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  1. Apparently RC has had a change of heart and the crystal blocks ARE NOT going away.
  2. This answer is one of the most ridiculous things I've heard. One has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the other. Corporate has your money, not the crew. If that concept is beyond your grasp of comprehension, then I give up.
  3. Actually, we did not really care much for Anthem. The venues seemed too closed in (with the obvious exception of the SeaPlex). The decks didn't seem to have any flow from back to front. And - this is purely my opinion/observation - but sailing out of Bayonne rather than Florida, seemed to have a MUCH different vibe with regard to passengers. People just didn't seem to be as easy-going and cheery (like one would expect of someone on vacation), and there was no respect for personal space (something that certainly wouldn't be acceptable today). It was just an all-around odd cruise for us.
  4. Hmmm ....... I'm still waiting ..... 🤔
  5. But a TERRIBLE location to have The Quest. Too awkward having to run through the levels/tables/etc.
  6. Well, this discussion sure got high-jacked quick. ✈️
  7. This is an absolutely incorrect statement .... it came out of my RIGHT ear.
  8. I keep the flier bookmarked. It's depressing as hell looking at it still saying March 17, 2020.
  9. I think everyone probably considers price at some point. It's most likely the #1 or #2 factor for about 95% of the people here on CC. Just my opinion.
  10. Actually, I've bought more than my fair share of art from Park West over the years - at auctions on board, and at private land events. You just have to understand what you're buying, and ONLY BUY WHAT YOU LIKE! Don't think you're "investing" in something that will increase in value ... unless you're spending a couple million.
  11. Oh boy! This is going to be fun! I don't know the answer, but I can't wait for the "discussion" on art auctions to start .....
  12. Oasis and Harmony also have full-sized Starbucks (possibly more ships, these are the ones I know of).
  13. To be fair - isn't Music Hall on Oasis the same as Dazzles on Harmony? EDIT: Just checked a video tour of Music Hall on Oasis and it is different. Very different vibe with the decorating and also the billiards table.
  14. If everything you listed is equal, I would take Oasis - for one reason - Oasis has a pool in the solarium, Harmony does not. But that's just my opinion, and the solarium is where I spend my sea days.
  15. Then my job is done, since this discussion always sinks into the depths of pointlessness.
  16. Pretty darn good. I'll take those odds. 😉
  17. And there it is. I suspected from the beginning this might be the case. 😉💸💸💸
  18. If they administer a 2nd test that then comes back negative, do you assume the positive was a false positive? Or was the negative a false negative??? OY VEY!
  19. I think an incident-free sailing (from a Covid perspective) is absolutely IMPERATIVE for them. Now ... given some of the antics we've seen lately on some airline flights ... an incident-free sailing in other regards may prove to be a challenge. 🙄
  20. (Re-setting timer because I misunderstood Andrew's post and thought cruise was in February .....🙄)
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