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  1. We usually do the refreshment package since we don't do that much alcohol. Between the sodas, bottled water, fresh squeezed orange juice in the morning (if they still do that), and the espresso drinks we usually justify the refreshment package. As was previously said prices vary widely. In the past it has been possible to book and then rebook when/if prices drop. Excursions are usually posted closer to the sailing. If you have mytime dining (instead of traditional) I recommend booking the seating times in advance. There can be long lines at dinner. One thing you did not mention was travel health insurance. You should really look into that.
  2. I maybe go to guest services one or two times on a longer trip. For me that is not that much of a benefit
  3. On a cruise a few years ago the arrival time into St. George was noon, with a canon blast. Departure time from Hamilton was 2pm.
  4. No real difference other than decor.
  5. Just trying to figure out any advantages besides a bigger room and a concierge which we probably wouldn't use. for us a big advantage would be access to better dining however I don't think there is a coastal kitchen on the ship.
  6. I wonder if the AI has a lot more people using wifi and that is clogging the system. Never went above around 40 N. Was a cruise to Bermuda.
  7. I only mentioned this because the bottom of the receipts sad 18% but they charged 20%. I thought it was a recent change.
  8. Just got back from Bermuda trip. The trip itself was fine although due to weather had to leave Bermuda a day early. Can't really blame anyone because of weather. Still really love Bermuda and will probably go again. The travel application process for Bermuda was easy. Just had to follow the directions on the Bermuda website. The few extra dollars Bermuda charges for the application is pretty small compared to all the other costs of travel. Although still a little annoyed at Celebrity for switching the order of ports. As to COVID, unfortunately at this point it is endemic and at some point everyone will probably get it. Doesn't matter if you travel or stay home. You just need to do what you have to for yourself. Vaccinations, high quality mask, etc. Also pick the travel you are comfortable with.
  9. Not sure about the other ships however Summit wifi with AI is pretty bad.
  10. I assume by now everyone knows the gratuity is now 20%.
  11. Thank you. I didn't realize there is an order to this.
  12. I believe the question was more about the whole experience: a sit-down tea service where they have little carts going around with scones, maybe clotted cream, small pastries, small sandwiches (eg, cucumber sandwiches), maybe even some live background music.
  13. Does Celebrity do afternoon teas like Cunard?
  14. Are we supposed to upload a negative COVID test result or just bring it to the pier?
  15. I have heard that if you want cash (and not FCC) you need to specifically ask for it, assuming you paid cash and not a FCC to book the cruise.
  16. It looks like heavy winds on June 6 so I am thinking the cruise ship may have to leave earlier than scheduled. Are they likely to leave in the middle of the night or the previous afternoon?
  17. Does the ferry run in rain? It looks like there will be rainy on Saturday.
  18. LB_NJ


    Yes run the numbers. You may find that after you add in gratuities and wifi the drink package is minimal extra cost and a couple of waters, coffees and a soda or 2 you are breakeven.
  19. From those who have traveled to Bermuda and used the Emed test, any issues?
  20. The Bermuda website lists lots of requirements for the supervised Antigen test such as: test result must state the traveller's full name and date of birth and contact information (address, email) -EMED doesn't include contact info
  21. With the basic internet package included with AI is there enough bandwidth for music?
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