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  1. Hope you feel better soon. We will be boarding tomorrow to join the adventure
  2. Andrew's are normally pretty good so I would expect them to have it resolved soon
  3. Wonder if anyone will be upgraded with the bid system? Thinking not as it seemed to be pretty full.
  4. Nice, are you in this one for the remainder or is there more moves to come?
  5. Correct, there is no change to your booking unless Princess accepts your bid.
  6. No, read the T&C. If your bid is accepted your cabin is forfeit. If you do not pay for the upgrade, you may get your previous cabin back but Princess is not obliged to as you have agreed to give it up.
  7. Lump Crab Risotto?? I can never understand, why make Crab Risotto sound so unappealing πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
  8. As I am sure everyone would have read the terms and conditions before placing a bid, so they will be aware of what they are committing themselves to. When it comes to winning a bid and not accepting as you are not happy with the location, they will be returned to another room in the category they had originally booked. As per the section of the T&C's below Release of original booked Stateroom: Upon PCL accepting the Bid and sending the Upgrade Booking Confirmation, PCL will secure the upgraded stateroom for the Guest and the Guest becomes legally bound to complete payment for the price stated in the Bid. The Guest’s original booked stateroom will be released and become available for booking by any person. If the Guest fails to pay for the upgraded stateroom, PCL does not guarantee it will return the Guest to their original booked stateroom. The guest will however be returned to their original booked stateroom category.
  9. Lol been round this round a bout before..... lots of waiting involved. At least all the other times it was in foreign cities
  10. The day in Melbourne can be filled in so many ways, we normally catch the tram into town then wander from there. This year the trip will not be as exciting as the DW is excited to go checkout the new Victoria Secret store that has opened πŸ™„oh well better than having to travel to the states I guess......
  11. Having done several B2B turn around days in MLB with Princess over the years this is certainly the first time I have seen them provide anything like this. Have to say it is a welcome change πŸ‘
  12. Where does it ask you to email the photo in? The OP's post doesn't mention having to email anything? Given the current trend on data security I wouldn't be sending an image of my ID by insecure means to anyone, let alone letting someone store it unless it was an essential part of business (keeping in mind banks do not have any reason to keep your ID on file)
  13. Keep in mind that even in Dec/Jan it can still be pretty cold in the Sounds πŸ₯Ά
  14. Speaking of prices going up, there has been plenty of discussion about the specialty restaurants going up. (supposedly another 14 Dec price rise) Could you let us know what they are currently at?
  15. We loved Napier the last time we were there, pity it was a really short stop that time ☹️ This time we are planning just the City Drive & Aquarium in the morning, leaving plenty of time to explore again by foot after. Such an interesting little place.
  16. Good to see that there has been traffic and it isn't just some kind of total denial for whatever reason. Though it does seem odd to have a string of denials so close together?
  17. If they actually do have one my bet would be the first sea day. The last sea day would be the night before disembarkation and I have only ever come across one formal night before disembarkation and hope to never see another. The Adelaide stop usually a turn around port as well for the SA based cruisers.
  18. Which ships (if any) have actually done the Fiordlands this season?
  19. Look forward to meeting you both. How is the internet holding up on board? It must have gotten a work out on the sea days over.
  20. Lol looks like it is going well. Hope you had a Merry Christmas. We will be joining you guys when you get to Adelaide too
  21. When you say the ship is quiet do you mean it doesn't seem to be at full capacity or literally quiet?
  22. It will save me a fortune in pearls each time we go to Lyttelton instead of Akaroa πŸ˜ƒ
  23. It is times like this that I had started carrying some appropriate tips for the kind folk we encounter when traveling abroad. It is interesting to see the reactions you get when they get a tip of a couple of thousand Iraqi Dinars or a couple of hundred Afghanis πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
  24. Kind of like visiting my third cousins πŸ˜ƒ
  25. Yeah i was thinking along those lines as well. Funny thing is though when I check the personaliser i can see availability for both the morning and afternoon session still being advertised???? Think we will just leave it and see what actually happens
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