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  1. I am currently on the Splendor, and today, I asked the reception desk employee when Starlink will be operational. He said workers are onboard installing cables for Starlink, which will go active sometime in December 2024. The current free internet service is extremely unstable IMO.
  2. We will return to Crystal after our two booked RSSC Spendor cruises. We solved our issues with the small size of the non-suite rooms by getting two standard rooms, one for each of us. However, with the new pricing, those days are gone, so we'll have to move to one of their sapphire suites.
  3. We cruised on the Explora 1 in November and never received a survey in my regular or junk email. Also, I haven't received any other type of email from Explora Journeys. One cruise was enough for Explora 1. We used to be Crystal Cruisers before their bankruptcy and will be trying out RSSC Splendor at the end of the month.
  4. It would have been almost 30 years ago if it were Royal Viking.
  5. We will be disembarking the Splendor in Cape Town after a December cruise to South Africa. Does anyone know what the earliest time would be for us to disembark the ship? I am trying to book a flight that departs at 12:35 PM, and I want to make sure we will have enough time to check in, go through security, and then process through immigration.
  6. Hi Sparkles - I found a link to the Cruise Critic "Guidelines" regarding providing information about tour companies. Here is the link: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/guidelines/#:~:text=Cruise Critic has strict guidelines,all of our message boards.
  7. I don't think Cruise Critic rules will allow me to provide travel company information. If anyone knows otherwise, let me know. I searched for private tours in Barbados and then looked for reviews of that tour company. What was nice about having a private tour was you could advise the driver what you wanted to see or not see, and he would fashion a tour around your interests.
  8. We were on a cruise from Miami to Barbados in November and were scheduled to fly out on the 4:15 PM AA flight to Miami. Rather than sit in the airport all day, we took a private island tour from the cruise terminal. The driver had a van, and all our luggage fit into his van. He dropped us off at the airport around 2:00 PM, which gave us more than enough time to check in at the airport. I believe the cost for the private tour including dropping us off at the airport was approximately $300.00.
  9. We still have the old green totes and use them for shopping bags. They are a much better quality bag than the OC white totes.
  10. Our Explora cruise to Africa was canceled and we were offered 30% off a future cruise or a full refund. We selected the full refund option.
  11. I changed from a 14-day Caribbean cruise booking to a 10-day Caribbean booking without any penalties. However, this was done last year so I don't know what the current policy is regarding this issue.
  12. A couple of days ago I checked a website that shows current stateroom/suite availability on Explora 1, and there were 206 staterooms/suites available to book for the departure on 11/17 for 10 days.
  13. Are the steam/sauna rooms on Explora 1, separate, or are they CoEd?
  14. I was in the Classic in 2019 and it had a bathtub and a separate walk-in shower. The shower was not huge but it was fine for us.
  15. On one of these threads, I read that the retractable glass roof was non-operational. This may have already been asked and answered. Does anyone know if the retractable glass roof has been fixed and is operational? Ed
  16. We will be on the next cruise out of Miami and would like to know what terminal you boarded the ship in Miami on 11-03-23. Also, what was the window of time boarding the ship in Miami? I believe it starts at 1:00 PM, but I don't know when it ends. Thanks!
  17. Hi Keith, No problem, all is good. Ed
  18. I really never expected anything let alone being made whole, so the amount we received was a huge surprise and no complaints from me.
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