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  1. I must have had a brain hiccup. I thought you couldn’t post 3rd party websites starting a few years ago!
  2. Yes, all ships have the teak on the walking deck. Don’t know where there might be a current picture. Perhaps Google Hal space Facts for w website that can’t be mentioned here.
  3. The Mariners discount does apply. The tables are not setup as a group. You can visit the Canaletto before your dinner and request a table if you have a preference. Your able to book this dinner on line due to the fact that it is located in the Canaletto and normal Canaletto reservations are not accepted for the evening that the Italian Cellar Master dinner is offered. Please let us know how you like it upon returning.
  4. Did the Italian Cellar Master dinner on the Volendam. It was held in the Canaletto. Italian wines were offered. A spritzer to begin, 3 reds ( Pinot, Barolo and yes Grappo) ended with a prosecco. It was 5 courses. Really nothing special IMO. The main course was Veal Sampico which you can order in the Canaletto. For the money charged i felt it was way overpriced. We enjoyed the Cellar Master in the PG.
  5. FYI- I was referring to the pillow spray in my post 😊
  6. If drink is above the drink package allowed amount then you are charged for the drink amount...no discount for having drink package.
  7. Excellent point on the with /without promo pricing RocketMan275. The Pricing for Specialty Restaurants is also listed on the website mentioned as well. PG -$39pp
  8. Correct on the drink package. I read that the Pinnacle and Canaletto have both increased pricing by a few bucks per person
  9. We use our bathroom sink. We once used the Lido But filled a glass and poured glass of water into bottle. There were signs stating do not fill water bottles, which for sanitary reasons makes total sense.
  10. We didn’t have it on our tray, so we asked and were told it is left the 1st night and when needed thereafter.
  11. You can also order the full bean expresso which is served in the PG. The website link https://www.shophollandamerica.com
  12. You can always rebook if the price drops. Just be aware if you have a non-refundable deposit and you may loose some promotional perks if your getting any from your original booking. We have sailed on the Koningsdam on 4 cruises.
  13. Not Harry but Kuerig pods will not work in the coffee machines in the Neptune Suites.
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