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  1. Lol number 6 arrived last night, they must really want me to upgrade this time 🤣
  2. Curious how many emails folks are getting when you haven't taken up the offer to bid? So far on our Jan cruise we have had 5 emails touting the wonderful offers of the bidding process and we have more than 3 weeks still to go before sailing. Seems like a bit of overkill, especially when there hasn't been any cabins available in the categories on offer since the emails began?
  3. Sure, benefits@princesscruises.com.au is the email I used. I wouldn't bother with stockperks to be honest.
  4. If you are booking an Aus based cruise then just use the normal system it still works here. It is just the US as far as i can can tell that is using stockperks.
  5. I sent an old fashioned email in last week and the OBC is there today. Still no requirement to use the APP yet.
  6. I don't get it? A society that believes in forced tipping balks at a meager CC surcharge? 🤷‍♂️
  7. Not sure if it has to be booked direct, but if you can make payment through your personaliser then you can put it through cashrewards. It is 6% again today I noticed.
  8. Cruise is in Jan, it was the Black Friday online shopping that reminded me of it to go back and check. To be honest I was surprised to see Princess appear on it and even more surprised to see no cap on the amount of cash back in the t&c so at this point there is over $1k due back 👍 Will definitely be on the lookout for another 6% weekend when our next cruise is coming due for payment.
  9. Does anyone use cashrewards or similar programs? I have noticed of late that on some weekends that Princess has a 6% cash back offer though cashrewards so I gave it a go. Had never used it for Princess before just the normal online shopping type stuff so I paid the outstanding balance for an upcoming cruise and have the 6% cash back in the account awaiting approval (normally processes after delivery so I guess after travel in this case?) The regular cash back offer seems to be 2% so a handy way to offset credit card fees?
  10. As someone who has to fly for pretty well every cruise, I can say I am not disappointed that Melbourne is becoming less used by cruise lines. Having flown enough times into Melbourne to catch a cruise I would willingly go to any other Australian port instead these days given the option. Each to their own.
  11. Will let you know how the view is down the other end Geoff, we booked an aft suite Sing-Syd
  12. If not a change from Club Class to Reserve Collection then to what? Reserve collection is to match the Signature collection I believe? As to Princess asking for feedback, I know they do send out surveys on different ideas but whether they listen to the feedback......... who knows????
  13. Thanks Geoff. Will be interesting to see if there is any change with the launch and Black Friday sales? Can only hope 🤷‍♂️
  14. Are the pricing breakdowns available yet? Or is it just the promo lead in fares?
  15. So the email I got from Princess lists Diamond for 25/26?? Guess once again the proofing department is struggling?
  16. No idea how the bid to upgrades are going on this side of the planet but we have received 4 emails so far (still 60 days out) and the min bid has increased on each one. Offers going from a Vista suite are no cheaper than what it would have cost us to book it direct, maybe someone will bite????
  17. Lol I should have mentioned Princess as the topic has wandered across the CCL brands
  18. Has anyone found whether the shareholder and Military OBC can be combined again here as it is in the US?
  19. Lol, I got mine but they didn't want my answers when I said I didn't want to say what my income was 😆
  20. Yep, I called them and booked ours as well. It seems that the Hobbiton has cancelled all cruise ship tours this year.
  21. My recommendation for any ship is to approach it with an open mind and remember you are on a cruise, any day at sea is better than one at home 😉 Have fun, enjoy your cruise.
  22. So funny being in one of these cashless venues when the internet goes down though 🤣 Have had the pleasure of being in a cashless store when they had the internet go down and were unable to process any EFT transactions. The amount of angry people holding phones at the register was hilarious, even funnier was the pile of unwanted goods left as customers walked off. They still wouldn't accept the good old folding stuff I had though so my stuff was added to the pile at the checkout. Cashless society ftw.........
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