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  1. For me it still saves money because I only get single shot espresso drinks. However, it only makes sense if you will use the full card. Plus, depending on your loyalty level you will get a discount on some espresso drinks.
  2. I don’t understand why you wouldn’t call Celebrity and waitlist for anytime AND also see the matre di as soon as you board. Just makes sense.
  3. If you generally like the smaller more exclusive ship lines you may not be as happy with Celebrity.
  4. We sailed in January and totally loved Constellation and Blu. Live the ship. The cabins are nice however there is an overhang we didn’t like and we’re not thrilled with our particular cabin steward.
  5. Ok, so I still can’t earn Royal points while traveling on Celebrity and vice versa?
  6. Just got emails from both Celebrity and Royal about a new status match program. We are members of both programs. To me it doesn’t look like they changed anything. Am I missing something?
  7. FYI, reservations just recently opened up for my Jan 4 cruise on Vision.
  8. I would never book Aqua if I didn't like Blu. As you stated it is more expensive and on many of the ships the cabin is under an overhang and the location is not necessarily the best.
  9. The official line is a corkage fee. There have been varying reports as to whether or not it has been charged. We always open a bottle of wine in our cabin and carry a glass of wine to dinner.
  10. I have the flexible dining. That is why I am asking. The cruise is in January if that makes a difference.
  11. Trying to figure out when to book dinner. When are the shows on Vision of the Seas?
  12. I have a guaranteed cabin on Eclipse for early August and it was assigned a cabin a couple of weeks ago. I am not sure anybody really knows the algorithm Celebrity uses.
  13. We always reserve. Typically means no wait or shorter wait if you reserve.
  14. It is rare but it does happen.
  15. It might influence your decision as to what room to book or whether or not to book a guarantee class or make an upgrade bid.
  16. It doesn't really matter as long as they are in carryon. There is always a small chance that when it goes through the X-ray machine a security person might want a quick check.
  17. I have sometimes called to upgrade after final payment, they never said no however they wouldn’t honor the current advertised price of the cabin I wanted, it was always more then the advertised price and the advice they gave was to bid for an upgrade.
  18. I just noticed that M class have 3 banks (front, mid, aft) of elevators and Solstice class ships (eg Eclipse) only have 2, front and mid. I haven’t yet travelled on a Solstice class ship. Do the lack of aft elevators lead to very long walks for those in the back of the ship?
  19. First time doing a fixed dining time on Celebrity. Is there a way pre-cruise we can ask for a 2-top prior to the cruise?
  20. I strongly suggest an organize walking tour. There are a huge number of hidden gems you will never find on your own. Also, there used to be a prerecorded audio tour of Grand Central station that I found interesting. The Met (5th ave on the park) is one of the best museums in the world. Take a doscent(sp?) tour. Best bars and restaurants in the world, prices to match. I have walked the battery to midtown, if you have strong legs it is recommended. Given the short amount of time I don’t think going to the Statue of Liberty is worth it, but do go to the top of one of the skyscrapers. Absolutely completely touristy but the open top buses are interesting. I have been going to NY since the 60s and still found it worthwhile. Walking in NY really depends on where. If it isn’t clear yet NY is one of the great WALKING cities of the world.
  21. Is there a shuttle from the cruise port to downtown? The ship excursions are all full plus I think we would probably be just as happy doing it on our own however would like to save a little time and shuttle to downtown instead of walk.
  22. I was wondering where smoking is on Deck 5 on the Eclipse? Don't want a veranda cabin where smoke will get in.
  23. Soda is available for purchase.
  24. I recently booked a flight and they attached it to the wrong cruise. The flight details are fine however the cruise it is attached to finishes before the flight gets me to the port. I called and they said it did not matter.
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