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  1. I guess they need some credit for optimism
  2. From a corporate perspective there must now be a huge question on the real value of the assets of most if not all publicly listed cruise companies. Actuaries may be checking their insurance cover … 🙂
  3. Royal Caribbean’s managing director for Australia and New Zealand Gavin Smith said that his ships will be sailing in Australia by October My response ? He is dreaming.. not gonna happen in 2020 Cattle class carriers aka petri dish promulgators will be the very last class of ship to ply au waters. Many cattle class customers are reliant on au public medical care which is free and some will take the risk but the older and wiser self funded au demographic will take a lot of convincing to set foot in a petri dish offering uncomfortable habitation restrictions , a disease with no cure , dreadful symptoms, and offering one of the fastest ways to vacate the planet currently available after buses... Ponant have already released their (wish list) manifest for au start ups.. Current clear test evidence and no boarding if even a sniff of illness or temp... Mask on outside the cabin at all times. Mask removal to eat and drink is only exception , no buffet Heavy distancing rules on board and for shore excursions. Border force operatives will be watching future disembarkees with a great interest Why would you bother ?
  4. Ponant offering two expedition ships in the bubble including the Ross Sea. Quick and the dead…..
  5. So the Explorer is returning to Europe from Panama. This seems a heavy death knell for the planned Southern Ocean Itineraries commencing 12/2010. Very disappointing.. The Covid case count world wide continues to escalate ...where will it all end...😪
  6. One factor in the FCC situation may encourage regular readers of this list. Assuming they attempt to restart , they will need to generate hard cash to function and service the debt load. This leads to load management of fcc redemptions. Logically Venetian society members at different levels would receive varying preference. Exec summary : The loyal base of high value customers will be (relatively) protected and the plebs join the queue.
  7. It seems to me that there is this useful postulation : Almost all the established cruise companies need to/will go broke. When the industry seeks to recommence they would be easy meat for fast moving well funded start ups as the pre-existing debt load would be crippling If they fold thoughtfully , most of the structure can be quickly refinanced and remarketed with bright shiny new clothes. The petri dish odium will be buried with the old names and marketing will send out a clean fresh healthy spin Welcome to the new Silversea, Seabourn et al ; welcome to healthy green clean sustainable ( your adjective) cruising The sooner the first one moves to call in the cleaners , the sooner the rest can follow and the whole debt tsunami can be flushed down the gurgler In business , rolling over when the debt load gets out of hand is common , however in this case there may be a lot of noisy hand wringing by their newly fleeced and previously loyal , well heeled vociferous, customer base. Yes they will lose a large percentage of their fleeced previous clientele, but they can also change the target demographic to a younger , less experienced group with no memory of past cruising glories. So that's my spin … wishin' and hopin' arguments welcomed as rebuttals so we can grasp them and continue to live in hope….
  8. I am enjoying UKCJ's renewed contributions to the list and dislike the appearance of a personally negative rebuttal. History is just that and the op's contributions should be judged by their present relevance.
  9. Silver Muse and Silver Explorer have been at anchor off the Panama Canal entrance for some weeks now. I assumed they were still en route to Tenerife and were waiting for a "cheap" slot as time was not of the essence. It occurs to me that SS may be hedging their bets as AU and NZ discuss bilateral travel in the next few months. The combined Au/Nz patronage on its own would likely be uneconomic, BUT there "could" be a test arrangement whereby overseas guests would quarantine for 14 days ( at their expense ) before boarding. Neither Au or Nz will be relaxed about this theoretical proposal ,and any International visitors would be scrutinised very very closely. Otoh, both Au and Nz are egalitarian and safe countries with first world medical facilities so if it can be done here, it may be possible to do it elsewhere in time.
  10. A high quality discussion, thank you both...
  11. Both ships have unique features and both find passionate advocates. I prefer the Explorer, a classic small expedition ship over the "softer" crossover Cloud. Each ship inculcates the Silversea vibe and to that end either ship is fine for the right Itinerary.
  12. I consider myself a fairly dedicated SS cruiser, but there is no way I would be giving SS, or anyone else in the cruise industry my money right now or even in the foreseeable future. Cruise ships may not freely sail and visit ports for another 5 years or more, there is no way to tell. I opine that the industry will functionally collapse and that a quite different model will evolve, offering endless sea days, with bars pools and bingo as the primary attraction. Port visits other than the origin will likely be non existent. The Covid 19 pandemic remains a fox loose in the hen house and there is absolutely no science that suggests a return to the previous" laissefaire" world of International travel at any predictable time. There are conceptual estimates based upon previous pandemics, but pandemics are all unique and, to that end, completely unpredictable. We cannot reliably test for it, we cannot reliably treat it and we cannot vaccinate against it.. we really are just hens facing the fox. Some countries may functionally eradicate the disease (au/Nz/Greenland)and some isolated areas (the beautiful places we all want to visit) will also remain disease free. To maintain their "clean" status , they will have to introduce draconian ingress and egress regulation including long periods of funded quarantine. Now there will be many who will disagree with my post, but wishin' and hopin' will not turn the fox away. Science will eventually provide some tools but it is going to take a long time.
  13. I hope you had a nice lunch Jilly, ours was a tad solitary but we made an effort, dressed for the "occasion" and had a nice day
  14. One assumes that an RCI "facilitator" may have pulled rank and done the deed, but it is indeed a very black day in SS customer relations. I am waiting patiently for them to cancel my Explorer cruise , however I have an Email from my ta elucidating the previous cancellation arrangements and setting out my options should I decide to cancel. In normal times I would opine that they could not/would not get away with the change without first notifying the customer and allowing the opportunity to cancel , well not in Au anyway. This failure to notify should make the change commercially untenable and likely unlawful in many jurisdictions.
  15. There is often some value in winding up a liquidity challenged company because they tend to fail by their own hand and have doubtful prognoses. In the current situation highly capitalised cruise operations can be back making huge profits very quickly once a vaccine is available. To that end it makes sense to keep propping them up as there is no other way to repay the current borrowings. I opine that SS may decide to introduce a temporary levy on all bookings old and new including cruise credits. It would be sold as sharing the pain and helping the SilverSea family get back on its feet. There is no escaping the cost of restarting the world economy and paying back the support largesse. One way or t'other we are all going to be hit up . I would personally be prepared to pay a levy that would see the SilverSea of old back sailing with no nit picking cost saving shortcuts.
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