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  1. I read the study. The thing that stood out to me was that initially, no social distancing was utilized. They did, however, take temperatures of every one every day. The first fever showed up on the eighth day. After that, every one was quarantined, and masks were issued. Between this, and the Diamond Princess it became obvious that the virus is very easy to spread. I'm waiting to see what measures the cruise lines introduce to slow the spread. Aloha, John
  2. I have great admiration for all the Merchant Mariners on cruise ships. The amount of time and effort it takes to climb the ranks is immense. I have a <sort of > quick story about the one time I was invited to the Captain's dinner (and why it wasn't my fondest memory of the cruise.) This was back in the mid 1990s. It was my first Royal Caribbean cruise on a 14 day cruise on the Sun Viking out of Singapore. I really enjoy watch ship operations, and on this ship there was a viewing area right above the bridge. I could see the crew on the exposed wings very well. I ma
  3. I can confirm that earlier in the century - it feels odd typing that - that I was on the Grandeur of the Seas out of Baltimore. The casino opened at 6pm, just as we were going under the Bay Bridge. The bridge runs between Annapolis and Kent Island, Maryland. I have no clue what regs allowed the casino to open - if any... On more recent trips, the casino has opened only after getting out of the Bay. Aloha, John
  4. Currently, south Florida has the majority of the cases in the state. I wonder if they'll end up some where farther north, like Jacksonville. The hospitals there - at least as of April 1st - are cutting back staff hours since all elective procedures havebeen stopped. Aloha, John
  5. Here's the Comfort's tonnage information from the Coast Guard's Port State Information Exchange website: 19058 - Convention (Subpart B), Net Ton 35958 - Regulatory (Subpart C or D), Net Ton 44578 - Dead Weight, Ton 69360 - Displacement, Ton 63527 - Convention (Subpart B), Gross Ton 54367 - Regulatory (Subpart C or D), Gross Ton and no, I don't know the difference between convention and regulatory tonnage. 🙂 Aloha,
  6. The USNS Comfort (and her sister Mercy) started life as oil tankers. They have very little superstructure. Most everything is inside the hull. The ships were built inthe middle 70's, and converted about 10 years later
  7. Yes, closing of the Baltimore port was announced a couple of days ago... about the same time, Carnival and RCI both announced they were stopping cruises for a month... As of 2115EDT, he Carnival Pride is currently tied up at the cruise terminal.. The Grandeur of the Seas should arrive tomorrow morning. Aloha, John
  8. I Googled Glade Spray Safety Data Sheet and found it that isobutane and propane make up 15-40% of the contents. The TSA website IS ambiguous with regards to aerosols (.e.g.; aerosol insecticide OK - aerosol paint - Nope)I'd guess they saw "something" on the x-ray, which led to the hand inspection and the removal of the Glade. Aloha, John
  9. Which cruise line are you taking? The entertainment will be comparable to their shorter itineraries. Aloha, John
  10. Yes, I understood that. That's why I listed the requirement that The Bahamas has for people visiting to their country. Colombian citizens do not require a visa to visit. It doesn't matter whether or not it's a cruise or flight. Aloha, John
  11. Here is the web page that lists which countries The Bahamas do NOT require visas to enter... Columbia is on the list. (That's a good thing.) https://mofa.gov.bs/consular-services/not-need-visas-enter-bahamas/ Aloha, John
  12. I did the color correction by hand. I didn't touch the company's footage; just tried to match mine to theirs. Looking back, I can see I was more successful with some shots more than others. (Maybe that's why I haven't shot any more underwater footage. 🙂 ) Aloha, John
  13. Just as an FYI I "discovered" the green shift with cameras a few years back on a helmet dive excursion with my sister. I had my GoPro with me. I also bought the video that the excursion company offered. They used a red filter on their camera to correct the color while filming. I used the color correction plug in of Vegas Movie Studio to match the footage from the two cameras . The program that Sean mentioned will also do the trick. Here's my finished film: https://youtu.be/o0PPHAOaiBE Aloha, John
  14. Thanks for posting! We're scheduled to go on the Grandeur in October. We got married on her in 2009, and are looking forward to one more trip on her before she leaves the fleet. Aloha, John
  15. If you want to avoid I-95, you can take MD-100 to either the BW parkway, or to avoid that as well, go all the way to MD-2. Route 2 takes you straight up to the cruise terminal. By 10:00am, there shouldn't be any traffic concerns on any of the routes... If you just don't want to drive at all, here's a link to a local company that provides van service to the cruise port. https://theairportshuttle.com/baltimore_cruise_terminal/ Aloha, John
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