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  1. After dealing with the "virtual agent " this week I did indeed try Operator and ended up going through numerous banal questions ,eventually (approx five minutes) was put on hold for twenty five minutes, I would not say the process was seamless!!!😒
  2. I have to own up and say I didn't realise the full meaning of the phrase I used, thankfully people have taken it in good humor 😃
  3. Hope the first officer wasn’t called caudwell 😂😂
  4. Suspect the buffet may revert to staff served if this continues happening
  5. Rather concerning the amount of alleged norovirus cases cropping up now on two different ships☹️
  6. Indeed there will , but as we have now managed to get ourselves to the top it will be nice to gain some small benefit, and also expect a good deal of passengers to leave us in the shade regarding amount of cruises and nights spent on board😄. That been said we are aware that there are a few first time cruisers on this trip
  7. Ooh heck , looks like a poor choice of wording on my behalf, sorry about that😳
  8. Been informed from P and O that its a sit down and be served jobby in January
  9. Over £8,000 for the classic package on our world cruise in January, with the early booking 10% it takes £700 off so I assume with another 10%loyalty off it would bring it down to £6,400. If we ever get anywhere near that amount over 99 nights even allowing for soft drinks and coffees we would need medical assistance🤢
  10. Sorry if this has been asked before, just booked with Fred for the first time and we are cruising out of Newcastle, has anybody any experience of car parking at the port , is it safe and secure as quite wary about something happening to my car? Thanks
  11. One of the issues is that P and O sometimes make things up which differs from the official requirement's, (yellow fever earlier this year been one )
  12. We are finding the whole visa scenario for this cruise quite perplexing, so much varying information as to what type is required.IE, travel visa, transit visa, full visa , on board passport stamp 🙄
  13. Thanks for the replies , we booked last week via our usual TA so the blc would not have been valid , in all fairness my good lady has the card but often forgets to use it !!!
  14. Do Fred have the same restriction as P and O regarding BLC when you book through an agent?
  15. TBH the last time we were on Arcadia and attempted to sit in the crows nest the staff looked absolutely frozen, we at least had the option to try another venue , they didn't, and we both felt extremely sorry for them as virtually nobody was in there but they had to stand in shirts only ( with waistcoats of course, and trousers/skirts before people get the wrong image!!! ) 🥶
  16. You don't appear from your signature to be from Scotland or Yorkshire 😆🤣😂
  17. Thanks for the link, when reading through it Indonesia states an E visa is required , however on the UK government site it states that if transiting through one is not required, tbh the whole visa /E visa etc is a minefield of conflicting advice 😔
  18. Is it possible that the temperature was reset to allow for the destination of your cruise? Arcadia has always been the coldest of any ship (P and O or otherwise ) that we have sailed on
  19. Is that a definite as we were told it would/could be dealt with onboard, as its a 99 night cruise that does not leave much time before departure?
  20. I wonder if this why the ship often feels cold ( as in too often)
  21. It wouldn’t be a lie to say we are reading this with a certain amount of trepidation as we are going on the 99 world cruise in January on Arcadia , although we have cruised on her a number of times without incident this is the first time of hearing a full disembarkation has been necessary 😟
  22. Hoolie , there's a word I use to hear as a kid, , thanks Jean for refreshing my childhood 😃
  23. A word to the wise about securing items in rough weather, in January we were given a welcome bouquet of flowers on arrival and they were as you would expect in a large glass vase , the sea state for the first two days was pretty rough ( understatement) and everything was flying off the cabinet , we put the vase of flowers in the only place that was safe, the large waste basket as we didn't want broken glass and water everywhere , we came back from breakfast to discover the beautiful flowers had been thrown out by our new to cruising steward, never to be seen again !!!!!
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