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  1. Happy to report full refund received - thankyou Celebrity - no complaints directed anywhere during the process and seems patience is virtuous afterall . Chill and ye will receive , and less angst during this testing time cant hurt . If only Virgin hadnt crapped itself here in Australia - we are destined to lose many many 1000's of dollars but thats a different story . Cancelled a Regent Cruise and took another hit re their Cruise penalty - at least its a FCC . Just saying - we will jump on the next cruise available - hope its with Celebrity .
  2. This from our large USA TA this morning regarding our April 1 Solstice Cruise that was cancelled mid March - Looks like June sometime for our refund at best . Apparently patience is a virtue. Good Morning, I hope you are well. I was able to confirm the refund is requested, it is just taking up to 60 days from when the request was made for it to be issued out. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.
  3. We were booked on the same cruise and experiencing the same - no communication and no refund , similar amount. Being patient is extremely difficult during this and thinking Elite Status is such a misnomer when it comes to Celebrity. We are also battling with the Virgin disaster - 6 domestic and 4 international flights in limbo land . Think we will just get in a car and drive from now on -
  4. Thanks Cruiserchuck - just saw it and contacted the TA . Seems Celebrity contact us now with the options . The $50 per head TA penalty is also now waived as Celebrity cancelled . We are shattered but will recover and hope to cruise again . We hope our airline has a plan to make this bearable also as it seems we cant fly into NZ from OZ without quarantine , so a driving holiday is out of the question there also . ( we had a pre cruise 5 day drive around the Nth Island already booked including accommodation 😪 )
  5. OK , so we are cancelled - time to call the TA .
  6. Waiting for Solstice April 1 NZ , Fiji , Tonga Cruise to be added to the cancelled list . Seems no way it is sailing now .
  7. Had expected our cruise to be cancelled this morning after this announcement but it shows we are still sailing in my Cruise Planner ! Wakey Wakey Celebrity .😴 Celebrity Solstice Apr 1 — Apr 14, 2020 17Days to go 13 Night South Pacific, Fiji, & Tonga AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND BAY OF ISLANDS, NEW ZEALAND SUVA, FIJI LAUTOKA, FIJI LAUTOKA, FIJI NUKU 'ALOFA, TONGA VAVAU (NEIAFU), TONGA TAURANGA,NEW ZEALAND
  8. Any further input as to the OP's question about what happens if you are denied boarding - I cant imagine a Celebrity Staff member detaining anyone and forcibly quarantining anyone at the dock ? I imagine you would be advised to have a proper test and isolate yourself - self quarantine till you get medical treatment if needed -- ?
  9. Thanks John and to all the contributions here - Its been many days following the threads and advice and as we are 23 days out of our cruise and obviously in that 100% penalty category we are are in limboland at the moment. We are 65 and 63 so in the target window but " fit as fiddles" at present . Our cruise on Solstice is the 13 night Fiji cruise and seems ports have diminished due to denying entry but that isnt so much of a concern for us . We love cruising on Celebrity and love Solstice . The quarantine threat is another matter , hence the quandry. We are Aussies booked with a USA TA , the big one cc , and understand if we do cancel we need to do so with them rather than Celebrity direct .(?) I have sent emails with questions regarding such to TA -cc - and hope to receive a reply sooner rather than later . The companies fine print has a cancellation policy of $US50 per person so I guess we just wear that . Do they issue the FCC or does Celebrity ? Our alternative is to wait to see what eventuates in the next 20 days and then cancel but communicating with the TA may be probematic for sure given the time differences and the workload they must be under . Seems like Im talking myself into cancelling now .😪
  10. I've searched to no avail so maybe I need Jim We have a family cruise planned - 7 cabins and have little children included . 1x5 1x4 and they can have fun in the Kids Club for sure . I think the hours available have changed ? Perhaps the conumdrum lies with the 2 others who will be under 3 so do not qualify - so can anyone tell us if there are babysitting services available , and the hours . Not concerned about the charge , just the availabilty.- I read somewhere that this has changed now on Celebrity and nolonger available which would be a deal breaker for us . Any advice would be most appreciated.
  11. Off Topic slightly ,still regarding OBC - Can we still use the on board credit in the casino ?. I remember We were able to apply some to our seapass card and use it in the slot machines , just wondering if that was still OK ?
  12. Agree with Muffinz .... we have several private shore excursions planned for the same cruise and some require prepayment and or C C details . Bit of a dilema as to whether to go with these now. Obviously not a concern for Celebrity I know . Previously We have missed ports several times for reasons justifiable and mostly weather related , so nothing to be done about that and no complaints. We have also missed a return flight home as winds delayed docking in port , so bad luck.- S happens . I expect Celebrity will leave it to the last minute for us and hope for a positive outcome in a couple of weeks time . However , If they do decide to change anything ,we would also like to know as soon as possible . We have friends about to sail to New Caledonia on Sunday and they have been told Isle of Pines and Mare are now off the itinerary . Luckily we just love being on the ship .
  13. 2C is preferable slightly to 2D . More likely to have the smaller lifeboat at the balcony floor level and /or the lifeboat mountings rather than the lifeboat at balcony handrail level . You are still able to see out over the lifeboat in 2D , except when you are in bed .No big deal if you get the price right IMHO .
  14. Hi Fletcher - can you recommend a car rental near the Nukaulofa dock - we arrive on Solstice in April ?
  15. Silly film still on Solstice Jan 14-25 . A long drawn out and incomfortable crowded Michaels club where most couldnt see the screen anyway and then delays as crew members seemed unsure of what to do next . Hardly appropriate for a muster drill .
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