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  1. Fyi, while we loved dining in Blu on Constellation (the fillet was wonderful) the service is relatively slow. You will be there awhile.
  2. What if there is only one sea day between the last port of call and the home port?
  3. I have sailed Constellation a few times. Last time a few weeks ago, in Aqua I have sailed in both Aqua (dining in Blu) and regular cabins (dining in MDR). Food is very subjective. Personally, we prefer dining in Blu because we think the food is better. On Constellation they were handing out both Blu and MDR menus in case you wanted something from the MDR. There is an overlap on some items. Also, depending on timing there can be a 30 to 45 minute wait to get seated in Blu on Constellation. Therefore in general we would prefer Aqua over regular cabins EXCEPT that on Constellation most of the Aqua cabins are on deck 9. This is under a very LARGE overhang with struts. Having sailed on deck 9 I consider these obstructed view cabins. Not sure I would book a cabin on deck 9 ever again. If you want to sail in Aqua on Constellation, consider deck 11.
  4. What about on Solstice or M class? I don't like large ships.
  5. I understand that. The Celebrity web site was a little cryptic about which suites included free dining in the specialty restaurants.
  6. I booked a future cruise onboard and got the $150 on board credit. If I decide to upgrade my cabin on the cruise I booked (same ship, same date) do I loose the $150 OBC?
  7. I mean it is a major part of the suite cost. If you don't like the food options then a suite doesn't really make sense on Celebrity.
  8. So Sky suites and Aqua suites No.
  9. I understand that however I look at one of the major benefits of Retreat is a better restaurant.
  10. According to Celebrity’s website only select suites have free access to the specialty restaurants. Also, Wi-Fi and premium drinks don’t apply to move-up. Which I understand. Finally, I looked at the Luminae restaurant menu and it looks a bit eclectic. It is always this way? What if you don't like any of the offerings?
  11. According to Celebrity’s website only select suites have free access to the specialty restaurants. Also, Wi-Fi and premium drinks don’t apply to move-up. Finally, I looked at the Luminae restaurant menu and it looks a bit eclectic.
  12. It depends on the ship. On Constellation the majority of Aqua cabins are on deck 9 below the pool deck. There may be one or two veranda cabins that are at a worse location, but I can’t think of them off the top my head.
  13. I have heard the laundry service referred to as "Boil and Bake" which seems pretty accurate. I would not send anything that can't stand a hot water wash and drying at the hottest temperature. Personally, I prefer ships that have a small laundry that guests can use.
  14. There is a welcome bottle of sparkling wine. You also get a small number of classes (eg Yoga) free. While we loved Blu, the location of Aqua cabins on some ships is not that good.
  15. One of the things we really like about Summit and Constellation are outdoor movies. Does Eclipse have outdoor movies?
  16. Should have. Decided to keep the La Crema Monterey Pinot Noir. They were supposed to deliver Sonoma but delivered the cheaper version.
  17. Warning!! Bait and switch on wine. We ordered 2 bottles of a red and they delivered a different red wine. Lower quality of course. So they may NOT deliver what you ordered.
  18. I am on Constellation at the moment, first time in Aqua and yes just below the pool deck. The room is quite however on the Veranda you do here noise from the pool deck. However, our biggest complaint is the overhang. You really can’t look up. We much prefer the food and service in Blu, although a little slower, than the MDR. We are struggling to decide if we will travel in Aqua again due to the overhang. We are looking at Eclipse. One expensive option is stay where you are and spend for specialty restaurants.
  19. It has happened to me many times. It is unfortunate.
  20. No, she had even said hello to him. Not sure what he was thinking.
  21. After he finished making up the room he locked the Veranda door WHILE my wife was out there! Luckily she had her phone with her and was able to message me.
  22. FYI, I posted this question because I wanted to have an idea how much extra to pay for Aqua over a regular veranda. We went ahead and bid on Aqua in a move up. We got the bid. So far I definitely like Blu better than the MDR. I am still willing to sail Celebrity in a regular cabin but will definitely go to Aqua if the cost difference isn’t too great. I like having 2 bottles of water delivered every day however, for us the only real benefit is Blu. For us the one downside on Constellation is cabin location under such a large overhang.
  23. If it wasn’t a Celebrity excursion how would they know why there was a delay.
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