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  1. What he/she said ........ 🥂
  2. Hi Nutsaboutgolf , Are they offering discounts at Sushi on 5 - we have had discounts of 20 - 30% on past Solstice cruises and prefer that to Tuscan ( which we usually find underwhelming on the first night but will go again I guess as 1st night MDR menu is ordinary except for the pork chop ) Weve never been able to get a discount at Murano. Thanks for any dining info
  3. Thankyou to everyone for all the replys and suggestions . I guess we will either do the airport return and taxi to the ships terminal or airport pickup and dropoff as close to the port as possible , having first dropped off my Better Half with the luggage , and just hoofing or taxi to the ship . Thanks again , very much appreciate the advice . We are on Solstice again this Oct , but thats just a little cruise to show some never before cruisers what this is all about . Cheers
  4. Hoping for some advice - we have just booked the 13 night Solstice cruise in and out of Auckland next year and are hoping to spend a few days touring around the North Island pre cruise. We would like to pick up the car at the airport and dropoff at the cruise port area but I cant seem to find a rental car booking engine to do this - no option available for the cruise terminal . Has anyone done this and if so , can you tell me who you booked with . (I guess I could call NZ rental companies , I know , just seeing if I could do this online.)
  5. Thanks for the reports Bansai3 and Tourist1292 - was Silk Harvest still available - we are on Solstice in Oct and it has disappeared from our Cruise Planner so assume it is being replaced some time soon .
  6. Bonsai3 , Was Silk Harvest open ?
  7. I think its only Elite PLUS that gets this discount ?
  8. Was not aware there were different menus and "shows" for LPC - so that is good news. Do you have the 4 Menus to share here ? Regarding Silk Harvest - it has still disappeared from my Cruise Planner - just Murano and Tuscan available to book now on Solstice for me .
  9. Have already experienced the LPC , for us a novel once only dining event .Quirky , fun , but I dont watch the same movie twice either , ( assuming they keep the same "show"and the same limited menu .) We wouldnt repeat it especially at the price . Silk Harvest we would go every cruise .
  10. Sorry to bump this up but ... is Silk Harvest gone from Solstice ? Just wanting to plan ahead and no reply .
  11. Seems Silk Harvest has disappeared from Solstice -- it nolonger showed when I just looked at dining on our cruise planner - just Murano , Tuscan and Chefs Table ?
  12. Can you book Specialty Dining here Helenb ? None of the link clicks work for me .... 01 day , 7 hrs to go lol .
  13. The Promotion Celebrity are having when they are not having a promotion -- agree its very annoying and what a waste of time .
  14. Opened Cruise Planner for a look at an upcoming cruise to find the 72 Hours of Savings Promotion but am unable to click on any of the offerings -- is anyone else having this ?
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