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  1. We're on Iona in 6 weeks and I'm a bit concerned they'll change the goalposts last minute and ask for a witnessed pcr/lft days before again. Is it worth ordering a couple do you think. Any suggestions who to order from?
  2. We love our Ninja dual air fryer. There's only 2 of us and its adequate but think you'd struggle if a family. It does a 1.8 kg chicken beautifully but nothing bigger. My DH is cooking a nandos style one right now. Fajitas are fab too. Also breaded fish, frozen chips, broccoli, asparagus are excellent although ive never managed to make a good jacket potato in it. We hardly use our oven now. Had it since early this year. Use most days.
  3. I've screen shotted the email. I'm sure it will be fine. Just would rather have had a new invoice but heyho. Thanks
  4. We got the email a month or so ago for our November cruise on iona. We still haven't received a new invoice showing the increased OBC tho. I rang a few weeks ago and they said we would get one and they were working in cruise order. Has anyone else got theirs for November yet?
  5. Looks like we all replied at the same time! I wanted to get ours out of the way as currently you don't need it but we're on Iona in November and if they change the rules last minute we'll be running round trying to get jabbed as it's been a year since my booster
  6. Hi. It's changed now. You can get the booster if you're over 65. Weve booked ours online today.
  7. I've just looked at Argos. Ours is a 7.6L but there's a bigger one at 9.5L and it says you can fit a 2kg chicken in the drawer. We didn't have the worktop space for that. The 7.6L is fine for just the 2 of us. Both out of stock though I'm afraid. Hope you get sorted
  8. We love our Ninja duo. It air fries a chicken beautifully. So succulent. Not greasy at all. There's only 2 of us so we just get a 1.5 to 1.7kg one. You couldnt fit a bigger one in the ninja duo. It's perfect for just 2 of you but I dont think its big enough for a family. We do Sunday roasts with chicken in one drawer, roast potatoes in another, veg on hob. I do the stuffing balls before the roast potatoes in the ninja. Our favourite is fajitas and it cooks frozen chips beautifully too. DH does Sunday morning sausages in it. Cooks fish lovely too. You have to play around with it and learn as you go but we wouldn't be without it. Our oven is barely used, probably just for pizzas. The ninja is so easy to clean. Literally drop the drawers in hot soapy water. None of that grease spitting all over the oven door. Hope this is helpful
  9. Me too Jean. I find it annoying when you've just boarded, have been travelling down all day and perhaps not looking your best. Especially last time I'd left all my make up at home!
  10. DH just rang P&O. Got through in 10 mins. Spoke to a lovely lady. They are sending the OBC confirmations in cruise date order so we will be sent one in due course. Not sure why we didn't get balance paid confirmation but they are resending that.
  11. Thanks I'll give them a ring. Maybe first thing though. Don't fancy the wait.
  12. We paid our balance for our November cruise last week but haven't received a confirmation email of this or the extra OBC although we did get the initial email informing us we were getting extra. Is it worth ringing or would you wait a bit?
  13. Yes I remember that bar. Skiathos is such a beautiful island. We used to take off then land again at Thessaloniki to refuel. Not sure if that still happens.
  14. Skiathos. Holidayed here a good few times. Can't believe they still allow people to be that close. Madness.
  15. Weve got it too (£150) for our November Iona cruise. Balance due soon. Thank you P&O
  16. Exactly. Plus you can't easily escape at dinner whereas you can elsewhere on a ship
  17. We can't stand it at dinner when the 'how many cruises have you been on?' question is asked. It drives us mad so we tend to get a table for 2. Weve only been on 2 TA cruises, the 3rd is in November. Just because we haven't cruised doesn't mean we're not well travelled. We've been all over the world with our kids but dont feel we need to brag about it. My DH was waiting for me outside the ladies room one evening when this man, who was waiting too, felt the need to ask that question! Imagine his face when DH answered 31! Which is true in a way as he was at sea for 10 years! Said man walked off
  18. I lost a pair of prescription sunglasses on Azura on the first day of TA a few years ago. Went to reception every day. I was gutted. Couldn't understand why they hadn't been handed in as they would be no use to anyone else. Never thought to try after the cruise.
  19. Thanks Tring. We have now received the letter from Lloyd's and it is adequate. It is 31 days which is fine for us.
  20. Hi Megabear. Thanks for the info. I do remember you researching all aspects of insurance. We're not bothered about missed ports. Just happy to be on the ship but I can understand others feeling frustrated. We'll have a look at the policy wording when it arrives. Thanks for info about post office.
  21. Hi. My other half rang bank and read the p&o requirements to them. They said yes we were covered. Apparently existing customers only. We have a platinum account. We'll study the documentation when it arrives of course. I agree, so confusing.
  22. Apologies please ignore. Weve phoned the bank and we are covered for this. They are emailing us a certificate
  23. I'm sure this has been covered in the past but can't seem to find it. We have insurance with lloyds bank but from the wording it looks like we are not covered for repatriation due to covid. I've got a quote from holiday Extras via p&o website but it's come back as over £200 for our 2 week cruise. Just wondered if anyone can advise what they did in a similar situation. I seem to remember there was a top up policy for a lot less? Thanks for any help
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