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  1. The weather in LA isn’t that great either, especially in the winter. We’ve cruised out of San Pedro a couple times in February and stopped there as late as April and experienced awful weather. The morning we left the hotel in San Pedro for the pier, it was 5 degrees. It snowed on the Hollywood sign the night before. The other time, we experienced torrential rain and flooding and cold temperatures. The public relations people have done a great job selling LA as a year round beach destination but take my word for it, it ain’t Miami.
  2. I was on the Beyond in a Sky Suite just to try it and compare the Retreat to the YC and Haven. What a major disappointment. Never again.
  3. I’ve seen threads go sideways but this one is really something special.
  4. The Haven is grossly overpriced. We do club balcony suites now for a third of the price.
  5. Thanks for informing us. Have a great trip!
  6. My bad. I get three for balcony. I guess ocean view gets two. My apologies!
  7. Just out of curiosity, how did you end up with four specialty dining meals.
  8. Nice topic title. Welcome to Cruise Critic!
  9. We’ve primarily sailed on the Joy and Bliss with the Plus package. I don’t know that much about the whiskey and wine selections, but I’ve been pretty happy with the inventory of the things I drink - Chopin Vodka, Zacapa Rum, Inniskillin Icewine, Chimay Beer and Pommery Champagne. For some strange reason, almost every cruise I have been on in the last while, runs out of Baileys. On our last cruise in February, (Joy transatlantic after dry dock) we actually had four brands of champagne. After they ran out of Pommery they offered La Cool, followed by Moët Chandon and then Veuve, so it was all good. We were allowed to take half empty bottles with us at the restaurants but I noticed in the terms and conditions, it now states wine by the bottle must be consumed in the restaurant. Just wondering what other cruisers are experiencing with the package and enforcement of the policies.
  10. We were on the Joy for a transatlantic in February out of Southampton. The booze was flowing at all the bars and no extra taxes. Cheers!
  11. We’re on deck 14, starboard. We like to be close to the OL for breakfast😉
  12. We’ve sailed in the Haven about 12 times on four different ships. The best by far was the Joy. It just proves that mass market cruise lines are consistently inconsistent.
  13. We enjoyed the MDRs on the Beyond much more than Luminae. We found the Luminae menu extremely pretentious (chicken liver custard) and the service atrocious. Most nights I wasn’t served my wine until well into the meal, in fact on the first night it wasn’t until dessert. The sommelier was the only person authorized to pour wine and unfortunately the poor guy couldn’t keep up. We sail in suites quite often and have dined in some pretty nice restaurants but Luminae just wasn’t our cup of tea.
  14. I wasn’t inferring that we were special, Since we had never received them before, we were just wondering if this is something new. It does however remind me of a conversation I had with a guest services rep some time ago. We were relatively new to cruising and were intrigued by this place on the ship called the Haven. I naively asked if it would be possible to tour the Haven facilities. The rep looked at me and responded “ oh, that is not possible, the Haven is not for ordinary people”.
  15. Well I guess it’s time to eat a little crow. The posted dailies clearly show that the OL serves breakfast. I was in the OL every morning to go to Starbucks and every morning the display counters were empty. There were some other things closed on the transatlantic, so that’s why I asked an officer, that I know quite well, if this was a permanent decision, he told me it was, fleet wide. I guess there’s something to be said for corroboration. My apologies.
  16. Just received priority luggage tags in the mail for our Panama Canal cruise on the Encore, April 7. We are staying in a club balcony suite. Never received this before, in fact, we’ve stayed in the Haven many times and I believe only received them pre cruise once or twice. Is this something new. We have Diamond status.
  17. Just out of curiosity, why don’t you believe me(post #4)?
  18. We were on the Joy during the transatlantic after the refurb last month. There was no breakfast in the Observation Lounge. I spoke with an officer who told me it was being discontinued fleet wide.
  19. I don’t believe there were any additional taxes.
  20. The enforcement of those rules were inconsistent.
  21. As a Canadian, I thought your thread was about Old Vienna beer on the Meraviglia. I guess I have a problem.
  22. Isn’t April too early in the season to see a lot of wild life (on board species don’t count)
  23. Typical MSC, lol.
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