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  1. I prefer the darker blue as well, but I assume RCCL doesn't want people confusing their brands. The light blue on Royal definitely looks cheaper IMO. Dan
  2. Great no-nonsense report which hit all the key points. Thanks! We're also on the LOS again in March. Loved the ship last time we cruised her. It was our coldest cruise by far, (Dec 31 2017 - Jan 7 2018) which started with a rainy cold 49 degree day in Galveston and only warmed up to about 79 tops by the time we got to Costa Maya. Still loved it though due to the solid staff, food, and well maintained ship. Fellow passengers were great as well. LOVE Finis by the way. Saw him on the Independence back in 2014 I believe, and he was awesome. Have you sailed the Enchantment before? We're considering it for next summer (Key West, Coco Cay, Nassau). Impressions of the ship, staff and food? Dan
  3. I'm sure there is some of that. However, when I price out NCL versus RCCL for roughly comparable ship, cabin and itinerary, I don't see NCL being higher in cost. In the majority of cases seems to be lower. Sorry, I was thinking of the old way they did it, where if you booked a balcony or higher you got to choose at least two free perks with no upcharge. When we did that on the Equinox we chose the $150pp onboard credit (which covered our gratuities, with extra to spare for other things like Sushi on 5), and the drink package (with no additional daily fee). THAT was a great deal. You are right, I forgot that they changed the perks. Now any cabin level can purchase the perks but they definitely aren't free anymore. I just priced out a 7 night cruise and to add the 2 perks is $499 per person (This also gets you the refundable deposit), If you choose the alcohol package as an option it's an additional $16pp per day for that as well. So in total if you want to get two perks, one of which is the alcohol package, it's an upcharge of $611 per person! Terrible deal for us. Dan
  4. I have the Escargot every night, except when they have the scallops appetizer, then I'll swap for that. The strip steak is a good alternative for me if I can't find something on the nightly offering, but that's typically only once per cruise. I can't remember which menus, but I think for me it's Pimiento and Pomodoro. It's nice knowing you have something you can fall back to that you still enjoy. How is the Spaghetti Bolognese? I do enjoy a good bolognese sauce. Dan
  5. Thank you Captain Obvious. 🙂. 😉 Sometimes it is fun to air your grievances and offer suggestions. Dan
  6. At least with Celebrity, when you choose the alcohol package as a perk , you do not pay extra for the gratuities On NCL if you choose the alcohol package each person automatically gets charged gratuities for the value of the drink package Dan
  7. Absolutely. There is better food and more variety offered in the Windjammer during that time, so yes, it's absolutely the alcohol, which I totally understand by the way. 🙂 When basic drink prices on-board are $10 or more, three nightly drinks (or unlimited if you are in the lounge) is a huge perk. One that I'm very much looking forward to. Dan
  8. Sure this would help some with crowding in the Diamond Lounge, but I think this would kill the enticement of the C&A program for most new cruisers. We all know the benefits of the program are pretty dang crappy until you reach Diamond and get the Happy Hour. (if you enjoy drinking on a cruise) If Royal would start requiring 25 (7 night) cruises, or half a year at sea, before becoming Diamond, it just becomes unapproachable from the beginning. Personally, I wouldn't even care about the program from the start if they made the Diamond points so high. I wouldn't be loyal to royal from the start.
  9. Yeah, it’s bad advice to suggest that Royal is going to allow more that 12 sodas to be brought into a single cabin. I couldn’t care less about the cost. Sure they could risk it and if it gets confiscated then purchase the soda package onboard. Dan
  10. This is bad advice. They absolutely cared for us when we boarded the Navigator in March. You can’t plan on them allowing any more than 12 per cabin. Do not make decisions assuming you can bring more than 12 per cabin Dan
  11. Gosh, who cares who pays. If a persons fare was paid for, they absolutely deserve the points. They are physically on the cruise and paid for. Dan
  12. Sure beats talking about other boring topics like the virtues (or not) of daylight savings time. 🙂 Dan
  13. Sorry, but I don't agree with this at all. Having such a high number to reach Diamond will cause many cruisers to just give up at the idea and just forget about the loyalty altogether. Leave Diamond at 80 where it is. We're approaching Diamond level and we favor Royal Caribbean because the Diamond level perk (nightly drinks) is something attainable within reason. No way is someone going to be enticed by 3 nightly drinks or a Diamond lounge if they need to do 25 7-night cruises to get there To solve this crowding issue (IMO) you need to rename the "Diamond lounge" into the "Loyalty Lounge" and set a C&A point value to get in during happy hour. All existing drink vouchers would still be valid for Diamonds and above elsewhere on the ship during that time. Dan
  14. No doubt, I've been reading similar language since I joined these boards. Dan
  15. My wife, and one of my daughters, have always had the soda package so I can probably answer your questions. You either need to have your souvenir cup, or your Seapass card with you to get soda. The Seapass card will have the little Coca-Cola symbol on it designating you have the soda package, so bring that along to dinner of you want to order soda. You can grab soda at any bar or other location where they offer it (like Sorrentos, Cafe Promenade, etc...). Some ships have Coke Freestyle machines and if you want to use them you need your souvenir cup for those. The first night of dining you will have to ask them for your soda and show them your card but typically after that they will remember and will bring the soda right away (if you have the same waiter). Dan
  16. As long as they don't take away the drink vouchers for Diamond and above, I'm fine with them not offering overflow. This is bound to happen sooner or later as the number of Diamonds and above keeps increasing. Dan
  17. Glad it all worked out for you and I hope you have an awesome cruise Dan
  18. Whoa! That’s a new “winner”. I can’t unsee those lips on the front of the ship!!! 🤮 Dan
  19. IMO they have the ugliest paint jobs of all the cruise lines. Sure they are painted by the likes of Peter Max and Guy Harvey, etc... but I think it looks super cheesy painted on the side of a cruise ship. Just my opinion and tastes of course. I'm sure there are those that love that look. Not me. The ships look like toys, not classy. Dan
  20. I do understand that this is misleading by RCCL, the way the booking process allows you to choose "Include Connecting Rooms" before continuing to final payment, which can lead to the assumption that actually are booking connecting guarantee balcony rooms. The issue I have is that the OP is now back to what they originally wanted before booking two guarantee rooms. Now they have an assigned room that fits all four of them at half the cost. REALLY hard to complain about that IMO. Dan
  21. OP, I"m confused. When they merged you into one balcony cabin did you get to keep the price from when you booked the two (supposedly connected) guarantee cabins? If so, like others said, you got what you originally wanted which was to have four in your cabin at a much lower price. (half the price according to your original post). If so, take it and run. ...or, when they merged you did you go back to the original high price for four in a cabin? Dan
  22. I would recommend choosing either the MDR for lunch (free), or Playmakers (for a small upcharge if your ship has it) for the burger. Johnny Rockets, also a fee, is o.k. too. By far the lowest quality of the bunch is the Windjammer. I think that's the option that most complain about so loudly, deservedly so. Dan
  23. Thanks we’re looking at mid summer 2020. My wife is a teacher so we’re relegated to holidays and summer. 😞 Dan
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