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  1. Isn't it a good feeling?? I do love Princess for this perk--not every cruise line will do this.
  2. I've never used a TA to book a cruise and now starting to think I may never. On every cruise we've been on we've been able to get the lower fares advertised after booking and this has typically happened more than once for each cruise. I have often gotten the lower fare after paying final payment--one time up until 4 days of sailing. Maybe there are some perks with booking with a TA, but it would make me pretty cranky to be booked with a TA and then not be able to get the lower fare.
  3. Is it possible to exchange for one coffee package and the rest soda? Or does it have to be all one product...coffee, soda, water?
  4. If you're 'shaking things dry' then you're within the "if-you-touch-these-areas,-wash-afterwards" zone.
  5. Very interesting...could have potential if the banana flavor isn't too strong. Thanks!
  6. I agree with the advice given to you by John Bull. After you arrive at LHR, go straight to Southampton. We just went on a British Isles cruise this summer and did this very same thing. You won't have enough time for London and 1-2 days is a good amount of time in Southampton. I recommend getting a private car from LHR so you don't have to mess with trains and transferring from train to train. We used Blackberry Cars and were very impressed with the service and communications by the company. We enjoyed Southampton more than we thought we would. It seems as though they are making an effort to keep it up. Nice to walk around and see the old wall not to mention the neighborhoods are neat to see. We went to the Tudor House, that's a museum of sorts. We stayed at the Southampton Harbor Hotel--recommend it! They have a private car that they can drive you to the port the next morning if you make those requests once you arrive. It is true that renting a private car is more money but my view was that it was less stress so that made it worth it. Enjoy your time!!
  7. Thanks for your reply! Good to know about the afternoon tea. Which ship was it that you got to do the Ultimate Ship Tour?
  8. This was in 2017. Updated room, small tv with no on-demand movies...although with the Pacific's typical itineraries there's usually no need/time for movies.
  9. We cruised the Baltic (RT Dover, 2 weeks) in 2017 on the Pacific. Had a wonderful cruise, this was the first time we'd been on this ship and did enjoy it. If you're used to large ships it may be good to go in mentally prepared. Our stateroom was updated, didn't have a complaint with that, although the tv was the old small kind with no on-demand movies. But I will tell you that on this itinerary we were so busy and then tired at night that we didn't mind the tv 'situation'. The library is pretty impressive--especially from what I've seen on the other Princess ships. I did purchase a coffee card and used it frequently for tea and coffee. If you plan on doing the same...it's pretty great! The Baltic cruise is a little chilly--mostly nice for hot drinks--so I'd run down to the MDR bar and get my tea and then go enjoy the view from our balcony. As previous posters have noted, the walk to the bar took all of 3 min--probably less. We found the buffet to be a little underwhelming except for the day we boarded in Dover and the day we cruised through the Kiel Canal. They had pretty good German food that day, hope you get that experience. We didn't go to the Sterling Grill, utilized the MDR which was very nice and we got to experience wonderful service. I'm not sure what your ports are so if you're interested in knowing more about the ports then you'll have to note that. :) Take a book or two with you if you're a reader just to get you started with relaxing. We didn't experience any issues with motion sickness ourselves...except for the last evening when departing Amsterdam. But that doesn't mean that you will experience the same and even then we didn't actually get sick. I'm sure you're going to have a great time--it's a wonderful area to cruise!
  10. The ports are Haugesund, Kristiansand and Alesund. Also...is this a pretty chilly cruise? What has been your experience?
  11. We are planning a cruise for the month of July that will go to Copenhagen -> Norway -> Iceland -> Scotland -> England. We have been on a Baltic cruise during the month of July but haven't been further north...yet. So here's my question: Knowing what you know about your experience sailing Norway & Iceland would you recommend an aft facing balcony or a balcony on the port/starboard? I want us to enjoy our cruise to the fullest and to be able to enjoy the scenery but am wondering if we'll want the shelter of an aft facing balcony since we'll be quite far north? In other words I want us to enjoy our balcony and the scenery and not feel like we're freezing! Thanks for your input!
  12. They have Zumba classes in the Piazza????? Wowza. Could be entertaining.
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