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  1. I think all the mainline cruise lines do the shopping thing. X is no exception. Hopefully the person you are traveling with (if you are traveling with someone) can ignore all the shopping promotions. They are always doing some type of giveaway (some trinket). They are easy to ignore except right next to the onboard shops.
  2. Trying to figure out what time to book for MyTime dinner.
  3. I generally prefer Oceania however Cunard does Glacier Bay and Oceania does not. Both cruises do Hubbard Glacier. The rest of the itinerary is similar. Both cruises start in Vancouver. Cunard returns there, Oceania returns to Seattle. We would probably do an inside cabin on either cruise. Any thoughts?
  4. Would you point to a source for the US cruise lines offering transfers? It is about a 3 hour drive not including the time at the border crossing and customs. Not completely unrelated, I am thinking about the 12 day 2023 cruise and was wondering it the do the inside passage? Can't seem to find out for sure.
  5. Could be 30 minute wait, could be 45 minutes (for parties of 2 to 4). For 7 it could be a lot more. You never know. When we do MTD we ALWAYS prebook our favorite time. I agree with everyone else who says run, don't walk to the maitre d' as soon as you can once you board. In the meantime, book what you can in cruise planner, it can be changed once you board.
  6. A few months ago on Anthem we did a boarding day lunch at Giovanni's. We were happy with the choice. The food was OK, definitely better then the buffet. Not as good as the Italian restaurant on the Celebrity ships but not bad.
  7. In general missing a glacier can happen for many reasons. In Alaska, it can be weather or depending on the time of year it can be to much ice.
  8. The price of the refreshment package varies and goes up and down. I've seen the package vary by as much as $10-$15 pp/pd for the same cruise depending on the purchase date. The lowest I can remember a package being is $18 pp/pd.
  9. Just booked a cruise online and there was no way (or I missed it) to add the name of the second passenger. Now it says TBD. How do I change it? Do I have to call?
  10. This week. I asked the question because normally you get either an email that says accepted or rejected. First time getting an email that says might be upgraded on the ship and the amount would be charged to the onboard account.
  11. Is this something new? I got an email saying that they have not yet accepted my Royal-Up bid however it may be accepted once I board.
  12. I was on Summit and basic WiFi was pretty bad. How is basic WiFi on Celebrity Constellation?
  13. I did a land trip to Alaska a year ago. Had previously planned a land & cruise but then COVID. Suggestions: Fly into Anchorage (non-stop if you can), we rented a car the other option is to try and use the train (if you rent a car book as early as you can due to limited availability). I think you could easily do 2 weeks for the land portion but that is up to you. There are various other web sites that can give you an idea where to stay and what to do. When your finished with the land portion you can return your car to Anchorage airport (the one-way fee for picking up a car at Anchorage and dropping at Seward is prohibitive). There are regularly scheduled trains and I think buses that go from Anchorage to Seward. The train ride is very nice however there may be some luggage restrictions that might be problematic depending on how much you want to transport. You might also enquire if Windstar has a transfer service from Anchorage.
  14. I would prefer no salt to too much salt. I have had way too many cruise meals ruined by too much salt.
  15. Fewer cruises on a nicer cruise line. Celebrity at a minimum or step up to Oceania or above.
  16. I have had it with the huge ships (especially the Royal line). Have done Princess, Cunard, Royal, and Oceania. Really liked Oceania Insignia. So thinking it might be worth spending a little more and going on Windstar this winter in the Caribbean. Is there anything I should know before booking the cruise? Such as whether to book direct or use a travel agent (I don't have what I would consider a "good" travel agent so I would have to find one first)? Anything else I should know, like is it really better to get all-inclusive rather than pay as you go, we are NOT big drinkers (we would be hard pressed to finish 2 bottles of wine we would bring onboard for a 7 day cruise)? Thank you in advance for any help.
  17. I did EMED once and it worked. May have to try again since it looks like CVS is not doing them unless you also use the minuteclinic.
  18. $18, however that was before inflation hit hard. Usually the best prices have been on black Friday. You can always book now and recheck periodically.
  19. Generally, the regular coffee on the Royal and Celebrity ships is pretty bad and I usually take a couple of sips and stop, and I will drink almost anything.
  20. Passport you HAVE to do now. Vaccination possibly later.
  21. If you plan on parking at the port arriving too early can cause problems as you will be hit with the traffic of the departing cars.
  22. Also liked the Branzino. Generally liked the restaurant if you get a decent discount and have on-board credit you need to use.
  23. So far post COVID I have not been happy with Royal. I have an upcoming cruise in a few weeks. If the food is not any better that will be my last Royal cruise, for at least a decade.
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