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  1. I echo the point about how taxi cost can quickly add up, when considered along with the resort pass itself. I wonder if a clever approach might be to take the $7 shuttle to Horseshoe and then get a taxi from there to Elbow or Coco Reef? Same for the return trip.
  2. I know the rules about not bringing food on or off the ship. But does that apply to packaged items you can buy in port? I’m thinking Bermuda Rum Cakes from the Dockyard shop. Was thinking of picking up a few to bring back home. Is it allowed or will I be in the naughty room? Thanks
  3. Just had to cancel today due to a back injury. So if anyone wants to try and grab it, it's available now.
  4. Yup, I remember that zig-zag path we took leaving Bermuda last summer. I was up in Northstar for part of it! The cruise director even talked about in his announcements. I think I remember reading that the channel had to be dredged to fit Anthem before it could start sailing there a couple years ago.
  5. I remember looking up whether this was allowed, when considering it with my teenage son. I was disappointed to read it’s not allowed (my son’s not a kids club type and the other adults in my family were going on the excursion, so no other adult to leave him with)— From the guest conduct policy, patental responsibility section: “Under no circumstances should the parent or guardian of a minor debark the ship without their accompanying minor(s) or without having made arrangements for the accompanying minor(s) appropriate supervision on the ship during their absence.”
  6. Understood, I just always do passports in case we get stranded somewhere and have to fly home.
  7. I used them in Curacao for Santa Barbara resort. Loved the resort-I booked it after seeing recommended here. Everyone in my family had a great time there, ranging in age from 7 to 70. Long ride from the port, but they provide the transportation. I also used resort for a day to book in St Kitts but our itinerary was changed during the cruise, the day before we were scheduled to arrive there. I sent them a quick email from my phone and they promptly refunded my deposit and emailed me back- very easy and good service. I then went to the RC online computer room onboard and booked a day pass at our new destination, for the very next day, also using resort for a day (San Juan). Printed the pass on the RC online printer, no problem (while hundreds of others were on a very long line at the excursions desk!). For Antigua, can I recommend the “antigua nice” website, which lists a whole bunch of resorts with day passes. We scoured the list, read online reviews and chose the Verandah Resort. The Antigua Nice website has instructions for getting the day pass. Again my whole family loved it there. We didn’t want to leave and all agreed we’d consider a land trip there.
  8. Since the father’s coming but the mother isn’t you need a notarized letter from the mother. It’s needed whenever the minor travels without both parents, to deter abduction by 1 parent from the other. When I travel with my son, I bring a letter from my husband. Never been asked for it, but just in case.
  9. Outstanding review. Your writing is very engaging and your pictures are excellent. This trip was on my bucket list and your review has moved it from maybe to definitely. I’ll be solo too, so good to see it can be so enjoyable. Thank you so much for sharing all this.
  10. They are open for sale on Royal site. The Ovation one is weird. Dates are 7 days apart. But itinerary details span 9 days. So not sure if it’s 7, 8 or 9 now!
  11. Is Alaska that week, or the following week?
  12. I’m interested in a northbound voyage of the glaciers. From research here, Coral appears to be the preferred ship, based on the outside & covered viewing areas. But, I notice for that ship only they substitute Icy Strait Point for Ketchikan. I’d rather have Ketchikan. Is there a next-preferred ship out of the others: Grand, Pacific or Royal? I’ve never sailed Princess before, but toured Regal on bon voyage and liked it, particularly Alfredo’s. But would be interested in opinions if Pacific or Grand would be better suited to Alaska, like folks often say Coral is. Thanks for any input!
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