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  1. Also known as the Bintang Express or the Bogan Missile 🤣
  2. The current Princes WC out of Sydney is only $32339 with the Plus package if you are happy for an interior? Still well short of the 1000 day mark though
  3. Hi Don, I have seen many people in the same boat as you (pun intended 😃) it is common to see grand parents sailing with grand kids without parents. When you board with the kids you automatically take the role of guardian as you are the adult in their cabin. You will be able to sign them in and out of the kids club without a problem. You should have the option in your personalizer to sign them up for the kids club pre cruise as they should be linked to your booking as minors. Oh and if you are interested or in need, there is the option for kids to remain aboard in the kids club while parents/guardians go ashore. They must be booked in beforehand though and positions are limited. We have used this on a few occasions when the kids didn't want to do the excursion we had planned. Hope that helps
  4. We went to see the future cruise sales rep on board after receiving the advice from here, asked if were able to purchase FCD's for our kids who were not sailing with us and she was more than happy to complete the order after looking up their Captain Circle numbers to confirm they were correct. This has been available for sometime now she advised us.
  5. You can get someone who is onboard (if you know someone who is on a cruise) to buy them for you though. They just need to know your Captains Circle number, we bought some for our kids last cruise.
  6. Cheers Mic I was getting peeved that Outlook wasn't answering my calls 🤬 Better find something else to do this afternoon 🤣
  7. So they changed the payment procedure? The initial terms and conditions didn't actually allow for change of mind once an upgrade offer had been made by Princess.
  8. You could always use something like a challenge coin display stand if you wanted to keep them in a collection?
  9. Ah true, though you weren't sea sick on those occasions 😉 The OP was after methods of avoiding sea sickness
  10. 100% guaranteed prevention is only found by remaining on land 🤷‍♂️ since that isn't an option I would also recommend the Meclazine it has worked very well for my family
  11. Interesting, though as I said this is the first time we had given the waitlist a go. As we booked it on board we spent a bit of time asking about how it was meant to work etc and it was explained by the Future Cruise consultant that it was a booking at the current promotion t&c, in fact we had one of the waitlist bookings altered just before the cruise ended as a new promotion had begun which further reduced the price. Whether the Princess employee on board or in the sales office here in Australia is providing the wrong information to the customer they are still representing on behalf of Princess. My last update was Friday afternoon from my PCC who was still trying to convince me that the new offer at a 25% increase was a great deal. He is now clearly aware that we are happy to accept what we had originally booked or we are more than happy to look elsewhere, there are plenty of cruise lines to choose from. He is still trying to work the issue and has asked if can call back on Monday 🤷‍♂️
  12. This was the first year that we had no Root Beer supposedly available down under?
  13. I would guess the cruise line isn't keen to hand out a choking hazard to an infant?
  14. Yes it does seem to be a really poor way of treating their customers. Certainly not a great way to encourage them to stay with the line?
  15. It has been a number of years since we have had a decent PCC, sadly I think covid has killed off customer service (well at least down under) At least it didn't kill off cruising!
  16. It is a Xmas cruise and there is only ocean view or interior available, everything else already booked. However people do change their minds and cabins become available again as cancellations occur.
  17. For something different we thought we would give wait listing a couple of cruises a go. Never tried it before so why not give it a go 🤷‍♂️ We booked onboard a couple of months ago while there was a promo running, sounded ok to be able to lock in a promo price and conditions and wait/hope a cabin becomes available. Well that is how it was explained to us at the time. Interesting part came today when I get a call from our PCC letting us know that our cruise has been cancelled due to him being unable to apply an FCD to it??? Odd, I explained to him that it never needed an FCD as it required a deposit paid on board by credit card at the time of wait listing? Confused response, followed with the standard I will have to chase that one up. But what he really wanted to talk to me about was that there is now a cabin available for a cruise we had wait listed that he can helpfully secure for us at the current sale prices today (only 25% more than we had originally booked on the wait list, bargain). Would we like to secure the cabin today? Umm why are we not being offered the cabin via the wait list? I was not able to get a straight answer out of that one, all I got was I will need to talk to my supervisor to see if the previous rates can be applied but I can guarantee the room today at the current sale price. Is this the normal behavior of Princess when dealing with customers on wait lists? Try to ignore the previous agreement and push for a more profitable sale? Or do we need to find a better PCC?
  18. We have done a B2B this season on the Grand out of Melbourne, they have been putting on a free shuttle bus into Melbourne from the port on turn around days for the b2B passengers. Pretty handy and something that I haven't seen from Princess in Melbourne in previous years.
  19. I guess you can also only reach stage 2 if you actually do testing..... Cease testing onboard and the number of voluntary admissions will never get you anywhere near that level. Seems to be a sound business model
  20. All aboard time tomorrow is 6pm for continuing on passengers
  21. Correct, the Adl, KI, Mlb leg that just finished on our cruise was no duty free. Had to wait until departing MLB for NZ for it to become available
  22. We are doing this one, it has been on my wifes list for a while but the kids were never interested.
  23. That is how we feel about cruising NZ and why we have a window suite this time. Real shame there isn't more of them on more ships ☹
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