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  1. Thank you!!! I need to spend a certain amount of money to get points on a credit card so I thought this would be a great way. Just didn't want to be stuck with $1000 worth of gift cards I can't use yet and still have to spend on the credit card. This just solved a multitude of problems. Enjoy your evening.
  2. Forgive me if this topic has already been addressed but I couldn't find an answer to my specific question. I have one carnival gift card and would like to purchase more prior to paying off my cruise. The fine print on the gift card (e-gift card from Allstate) says the cruise has to be booked through the cruise line. I did my down payment through a travel agent (vac-2-go). Can I use the gift cards to make final payment by giving them the number or am I out of luck? I tried to input the number on carnival website but it said I had to do everything through a travel agent. Don't want to buy another $1000 worth if I can't use it now. Thanks for any help you can give me. Debra
  3. I booked the Sovereign May 16 2020. There will be 10 of us Americans, ranging in age from 19 to 75. There will be 3 “kids”, 19, 21 and 23 I think. We are all looking forward to going even though we don’t speak Spanish, but a few of us are trying to learn a wee bit with Duolingo. My sis booked us this cruise and has been on it years ago and said it’s great.
  4. Day 4, Falmouth, Jamaica. Rained on and off all day, mostly on. We got off and walked around twice but it was cold. I didn’t mind getting wet though, just wished for a wee bit warmer weather. We left on time and I listened and finally heard the ships horn. HAH. Love the Love Boat theme song. Dinner service on day 3 was the first formal night and service was VERY slow. It improved by half an hour which was more acceptable. Tonight (day 5) is formal night again. Not much to report today. I usually run around and play trivia etc but I have mostly done relaxing this cruise. Movie tonight on MUTS is Bohemian Rhapsody and I have been looking forward to watching it but missed it. Went to the show, Fuego. EXCELLENT!!! They said tonight (day 5) is Beatlemaniacs. Heard they are not to be missed. Anywho, we got to the theater by 718 and it was packed for the 800 show. I advise you to go early! Went to liars club show. Very funny and quite entertaining. Then I went to bed and watched the end of Rich Crazy Asians in the room. Day 5: We are anchored at Grand Cayman. It is beautiful out, praise God. No rain 😊. I am not a breakfast eater but it has been very good. I am never hungry. Lol. I think I gained about 10 pounds already. The crew so far has been fabulous. So far, 4 other ships anchored here with us. Will report more later. FED2709D-30A7-42DF-A2F9-7E1FD5481EFD.MOV Yesterday in Jamaica. We saw the beginnings of a water spout but it disintegrated. Those pics are up top
  5. Hahahahaha. I checked last night. Really looked at it. It’s not a thermostat. If you flip the top it’s an outlet. Lol. For you guys that need to charge those electric razors or tooth brushes.
  6. Lol. It is a thermostat but I think it’s not functional. It looks digital but it’s blank. There is a dial thermostat by the television.
  7. Dinner was fabulous tonight. Sorry, no pictures. I had beef tenderloin that was very yummy. My hubby had red snapper and garlic shrimp. Our table mates had lamb. Everyone enjoyed everything. Service was a bit slow tonight. We watched the champagne tower with the captain. MUTS movie is crazy rich Asians. Ill try to to post pictures as the signal is stronger on deck 16 then it is in the cabin. This is the extended part part of our balcony. The second picture is our balcony.
  8. I asked about the menu. TThey didn’t know about it and I was told they go between two executive menu sets. But they are the same menus posted online in another post. So far, we have had no spot issues at all. The aft cabins on dolphin and Baja are the same I think. You are actually gonna love it!!!! Best cabin we have ever stayed in and balcony is the best.
  9. I have included a photo of the ships officers. If you can’t read it let me know and I will type out their names. Havent been to MUTS due to the weather but they have shown The Greatest Showman and Mama Mia here we go again so far. This afternoon is Eddie the eagle but that may be an inside venue. I will try to photograph the patters later. I will also ask about the menu. I think they are still the old ones as I have seen them posted online. I will try to find out when the new ones will start. Day 2 cont. Still having rough seas. Ate lunch twice lol. First at the buffet and then at the grill. Then I had dessert at the international cafe. Hey, don’t judge, it’s vacation lol. But I do try to take the stairs and since we are in an aft cabin, we are doing a TON of walking. We missed the comedian Steve. Went at 740 for the 8pm show and there was not one open seat!!! My husband and I ended up playing trivia where I did the worst I have ever done....3 out of 10 😳. Let’s chalk that up to not feeling well. Stopped at the buffet and my husband got some food and I got a slice of pizza. I must say Carnival has better pizza imo. We we went to bed at 9 and I fell asleep right away. The bedding is sooo comfy I am going to order it when I get home. Day 3: calm seas and sun at last! Feeling much better today. The best place to eat is to go to the small area behind Horizon court at the aft. It is quiet and beautiful!!! After breakfast we played some shuffleboard and then sat at the retreat area. At 10 we went to our cruise critic meet and greet and got some neat medallion holders. Now at the runway fashion show. Will update later and try to add more pictures.
  10. 558A3F7D-CBCF-49C2-9B28-99EBFFEDAF73.MOV Getting to the port: Palm Beach County was pounded with torrential downpours. On our way to Port Everglades, we passed 10 accidents on a 25 mile stretch of I95. Hopefully no one was hurt to badly. We made it to Park N Go in one piece. Embarkation: This was the best we have ever experienced. We got to the terminal at 1045. We were ocean ready (but had to pick up medallions at the desk) so we were sent right to priority check in. We were handed our cards and medallions and sent right on board. We were on the lido deck by 1115. Just a bit of background. My husband and I are Platinum (well, he made it 🙂) and are late 40s and early 50s. Kids stayed home this trip (Did you hear that? I was shouting with joy). This is a much needed alone time trip. We ate ate on the Lido deck. Definitely look at the Horizon Court and Bistro before you decide what to eat. Every time we turned a corner there was even more food we wanted to try. Not enough room in our bellies to eat it all. After eating we we went to our cabin which was ready at 12. Yay! We have an aft balcony and it is absolutely the nicest cabin we have had. Didn’t notice a soot problem. This cabin has the connecting door open and it turns into an extended balcony as there is no room there. I’ll post pictures at the end. Enough room for the two of us. Cabin is B738. We we went to the Internet cafe to get unlimited internet. For platinum members it is like 52.40. Once I figured out how to get on it works quite well. Faster than my internet at home. (If switching devices, you have to go to logout.com and login.com on new device). Sail away was moved to the Piazza on deck 5 because of the weather. Some great dancers were there. We actually skipped the MDR for the first time in many years to eat at the buffet. They had the Mongolian Wok which is my husbands favorite. Thank goodness we went because the next time they are having it is 2nd formal night and he wants the lobster in the MDR. (1st seating in Allegro MDR is 5:30) We saw Born to Dance in the Princess Theater. At 7:30 the theater was packed!!! My husband didn’t like it because he didn’t know any of the songs/shows but I enjoyed it. I must say the average age is retirement age, maybe mid 60s or 70s. Works for me as there are no drunk idiots running around (I have been on one too many carnival 3 day cruises). I love the sedate polite people here. The staff has has been wonderful, all smiling and helpful. Day 2 weather still overcast and we made it to Princess Cay but the captain decided not to stay for passenger safety. 2 meter swells and 50 knot winds. Boat is rocking!! Ok with me. Hubby and I hit the hot tub and met people from Connecticut and Ohio. Will br going to lunch and will post more later. Let me know if you have questions while I am onboard.
  11. I work like a dog so I can vacation. I am happy to be away where I don’t have to cook or clean. Sure, I get disappointed when someone doesn’t respect the rules (perhaps dress a bit too casual in the MDR) but does it ruin my vacation. Absolutely not. And if a crew member does not smile and say good morning, well I just do it first and it is usually reciprocated. I wake up every day and choose my attitude not the attitude of those around me. I can’t wait to leave on my next trip...13 days 🛳
  12. I really want to see Bohemian Rhapsody and Skyscraper. Great! Thank you!! Leave in 2 weeks on the Regal so hope movies are the same.
  13. I am leaving on the Regal on the 27th and just got my email from Princess but they only show 2 movies for the week and it is Christopher Robin and Crazy Rich Asians. Bummer. So many movies out there I would love to see and these two are not on that list. Oh well. Might be the first cruise I go on that I don't go to MUTS.
  14. My husband is platinum and I am ruby. Would I get to attend with him or would I be the one standing in the window watching him? Would he be able to bring a drink out to me if I can’t go in?
  15. Hahahahaha I cruise for the 🐌🐌🐌. Can’t find it in any restaurant near me so it is my yearly treat. ❤️
  16. Thank you Skynight. I missed that.
  17. If I pre order the bucket of beer, does that price include the gratuity, or would I pay it when its delivered? I see the beverage package includes the gratuities but the beer doesn't say anything. Thanks. Debra
  18. I understand. My DH wants me to cancel it but its so cheap for a plan it gives me peace of mind knowing I have it. Thank you.
  19. Thank you for your response. I am hoping I won't have to even find out. But you have given me a peace of mind. Thank you. Enjoy your new year!!!
  20. I obtained travel insurance for my upcoming cruise but medical is secondary. I do not have out of network benefits on my health insurance (HMO). Will the travel insurance automatically pick it up if used or will they refuse to pay because there is no primary? I still have time to cancel if I must. TIA. Debra
  21. I have been on Ruby and Caribbean. Each ship had outdoor shower for rinsing off by the pool/hot tub. Unless you change in the bathroom, you would change in your cabin.
  22. I booked an aft cabin for a 7 day cruise. I have seen a picture of the cabin and I am thrilled. There are no reviews of this cabin. I am curious if there is a soot issue (that doesn't concern me much). Also, this cabin is near the vent. Is it noisy? Thanks for any help.
  23. Stay where you are!! I don't think it would be worth it to move. Unless you are on the upper decks, there is no other way to enjoy the wake. Enjoy it from your balcony.
  24. Merry Christmas! This was great!!!
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