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  1. What about people with Royal Caribbean credit cards who cashed in their points for OBC? Do they lose it all too?
  2. I want to do what I can to support Royal Caribbean right now as I’ve been loyal to them for many years and will continue to be in the future. That said, I am very nervous about all of the money we have tied up in drink packages and excursions for my 8/30 Liberty sailing. I just canceled everything other than the booking since the idea of losing that much money in the event they declare bankruptcy is just too stressful. I’ll be so glad when this behind us and we can (hopefully) get back to normal!
  3. Enjoying your review - thanks so much! We'll be on Liberty in August. Happy birthday to you!
  4. I'm considering switching to this tour. We booked the catamaran tour through RCI (on Liberty 8/30 sailing).Were you worried about getting to their dock or back to the ship on time? I see we don't arrive until 10:30am that day, and I know those who book through RCI get first priority on the tenders.
  5. I'm also a huge Liberty fan and have sailed her numerous times. My friend and I will be flying in and we've had great service from Galveston Limo in the past. $80 round trip (total) for both of us from Hobby. They pick you up at the airport, drop you off at your hotel. Then when you return, they pick you up at the cruise terminal at a specified time and take you straight to the airport.
  6. I used someone else's Excel spreadsheet to do the math, and here's what we came up with.
  7. I took the bait and purchased 2 drink packages for our August 30 cruise on Liberty yesterday. Got the "discounted" price of $51pp (plus 18% gratuity). I'm a Diamond, so I probably would be better off to pay as I go (given the 3 free drinks per night and 2 bottles of wine allowed), but my man definitely wanted the $51/day deal, so we grabbed it. I've never bought the drink package before, so my question is how will I know if the price dropped? I'm guessing RCI won't be emailing me again about the drink package. 😉 Shelling out over $800 today for drinks I'll have in 6 months feels odd to me, so if I want to make sure we're not paying a penny more than we have to.
  8. I created a dummy booking and the fees and taxes for that were about $20 less than I originally paid. I can’t cancel and rebook or I’ll lose $200 of my deposit. I’m perfectly satisfied with the outcome, I just have never taken advantage of a price drop before so I wasn’t aware of this policy. Thanks all!
  9. I just called to take advantage of a price drop on my upcoming cruise on Liberty. I went from a balcony guarantee to a superior oceanview balcony cabin of my choice and the price dropped by $150 total. I originally booked with an RCI agent (although I'd started the process online, I had a couple of questions about being able to change the passenger if needed, so I called in). Anyway, the agent I just spoke to said although they could lower the price of the booking, the taxes and fees remained the same. I tried to argue that taxes should be based on the new price, but it was only about $20 total, so I didn't want to waste any more time. For those of you who've taken advantage of price drops, has this happened to you as well?
  10. So when you check for dropped prices on your booked cruise(s), are you doing it without signing into your RC account? It just seems like they wouldn't show you a lower rate on a cruise they already know you have booked with them??
  11. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see D's being excluded from the Lounges in the near future. As a long time D (who is still several cruises away from D+) I've noticed the increased crowding in the lounges, and I've found myself preferring to just get my free drinks elsewhere. I'm sure there will be a lot of fuss if/when it happens though!
  12. They must indeed be taking the long view as a friend of mine has a cruise booked in late June with RCI and they are offering to let them reschedule with no penalty. This epidemic could cause a major upheaval to the entire industry. That said, I just booked on Liberty for late August, so we’re hoping the worst of it will be over by then. I’m truly sorry for all those affected ❤️🙏🏻
  13. I would also add that this epidemic is in no way RCI's fault, so I don't see why they should need free PR. I worked in the industry for 25 years, and I'm now a professor of Advertising & PR at a large US university. No seasoned PR pro would suggest the need for such a strategy in this case. The company is already losing a lot of money themselves due to the canceled itineraries. They should not have to absorb any of the expenses of inconvenienced passengers when this isn't their fault. That's what travel insurance is for.
  14. I experienced something related on my Liberty cruise last spring that makes they think they do track drink purchases for people in the same cabin. My bestie and I both bought the drink package, but I'm an early riser and I typically went the gym and then brought coffee drinks back to the cabin for both of us afterward. One the first day when I attempted to get 2 cafe lattes with my sea pass card, the guy at the register checked to see if anyone in my cabin did not have a drink package before he gave it to me. He would also only give me a max of 2 bottled waters. On subsequent dass, he recognized me so he didn't check the folio but I was limited to 2 coffee drinks and 2 waters. This led me to believe that they are monitoring who's buying what with drink packages in the same cabin.
  15. My BFF is celebrating a special birthday while we're onboard the Liberty's March 10 sailing, and we were considering booking the Chef's Table dinner. Looking at it on the Cruise Planner, it appears we can pay the $85pp in advance but I don't see how we can book which night we prefer in advance. Anyone have any tips to offer on this?
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