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  1. Smoking area directly below e55 /e53 and it is open there, unsure if any other area’s but certainly one there. Can also hear them talking at night if a bit rowdy.
  2. Heard Arcadia has more issues, hmmm.
  3. Best bit is when you disembark the rickety old crate.
  4. Are you for real? You honestly think mentioning the number on this forum would cause any extra competition to secure it? Wow, some people.
  5. Or better still disgusting filthy cruise ships which pollute both air and sea. https://www.businessinsider.com/cruise-ship-air-pollution-carnival-cars-europe-study-2023-6?amp
  6. Wrong, we were on Aurora in Cherbourg in 2019, a water tight outer door was sealed shut properly but a warning light stating it was still open persisted, it was an electrical gremlin. The captain told us he was happy but needed permission from Carnival operations and somewhere in Hamilton also where the ship is registered for us to legally sail, stating he neither owns or insures the ship but is just in charge of it.
  7. Booked another cruise on Arcadia for 2024 after the dry dock in November, chap who took the booking was adamant both Arcadia and Aurora have 10 years left with P and O due to their popularity with certain demographic of customer. Cannot see it myself but would hope he is at least partly right in them both staying for a good while. Both are having a huge amount spent on them in next refits for the benefit of P and O and it’s customers.
  8. Thanks for the good feedback, we await Arcadia’s return from it’s current cruise j310 then it’s game on.
  9. FYI City and Mayflower already have destination chargers, i have used them. But you just leave the car with enough charge( or fuel in a Fossil) to get back home or to a charger( petrol station in a fossil) afterwards. And no the car does not lose any charge of worth while it is sat for several days.
  10. I have been driving EV’s since 2015, have two now my original Leaf and a Tesla, we will get on the same as we do with Fossil Fuelled cars and do not see your issue. I have parked with CPS several times with them.
  11. We hired a car from Avis Andalsnes and drove the Atlantic road ourselves, cheaper and a better experience, the tour i heard was not so good and also went on a drive around to some village also, complete waste of time if it is the road you want to see. We did it in March on a Northern lights cruise, the Atlantic road was shall we say, a bit on the windy side.
  12. Not as fast as Oriana was, on her first Northern lights cruise we left Soton on Sunday at 5am due to repairs on a prop seal ongoing and previous cruise cut short so she could limp home for repairs. we were alongside in Stavanger by 8am on Monday morning, Capt Camby was bragging on all day Sunday about how hard he was pushing her, we were 25 knots plus all the time and passing everything going up the North sea. When we were in Alta, they had to fly divers up to check the props as there was a slick at the stern but it was a false alarm.
  13. Who from the insurance company is counting? if you have a problem, Uncle John was there couple nights, zero way of proving.
  14. Do they let you disembark? It is easy to get to Geiranger from there. https://www.fjordtours.com/things-to-do-in-norway/car-ferries/geiranger-hellesylt/ Also if you can hire a car at Olden it is only a couple hours drive, we drove there from Andalsnes before, a similar distance and really easy.
  15. Prices for this one have been all over the place, we booked early March but have been watching them, indeed some good saver prices popping up but want select.
  16. We are on Arcadia in Aug/ Sept for 16 nights, obstructed outside. £2798 for 2 adults select price with £480 spending. Saver fare is £1000 cheaper.
  17. Why did you finalise the booking and pay when you realised you could not choose your cabin number as this is clearly done earlier in the booking process?
  18. AIG are very good, just booked 3’cruises with P and O , used them for all of them on single trip policy under £50 for two on each trip ( Norway, Iceland). we have declared medical conditions, have cruise cover well in excess of P and O requirements and have full covid cover even though we are unjabbed but tbh most do not descriminate now .👍
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