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  1. I've been a big fan of Celebrity over the years, and I will sail them again if the price differential is big enough...but honestly with the new "inclusive" pricing that Celebrity has introduced I'm not sure that the price difference vs. Viking is all that much. I'd been wanting to try Viking for several years, and finally was able to book a cruise for last March (I sail solo so have to wait for decent solo pricing which unfortunately is quite rare on Viking)--which turned out to be a cruise halfway across the Atlantic and back due to COVID. And even though that cruise was quite weird because
  2. The only thing that worries me about those is all the ones with the good prices are summer or earlier. I'm doubtful that Europe will be open for Americans to do river cruises that early, and from the (admittedly basic) search I did it looks like there would be no refunds, just credits with Uniworld. That makes me pretty nervous. I mean, I loved the Uniworld cruise I did, but not sure how steady any of these companies are and whether I'd ever see my $ again if the cruise got canceled. Maybe I'm being pessimistic? Mostly I'm just very cheap! 🙂
  3. I got a check in the mail a few days ago for my unused OBC. Did not do the math to see if they included the gratuities (which I paid with OBC) refund for the 3 days. Probably they didn't but at this point with everything else going on it's not worth my time to fuss over it.
  4. Got mine back on 4/28. It was to a checking account that I rarely use so I didn't even realize it until I read your posts tonight about getting the refund and checked that account. 🙂
  5. You know folks, everyone in the world is under a lot of stress right now due to the pandemic. I recognize that sometimes that causes people to "act out" as they say, and behave in ways they ordinarily would not. But let's all do our best to act with kindness toward others rather than hostility.
  6. Uhh...I guess I missed the part in my post where I said they did?
  7. The other point is that the cruise was 3 days shorter than the cruise we "signed up for." These are obviously some very difficult times in the world and I don't think anyone would argue that Viking made the wrong decision in turning back. And compensation is not top of mind for me and probably not for most of the other passengers. It hardly seems worth wasting my energy on it when this virus is spreading like wildfire and my retirement accounts are dropping precipitously and everyone's jobs are a whole lot more shaky than they were when I left on the cruise. But, bas
  8. Yep, I'm onboard and noticed last night late that the tracker map showed us having turned around. No announcement yet onboard about it though.
  9. Well it would also screen out some people who are actively ill at the time the temperature is taken (though one would hope they would have stayed home in that case anyway.) I agree it won't find everyone who may be carrying the virus. I also honestly think we are all (i.e. everyone in the world) going to get it eventually anyway and there is no way to completely protect yourself from it unless I suppose you have been a doomsday prepper and have a bunker filled with food and water and are able to hole up there for an extended period of time--and do so before you catch the virus fr
  10. I always run at 96.8 too. I read somewhere that modern humans seem to be evolving to have a lower average temperature--who knows if that is true! Doesn't the virus spike a high fever usually though? I have read of people having 104 degree fevers. I think 100.4 is conservative, and if you have no other symptoms and are under that you should be fine even if you usually run a little cooler than 98.6.
  11. I just use a couple of regular ol' tennis balls in my dryer at home. They seem to work fine though might be a little noisier banging around in the dryer than specialized dryer balls would be.
  12. You need to do what feels right to you. You could also catch the virus at home, but I understand you'd feel more secure that if you get sick you'd be in your own home, with your own local MD and hospital if needed. I'm going on the Transatlantic on the Sky a week from today and am planning to go on the cruise. Most people who catch the virus don't get very sick. I'm not terribly worried about it to be honest.
  13. Celebrity has their spring transatlantics now on special for only 125% single supplement--prices look good though at this date airfare might be problematic. http://www.creative.rccl.com/Sales/Exciting_Deals/XcitingDeals_cel_tues.pdf
  14. Hi, I am going on my first Viking cruise (solo) next month. Once in a while they have solo supplement reductions--but it's rare and still pretty high. I think I paid 167 or 175% of the one-person-in-a-two-person cabin fare. The best advice I got on it was to subscribe to their emails and watch them like a hawk because sometimes they advertise reduced single supplements. It's never in the title of the email in my experience so you have to read all the way through all of them just in case! And they tend to mark them down within 90 days of sailing date, on cruises that are not sel
  15. I feel like with the coronavirus freaking everyone out, there will be some real cruise bargains in the near future for those who are still interested in cruising.
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