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  1. Not exactly sure I understand the question however gratuities are based on the room you eventually get. So if you end up in a suite you pay whatever the Sky Suite gratuity rate. Note: There is always a chance that Celebrity’s crack IT group will make a mistake and have you prepay the Aqua rate.
  2. I would take my young grandchildren on Celebrity. I talked to a few parents on one cruise and they ALL said the kids loved it. I probably wouldn’t take children between around 11 and 20.
  3. From celebrity's website: For a request submitted on or before the due date of final payment, the following applies: Request for a Lower Cruise Fare: Celebrity will reduce cruise fare to available prevailing cruise fare. If full payment has been made, a refund will be issued.
  4. Drinks, beverage package and gratuities do not come along with Retreat if you do a move-up bid unless you already have AI.
  5. When I call Celebrity sometimes the agents know what they are doing, sometimes not. I would like to price out a change from guaranteed to an actual cabin and make the change, if it is not too much more, via the website. Is this possible? Any idea how?
  6. The list price is way too high. The only reason I booked was the 40% pre-cruise discount.
  7. In my experience both Celebrity and Royal have rather poor and/or wrong shore excursion descriptions. Sometimes the shore desk people on the ship know more information, sometimes not. I’ve tried calling pre-cruise to get more info with generally poor results.
  8. Did they also have snacks to go along with the tour? i did a tour on Constellation and they had snacks. I signed up for one on Eclipse when it was on a flash sale.
  9. Warmish, definitely not hot. If you want hot then use the hot tubs, they are hot.
  10. What do you mean by "mediocre"; quality of wine, amount of wine, or description provided by the "wine stewards"?
  11. Actually went in it, didn't know what it was called.
  12. Try calling. But why do you think it will not cost anything?
  13. I was just on Constellation. What is the T-pool?
  14. It used to be 2 per person and then recently they changed it to 1 per person. We always travel with 2 adults per cabin so not sure if there are any variants to the rules if it isn’t 2 adults.
  15. At the prices they charge they really should make what people want. Even if they have to cook special meals for individuals.
  16. I didn’t have a ruler but on Constellation I don’t think the tables in Blu were that much closer than the tables in the Italian restaurant. You can very easily order off the MDR menu although I don’t eat lobster so there is always a chance that might be an issue if it was on the MDR menu and not on Blu that day. So if the price is about the same I would definitely book Aqua, try for deck 11. One thing though is that there is no fixed seatings and NO reservations. On my cruise there was definitely a wait at certain times. Like right after shows let out. If we got seated at 6:30 we would make the second show.
  17. I like the Summit, it is a good M class ship.
  18. On Constellation Blu is narrow and long so you are closer to a window then likely in the MDR. Also, don’t forget breakfast and the nice smoothies. More likely to get a window table.
  19. Fyi, while we loved dining in Blu on Constellation (the fillet was wonderful) the service is relatively slow. You will be there awhile.
  20. What if there is only one sea day between the last port of call and the home port?
  21. I have sailed Constellation a few times. Last time a few weeks ago, in Aqua I have sailed in both Aqua (dining in Blu) and regular cabins (dining in MDR). Food is very subjective. Personally, we prefer dining in Blu because we think the food is better. On Constellation they were handing out both Blu and MDR menus in case you wanted something from the MDR. There is an overlap on some items. Also, depending on timing there can be a 30 to 45 minute wait to get seated in Blu on Constellation. Therefore in general we would prefer Aqua over regular cabins EXCEPT that on Constellation most of the Aqua cabins are on deck 9. This is under a very LARGE overhang with struts. Having sailed on deck 9 I consider these obstructed view cabins. Not sure I would book a cabin on deck 9 ever again. If you want to sail in Aqua on Constellation, consider deck 11.
  22. What about on Solstice or M class? I don't like large ships.
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