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  1. I spoke to them today, the lady i dealt with had no information to suggest this is correct, standard terms and conditions apply. I have emailed also to follow this up in case its a policy they do not want to advertise too much and is based on how hard you push them.
  2. But if you dont pay till 1 month before there is more chance that they know if it will sail or not. Also they could say if you pay by these terms the 125% FCC does not apply if cancelled just a standard full refund, not difficult. The 125% is a con anyway because they just raise prices accordingly so you dont benefit at all unless you can use it on new brochure cruises when they first release and are typically cheapest.
  3. Us too we loved Oriana’s final cruise which went up to Svalbard.
  4. Just checked their website again, says balance due 8th August still. Will await any further info from them.
  5. We are on this cruise too, nothing on their website to suggest this. Hope its correct.
  6. The world is seeing record amounts of new cases and post lockdown countries are seeing rises in cases, lets be realistic in saying that we have not even began to deal with the Virus at present.
  7. At least bring back the relaxed customer cancellation options. It may persuade some of us sat on the fence with a balance to pay soon to part with our money which i am sure would help P and O s cashflow.
  8. Who's up for having a rushed thru Vaccine injected into them? After you i think,no i insist.
  9. Unlikely but given the situation, entirely possible it could be true.
  10. Not a chance we would consider cruising under anything like those conditions i think our November cruise is off as far as we are concerned.
  11. Sounds like you would have a wonderful time onboard,, don’t think i will bother. 5 weeks till pay my balance date, not looking very good is it. lets just hope things are a bit better by July 21 our next cruise after our supposed Nov 20 one, trouble is i have my doubts still and thats if P and O even keep the ship by then(Aurora).
  12. Unless P and O relax their conditions again regarding customer canceling right up to nearly sailing time and get a refund/credit split i am going to find it very difficult to pay our balance for our Nov 6th Med cruise on Arcadia. Not at all worried if P and O cancel it as a refund is assured but the situation is too volatile currently for us. The chances of the cruise actually running but being badly disrupted due to any number of reasons ruining it for us is too high,but if we could have paid up and monitor the situation and still decide to bail out nearer the time if things looked bleak that would give us some confidence. A lot can change in 90 days for better hopefully or unfortunately for worse. As our cruise is set if it runs to be effectively a Guinea Pig cruise i would expect P and O to understand this and allow continued flexibility with their passengers and not be subject to their standard cancellation terms.
  13. +1, Aurora and Arcadia are our only preferred ships also, just not interested in the bigger ones so dont sell her!!!
  14. Its pretty obvious Iona is going nowhere this August.
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