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  1. Does this apply if you book a guaranteed cabin? If it does, how?
  2. FYI, sometimes, at some of the bars they don't like to hand out wine glasses and ask that you get them from the cabin steward.
  3. Is there a reason why you want to prepay?
  4. I realize that if you do a move-up from Aqua to Retreat, and specifically to a Royal Suite you DO NOT get a beverage package or Wi-Fi. However, do you get everything else such as unlimited dining in specialty restaurants; stocked refrigerator with beer, water, and soda; access to Michaels Lounge with evening drinks; etc?
  5. When do they post the summer schedule?
  6. I usually park at the port however, it is getting a little pricey. Any good alternatives? Not staying at a hotel so park and stay is not an option.
  7. Check in means providing information such as passport information, etc. You get a boarding time when you check in. The ap should have an estimated check in time. They also ask that you upload a photo when you checkin. In the US I don’t bother. Not sure if it matters for a European departure. They sometimes enforce boarding times. The earlier you checkin the earlier you are likely to get an earlier boarding time.
  8. While they may not be the same wines if you have the premium package you can create your own wine tasting experience by trying various wines that are included or are just a few dollars more. Plus I know that there are wines I definitely don’t like and I can just avoid them. If they are part of the 6 or so wines that are in the World Wine Tour then I’m stuck.
  9. Given your limited time in port your best bet might be a shore excursion through the ship. It is pretty far from the dockyard to the caves. We did it on our own however we were docked in St. George’s on an overnight.
  10. I sailed in Aqua on Constellation so I tried it out for free. I don't think I would purchase a day pass however, I don't use saunas. As was said it is a heated bench, not loungers, however the couple of times I was there I was the only person on the bench. Also no windows so pretty dark.
  11. While I always bring my tux on a Cunard cruise and don’t even wear a jacket or tie on Celebrity there is a high likelihood that many men will be wearing a suit on Celebrity TA. There is better than a 50% probability that at least one other pax will be wearing a tux. Also, many women will dress up.
  12. I recently paid $32 per person, which included the gratuity. We don’t have the beverage package. If we did I might skip. At that price I think it is worth it. We’ve done it before so we have an idea of what to expect. I don’t think I would spend much more. As others have said it can be a bit of a zoo. You get to try several OK wines and talk to other passengers about wine and the wine stewards who sometimes know what they are talking about. DO NOT expect expensive wines. Probably all below $15 - $20 at your local wine shop. To put things into perspective, I have never spent over $100 for a bottle of wine (except ports), and maybe buy 5 bottles a year over $40. So I like wine and going to wineries for tasting but tend to buy in the $15 to $35 range at wine shops/wineries. I guess that translates to $60-$150 shipboard prices.
  13. According to the Celebrity website you do NOT get any beverage package or WiFi with a Move-Up bid to a suite. Free specialty dining only comes with the higher end suites.
  14. I booked an AQ guarantee. Doubt I would have gotten an Aqua if I had only booked a regular guaranteed veranda.
  15. Everything you bring on has to be sealed bottles/cans. According to Celebrity all beverages has to be in carry-on luggage. I have never found a limit to the amount of non-alcoholic beverages you can bring aboard. So I assume you can bring a dozen sodas and a dozen bottles of water if you want to. The limit of 12 bottles of soft drinks is the Royal Caribbean limit.
  16. I thought you could no longer move a deposit to another cruise. Once you make a non refundable deposit it is completely lost if you change sailing date.
  17. Unless you purchase cancel for any reason travel insurance (significantly more expensive) it would not cover the situation the OP talked about. I also don’t see how this is Celebrity’s fault. Non-refundable is non-refundable. Also, non of the cruise lines I’ve traveled on will talk to you about the reservation without the travel agent on the line. I definitely would not use the travel agent again.
  18. I will have to call Celebrity however I always find it is better to know the facts before a call. I bought a guaranteed cabin and was just assigned an actual cabin number. The cruise is still 5 months away and there are many cabins still available in the same class. I would like to get a different cabin in the same class. Have people been able to do this? How hard is it?
  19. It is NOT a world class Italian restaurant however it is OK. Food is generally subjective however I think it is a step up from the MDR. There are sample menus on the Celebrity website. I personally don’t think it is worth the listed price however if there is a significant sale or you have extra OBC you could give it a try.
  20. I haven't done the tour however I have watched people jump off the "cliff" ( really a large rock) in Tom Moore's Jungle. And hiked the area. I think it is very interesting and worth the effort. However, I don't think I would do this tour if I were still recovering from surgery. Even if you got through it I don't think it would be enjoyable.
  21. We are not elite and on our last cruise we were in Aqua and got a tote and keyholder.
  22. That is where the saying applies. You chose to book a guarantee and take your chances.
  23. We were on Constellation (same ship class as Summit) in Aqua on deck 9 and hated the overhang. It completely blocked views toward the sky. So if you are sailing in fjord it will NOT be good.
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