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  1. Jam shed Shiraz is our go to red wine , just hoping the "pop up " glasshouse on Arcadia has it ?
  2. Certainly had the same situation and disagree with it totally 😡
  3. Visited Freeport a few years ago , that's why on our upcoming cruise we have booked an excursion
  4. We passed through Colon earlier this year ( on an excursion ) and we had been told by lots of passengers who had had the pleasure?? of visiting before what to expect, They were totally spot on and we were glad we were on a coach and just passing through. The bad news is we are scheduled to dock there on our 65 night cruise in 2025 , suspect a day on board will be in order😒
  5. Towards the end of our recent 65 night cruise we didn't need the menu😆
  6. It depends if it’s a full coach as there is only so much storage in the hold , one trip we were on they had luggage stacked on the front two seats , so the coach was obviously not full but there must have been a lot of cases 😕
  7. Just relating to the Eric and Ern tribute show , we saw them in our local theatre in the round and they were very funny ,we then saw them on our 65 night cruise and it was toe curling bad, the difference? In the local theatre they had all the sets and props, the kitchen sketch etc , on the ship they just did a stand up routine with jokes that were past their sell by date.
  8. On our last 65 night cruise the duty free shop on board had an offer of two one litre bottles of whiskey and vodka for £35 at the start of the cruise which you could consume on board , and if I remember repeated the offer two thirds of the way through. I cant remember if Gin had offers on
  9. On a personal level we would have preferred to be doing the world cruise on Aurora, but we are going to take our chances with Arcadia ( no choice really!!!)
  10. I seem to remember on previous posts regarding blue light card that the booking had to be made direct with P and O, also I believe people who had used the blue light card then had issues getting their shareholder benefit allocated ,although I've slept since then so these details may not be correct
  11. I've got a library card ,might try my luck🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  12. Think Major Tom meant me neither ,however Mither is a wonderful word ,especially if your from Yorkshire and understand its implication 👍
  13. Jean , could you tell me who the captain was on your cruise please? Glad you enjoyed your return to cruising and the fact you have booked another on Arcadia means it met your expectations
  14. We saw it in New York last year , I knew very little about it beforehand but agree completely, it was spectacular, the performers were outstanding and the sets were masterpieces👍
  15. I believe combi boilers work on mains pressure ,if the water is turned off will the system maintain water pressure over a long period of time or will the boiler shut down?
  16. I would certainly agree about the transatlantic crossing ,coming home been the worst as we have never really been blessed with decent weather that is probably the only downside for us on these types of cruises . Also in agreement regarding the Headliners , we also did not see them for the first two weeks but did get Three repeat shows ,allegedly by popular request? They also did an Alan Ayckbourn play one afternoon which was excellent , unable to vouch for art or craft classes however when we popped into the crows nest on some sea days to read people appeared to be having some sort of gathering with different materials. there was indeed a choir which was split into two performances , one half way and one towards the end , with different songs of course .there were ukulele lessons as mentioned As for weight gain amazingly we did not put on more than three pounds , admittedly we never used the lifts and we were on the upper decks ,we did utilize the prom deck and kept out of the afternoon buffet and did a lot of walking when in pot, also we felt the portions in the mdr were smaller than previously, so maybe that helped!!!! We did use the launderette on a couple of occasions but had to choose our times as it always appeared busy and we also made good use of the laundry service.
  17. Headliners do repeat so you will probably see the same shows twice , other acts do appear but depends which ports they can embark/disembark to/from sometimes they stay on for a couple of weeks , in Brazil and Peru we had local artists come on the ship as we were overnight in ports , guest speakers could stay on for two to three weeks and others were on for less than a week, mdr does repeat after three weeks sometimes less so we chose the other dining venues to break up the routine , as for offers they were few and far between although the duty free did offer two spirits for £25 which you could use on board for your own consumption , and finally you will get to know all the staff very well and they you , we have had the best times on the longer cruises and met some lovely people although we do tend to keep to ourselves , I feel confident by the end of the cruise you may wonder where the time went . Enjoy👍👍
  18. The main reason we have usually booked at launch is to obtain our cabin of choice ,and it has worked 100% of the time ,this has been a major gain for us as we have booked quite a lot of long duration cruises ,Three 35, two 65 and the world cruise as well as numerous 17 and twenty odd nighters, however over the past couple of years by doing so we have paid thousands more than late comers ,who in some instances have secured better grade cabins than us , on our up coming world cruise the cabin two doors from us was advertised at over £2000 less than we paid and with £600 more obc , so on a personal level if this new pricing structure comes into force industry wise we would be happy to book so far in advance as we are both in a position to do so ,if not we had already decided that we would take our chances and book nearer the time if an itinerary caught our eye because of the massive price variation . That been said P and O do not visit any of the destinations we still want to visit so it will be Princess or Celebrity after our pre booked ones are taken.
  19. Selbourne please rest assured this was not a slight against you and I am delighted with the deal you have obtained, the comment was a generalisation and was more for the people onboard who begin a conversation with something like “we couldn’t believe how cheap we got this cruise and got upgraded as well “ I know you will thoroughly enjoy your cruise and look forward to hearing about it , 👍😀
  20. If it does become standard cruise wise practice it will at least halt the maddening spectre of guests paying up to half of the cost of frequent/regular early bookers, and in a lot of instances letting same said people know how little they paid. Interesting article
  21. Its funny how its always £10 , had that in Mexico ,Turkey and of course Egypt. Are we missing a trick in this country?
  22. Thank you everybody for the help ,as I've guessed Son of Anarchy will be on the world cruise as well so if we have problems we will seek you out 😂😂😂😂😂
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