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  1. This is a good reminder to us all to check our insurance coverages. Does your auto insurance cover you in a rental car? Does your health insurance kick in overseas? What will your credit-card insurance cover in the way of unexpected expenses? It's a good idea to at least have a clue before you start your journey. I think I'll make up a little summary to keep on my laptop just in case.
  2. 'big travel websites' are not travel agents (or advisers as they wish to be known as now), most travel websites are just online booking services. You tell them what you want, they book it, they make money. If trouble arises you're on your own. There's big money in these websites. Cruisers need to find a real travel advisor, one who is a cruise expert.
  3. I agree that some cruiseline websites are too glitchy for words. Good IT people are incredibly expensive. I think it's a double-edged issue ... 1) they don't want to spend the money for a really good IT experience because most of the people using the website probably cause the problems themselves. And 2) cruiselines probably want you to use a travel agent (a real one, not some online booking service) to add some space between the cruiseline and the pax; then they can blame the middle-man for pax errors. I know that information I can barely wade through is a snap for my cruise-expert TA ... and she does most of the work on the phone.
  4. Well, this is going to ruffle some feathers! As a smoker, I don't smoke inside anywhere. I just don't like to annoy others, kind of a personal issue I guess. Unless cruise ships provide adequate ventilation in an indoor smoking location, I'll be happy to smoke outside. What I'd like to see addressed on cruise ships is quieting down the constant loud talking ... on and on the yappers go. And the loudest talkers are also the ones who have little to say, they just like to hear the sound of their own voices I suppose. But the rest of us would rather not hear every inane word they utter.
  5. If she does decide on a backpack only, Rick Steves' sold me one about 15 years ago that still looks like new, even after about 45 trips. It's unstructured with 3 main compartments ... almost weightless.
  6. An updated thread is always a good idea with subjects like 'yay or nay' on a travel agent. Not sure why anyone would object to it, especially since it does refer to old thread(s) so peeps can dig back in if they wish.
  7. I know that asking for help to stow your rollaboard is a topic fraught with danger, but I'll just put in my 2 cents here. My shoulders have been 'troubled' for years. Just putting my hands over my head can be painful. I travel too much to not use a rollaboard ... those long airport walks! NOT ONCE in 20 years has anyone not either come forward immediately or failed to say yes when I ask for assistance hoisting my rollaboard into the overhead. On a flight from Houston a few months ago, the PILOT came along and stowed it for me. I think that ladies over 70 (even tho I'm 6' tall and not 'feeble') deserve some assistance and I've never had anyone who wasn't happy to help. I have a travel cube with all the stuff I might need on the flight which I stow under the seat in front of me. Getting the thing down isn't too difficult, and I'm often asked if I want help with that as well. When my joints started to go, it took me about 6 years to learn to say "Why yes, I'd love some help". People are happy to help; I never hesitate to help someone at the airport if I can physically do so. Profuse thanks are always appreciated.
  8. I'm very happy with my cruise-expert TA. She is more meticulous than I am, and together we come up with the best booking. I do all the initial research, so I know what I want. She's instantly responsive and she pays close attention to every detail. She never hesitates to make suggestions or offer her expert opinion. It's her close attention to detail that I admire ... I never have to worry about anything, because she's on it before I am. I just finished a Grand France cruise with Avalon from Provence to Normandy with serious water-level issues ... it was better than I could have imagined.
  9. Well of course Iphones are far superior to any ol' Android machine.
  10. So true! I just bought an 6euro metal tray in Paris, it will make me happy to look at it for the rest of my life. But I will spend money for jewelry while travelling ... not thousands but occasionally several hundred. Every time I wear my little bauble I remember everything about the purchase.
  11. I recommend you do some reading and research first. I usually start at the local library, then the internet to narrow things down, then ask for specific information you can't find elsewhere. Then come back to us with specific questions. Keep in mind that it will help with advice if you describe yourself and your way-of-going. My idea of a good SE may not be what you would like.
  12. I so agree with this advice, with the exception of asking the cruiseline. There are just too many stories of bad advice from a phone/email agent. Use this forum for guidance, but verify the information every time. I am appalled at the idea of using forum advice as gospel ... you absolutely have to do the proper research with the proper authorities.
  13. If your cruiseline doesn't offer detailed descriptions of each SE, pick another ship. One of the biggest issues is pax who are 'unable to keep up' with the group. Don't be one of those.
  14. You are probably fine, but check directly with the proper authorities and confirm on Royal's website terms & conditions.
  15. Sure, my phone 'expands' but I don't enjoy reading half a sentence at a time. And the AvalonGO app does not convert to landscape, so no help there. I found it all on the website anyway. I just wish these companies would THINK about their clients more than they think about their own convenience. The app is good for the daily schedule but not much else.
  16. And mine is "I don't want to waste one minute shopping for something I need". 🤩
  17. What Crystal said about the jacket/coat. I prefer a longish coat of thinner fabric over many layers. Be sure yours will fit over a sweater or two. I usually bring gloves and earmuffs, my ears don't like a cold wind. Otherwise, your basic layers, just like always.
  18. "Not allowed" means little to some people; unless there's a monitor 24/7, I'm not sticking a toe in that water.
  19. $3200 for a piece of 'art' while on a cruise? Who would do that????
  20. I remember reading that we should bring a refillable water bottle. So I did. I'm boarding Poetry in Arles this afternoon ... will report back.
  21. Yup, I'm in Marseille on my to board Poetry this afternoon. My app is finally working well. I had to laugh at the multi-page summary of excursions ... 2pt type on my phone that will not be enlarged, nor turned horizontal, thereby rendering it completely useless. Avignon has completely disappeared. Who puts out this garbage???
  22. Wow, florescent lights ... what next? I've escaped it so far but thanks for the tip. Who'd think to use sunscreen on your arms to go to the office?
  23. For what it's worth, I've always travelled with all my vitamins and meds in two containers, one AM and one PM. Nobody has ever said a thing, leaving or arriving.
  24. You might want to try a dummy booking to see if the details pop up.
  25. I'm still ignorant and confused (no prob, I'm used to it) about how you keep the night cream on your face when you sleep. I'd rather use a moisturizer in the evening. When I put cream on my forehead in the morning, just enough of it seeps in to cloud my eyesight just a teeny bit. I've tried lots of different products. Can anyone recommend a brand or type for me to try?
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