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  1. Kudos @BirdTravels for such a fun thread! It's nice to see some of the threads getting back to fun cruise topics! Let's keep it up 🙂
  2. The Escape was our first NCL experience and we fell in love! We can't wait to sail her again! We have the Breakaway and the Bliss booked for 2021 and 2022. But there is just something magical about the Escape!
  3. We took the FCC for our 5/31 Bliss cruise but 2 of our kids took the refund (applied on 5/7) and both had the funds returned to their cards yesterday. Everyone was pleasantly surprised with the earlier than expected return!
  4. Thank you for sharing something to bring a smile. This definitely sends out some positive vibes. I'm eager to get happy again! (when it's safe of course!)
  5. I have to agree! We plan to grab every opportunity we can to make more memories. I think sometimes we've focused on the things that we thought were so important and what COVID-19 has taught us is what matters is 1) our time together 2) our family 3) tackling the bucket list of dreams Be well! 🙂
  6. Our itinerary (which I am loving BTW!) Fri Miami, Florida --- 4:00 PM 0 Sat At Sea --- --- 0 Sun At Sea --- --- 0 Mon Oranjestad, Aruba 8:00 AM 8:00 PM 0 Tue Willemstad, Curaçao 8:00 AM 8:00 PM 0 Wed Kralendijk, Bonaire 7:00 AM 4:00 PM 0 Thu At Sea --- --- 0 Fri Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic 7:00 AM 5:00 PM 0 Sat At Sea --- --- 0 Sun Miami, Florida (Flight Departure) Given the 4 sea days, the Haven proper is looking more and more appealing! We are going for the 2 br!
  7. Our only Haven experience was the Escape too. But from what I've been reading is that the BA either doesn't get open as much or had a problem and doesn't get open at all. If it's open, great. If it's not, we'll get a little sun on the sun deck and then enjoy the cooler air in the enclosed area! Either way it's a win in our book! 🙂
  8. Normally yes. But I'm thinking May might be hotter than if it were an earlier in the year cruise! The closed roof in the Haven seems mighty nice on this 90 degree day! LOL
  9. Thank you everyone! I'm leaning towards making the switch to the 2 Br. The shorter walk from the Haven bar every evening seems very good right about now!!
  10. Our experience was different. 4 cabins for the same cruise. We were the only ones who took FCC. Everyone else opted for the refund. All our cabins got the points. We don't expect them to stay in our account, but be appreciative of the little bump it gives us.
  11. Currently DH and I are booked in an HA for 5/21 on the Breakaway. For just a bit more I can snag a 2 Br Suite in the Haven proper. The cabin we are in now is on deck 14 (which is right under the Garden Cafe). There are plenty of 2 bars on decks15 and 16 The trade-off is clear. One has an amazing balcony. One is right where all the best of the Haven has to offer. I welcome your thoughts, especially if you have sailed either of these cabins.
  12. Or "Think again, looks like no one is going on a vacation"!!
  13. Thank you Cole! That's exactly what I needed. Have a wonderful day!
  14. I understand that FCC can be transferred. What about the 25% bonus credit from the original booking? Can that be transferred along with the 100%? We booked and paid for our daughter and her family to go with us to Alaska. We had originally requested a refund, but if we can get both the 100 and the 25%, it will give us enough to add another trip in the next 18 months. (And since we've already paid for it, why not!). How hard is it to get the FCC transferred? Just a phone call I assume? Thanks cruise friends 🙂
  15. I’m happy to see the nice rally that NCL (and all travel stock) is having. I just wish I had bought more than just the token 100 shares!
  16. When will you cruise again? Are you currently booked (on a "not-cancelled" date)? What changes will you make in future plans (ie. more land based travel, closer to home, or will you travel more?) We would have been on the Bliss leaving Sunday 5/31. We had already booked the Breakaway for 5/14/21 (ABC islands) and decided to add the Bliss Panama Canal for 2/4/22 using up some FCC. I think we'll do our annual Atlantis trips in October and January. If I can find a great deal, maybe try and rebook Alaska for next September.
  17. I also had 4 cruise next certs (exp. 11/4/21). Since we booked the Bliss Panama Canal for 2/22, I was able to have 2 added (with exp. dates extended to 2/22). Maybe try calling again?
  18. I love that by being spontaneous, you were able to take such a magical trip!
  19. We had 2 butlers that we felt really treated our family extra special. On our Escape cruise DH and I were in the H3, while the rest of our family had 3 balcony cabins. Our family always came and hung out in the suite. Our DIL was pregnant and didn't want to get off the ship (Zika virus concern at the time), so our Butler (Hippo) gave her his pager info and he would let her in the Haven and into our suite when we were in ports. He brought her lunch and checked on her during the day. And on the Sky we were again the only ones of our group in a suite. My 69 year old mother was recovering from a triple by-pass, 6 weeks prior, and our Butler would check in on her (she was 2 cabins down from our suite) and helped make her first cruise more comfortable. He even pushed her wheelchair up to dinner one night! I was so impressed that these 2 went out of their way for our "non-suite" family!
  20. We were booked on the Bliss 5/31 to Alaska - 100% + 25% FCC and 2 cruise next certificates returned. In February we had booked a 5/14/21, 9 day So. Caribbean on the Breakaway,. So yesterday I was able to have them reprice the 5/14/21 (with 20% discount) - and still ended up with a little over $10K in FCC left, so we booked the Bliss Panama Canal for 2/4/22. Does anyone know if the FCC (100%) can be applied to 2 cruises? We have a slight (2k) balance on the 5/14/21, but the FCC left in my account is $5,015. (We applied the other $5k (from DH account) to the Bliss). I'd rather split it to both balances and have nothing due on the So. Caribbean one). TIA-
  21. This is the best thing I have read today! Your DW is a lucky woman!
  22. I bought 8 Cruise Next certificates in 2017, primarily to use for our Alaska cruise (was 5/31). Since there was a double up promotion, I gave 2 each to 2 of our adult children (for said cruise). They have been returned to their Latitudes account. With other trips booked and limited vacation time, neither child will be using them before the expiration date of 12/21. Is it an easy process for those to be transferred back to me? I was hoping to use them on our upcoming 2021 Caribbean cruise and with the left-over FCC add a 2022 Panama Canal or Alaska.
  23. Each passenger will receive his/her own FCC. You should be able to log in to each person's latitude account on NCL. (Even our 3 and 1 year old grandchildren received them yesterday). My understanding however is that only the 1st passenger listed can apply for the full cash refund. HTH-
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