. Then I realized it didn't really affect my experience, so way to go Carnival, having a way to get pure profit. Keeps my cruise fare cheaper so I can go more often!
  10. Fruit and yogurt. I want to be hungry for lunch when I step on board at 11.
  11. On Fascination my 3 daughters were in a room together. 20 y.o. Slept on the trundle. I expected a pull down third bed.
  12. We've done several on NCL, several on RCI, and lots on Carnival. My favorite is Carnival, but the others are close. They are all very similar. Go on the itinerary you want at the price you want. Beware NCL sometimes with free drinks. In Alaska it shouldn't be a problem.
  13. If you want to dress up, do it! There are still plenty that do dress up on this cruise. We sailed last year on it, and my daughters all wore evening gowns. I just wore nice dresses. It has changed a lot...we sailed this similar itinerary 25 years ago, and I wore a formal dress, my husband wore a tux. Everyone at our dining table of 8 was dressed the same.
  14. Yes, we started cruising from Galveston on the Celebration (AKA M.S. Pogostick-so bumpy!). Love every minute of it! Plus the other cruisers are usually wonderful. Looks like Royal thinks it's a good enough port to spend $85 million to build a third terminal to accommodate an Oasis class ship. Hmmmm, sounds like Galveston is doing pretty well! https://www.******************.com/boards/index.php?/topic/6844-galveston-nearing-deal-on-oasis-class-ship-new-terminal/
  15. We have sailed many times out of Galveston, and we are Platinum. The earliest we got to the port was 10:45 and boarding for Magic had already started. Magic isn't quite as big, but pretty close. I would think you could start boarding around 11. Check in time around 10:30. Happy Cruising!
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