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  1. FYI, I posted this question because I wanted to have an idea how much extra to pay for Aqua over a regular veranda. We went ahead and bid on Aqua in a move up. We got the bid. So far I definitely like Blu better than the MDR. I am still willing to sail Celebrity in a regular cabin but will definitely go to Aqua if the cost difference isn’t too great. I like having 2 bottles of water delivered every day however, for us the only real benefit is Blu. For us the one downside on Constellation is cabin location under such a large overhang.
  2. If it wasn’t a Celebrity excursion how would they know why there was a delay.
  3. Spending $50 on new clothes to go on a cruise doesn’t seem like that big a deal.
  4. I think the food in Blu is better. On Constellation in Blu they will let you order off the MDR menu if you want.
  5. I’m on a 12 night western Caribbean cruise that is stopping there.
  6. I have been to Cartegena last year and will be there tomorrow. If it is a ship tour it will probably be OK, especially in the old city. However, lots of pushy vendors and probably pickpockets. I don’t think I would do it on my own. Not my favorite port. Wish they would drop it.
  7. Constellation is doing an overnight in Cartegena. Colombia is Level 3.
  8. Late returning shore excursions caused the delay. Looks like 3 buses worth. Guess there are times it makes sense to book an excursion through the cruise line.
  9. Now 48 hours before docking. Not sure how this works if excursion is 2nd or 3rd day
  10. If you are near a big city then large photography should also have decent binoculars . Expect to spend more than $100. Not sure worth spending more than $300. Get waterproof. As said before, only really necessary for Alaska or maybe Galapagos or similar.
  11. The only minor worry might be snow. It is an open lot.
  12. Star spangled banner fort is nearby.
  13. I have only been on one Oceania cruise, but really loved it. However, I have been going on Celebrity because I think it is significantly less expensive. Maybe I have been doing the math wrong. Any thoughts on how you do the comparison?
  14. Do they typically cancel snorkeling excursions if it is raining?
  15. How early does the Tampa cruise port terminal 3 open for dropping off luggage?
  16. Move up bids are NOT guaranteed. So, even if they have priority there was no guarantee you would have won. If you want something better you could always bid for that.
  17. FYI, there are some extra cost food items, eg gelato, where you also pay a gratuity. Not sure, but also maybe some spa purchases.
  18. Blu is not considered specialty dining. Does the drink package cover room service?
  19. I think they may be a standard email that Celebrity sends around.
  20. I had a different problem with their accounting system that I had to call to resolve. Their whole IT system is screwed up. I think you have to “continuously” check your booking because it can get screwed up at ANY time.
  21. Do you just leave the car outside the front door of the hotel when you go into the lobby?
  22. They used to give a small discount for B2B cruises depending upon length of cruise. Also, make sure Celebrity has the cruises linked in their system. NOT ALL Celebrity reps know how to do this. I do not believe it is automatic. Also, at some point while you are onboard for the first leg make sure that the onboard staff know this is a B2B. It makes things easier for you. If it is a US port they require you disembark between the 2 cruises.
  23. LB_NJ


    In the US I think having the gratuities separate from the cabin cost is the same reason hotels are now doing "resort fees." It is a way of making the price look cheaper than it really is. I believe that if too many people opted out they would just make it mandatory.
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