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  1. This has probably been asked before, but I couldn't find it. If there is a 30% off flash sale on wifi can I use my Captain's Club discount on top of that?
  2. I assume you realize there are different dining room for Aqua.
  3. Not sure if this is an issue or not. I have a B2B booked and called Celebrity to get a flight back home from the second part of the B2B, I gave them the reservation number for the second leg, It was cheaper than going direct to the airline so I took it. For some unexplained reason Celebrity attached the flight to the first cruise and not the second. The flight info seems to be correct. ie., date and times I have to pay it off a week sooner but that doesn't bother me too much. Is there a reason I should call Celebrity and get this fixed?
  4. I called Celebrity back and they gave me the discount. The first agent at Celebrity just didn’t know what they were doing. Thank you for all the help.
  5. I agree that this makes the most sense. What you originally paid shouldn’t figure in except perhaps at the margins. What I mean is that if there are 2 sets of bids that result in approximately the same total additional revenue to Celebrity they might give the bid to the person with a higher Captains Club level or originally paid more for their cabin. However, this probably only applies when differences are small. Also, as previously said, I have never been offered a suite when inside was booked.
  6. I know there is a discount for B2B. Just got off the phone with Celebrity and they said the discount only applies if you book both cruises at the same time. i.e, it doesn't apply if you book one cruise and then a few months later you book a second cruise. Is this true?
  7. Seems like I can't see Celebrity cabins cruises on Travel Agent websites. Some of the sites see the cruises but can't get to cabin selection. Any idea what is going on>
  8. I know it says 6 classes (e.g., yoga) on a 12 day cruise however, we were in Aqua on a 12 day cruise and when we asked the person in the fitness center said 3. We didn't question the answer because in the end my wife only found 1 class that fit her schedule.
  9. I have the same problem but my solution is go to the muster station and they do a demonstration there.
  10. We love Constellation however, it depends on what you want from a cruise. She is a smaller ship compared to the new RCL ships so she has limited specialty restaurants and smaller shows compared to the larger ships. However, we like the smaller ship feel and are happy with the trade-offs.
  11. The cruise had shown as sold out and now a little over 100 days out a bunch of cabins now show available. I thought group cabins that travel agents hold are released at 90 days out. Was I wrong? I can't figure out why so many (maybe 20+) cabins would show as available now when they previously showed as booked. Just curious as to what is going on.
  12. However, they don't make you sign out towels at the pools.
  13. Not all lines do this. Last time I sailed on them the following didn’t: Cunard, Oceania, and Celebrity.
  14. The famous Celebrity IT department strikes again!
  15. Occasionally you just get a bad steward. Compared to the steward locking my wife on the balcony you are not that bad off. On all cruises I have had the room stewards have generally been good however I had a bad one on the last cruise and also a so-so one on a Royal cruise several years ago.
  16. This is listed as one on the amenities of Aqua. What is it?
  17. I did not realize that they were that scientific 😁
  18. I didn't like the food. I thought it was too big. It didn't have an outside promenade. The only good thing was the entertainment.
  19. Personally we prefer the older smaller ships (hate Anthem, will never sail on her again) which is why we have a cruise booked out of Baltimore. Different ships for different tastes.
  20. Yes, the Eclipse. I was saying I have previously only sailed the Constellation and Summit. Personally we prefer that size ship.
  21. Yes. I misread it. I read it as bidding on a Concierge Cabin or a Sunset Veranda, not a "concierge sunset veranda." I am on a July sailing in Aqua. I have only sailed on Constellation and Summit.
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