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  1. Well, what are you going to do with EIGHT pairs of shoes? My feet are persnickity, can't wear the same shoes two days in a row, the skin on my feet seems to be easily annoyed. I always have to have just the 'right pair' of socks Long ago, I learned to pack nothing but black 'bottoms' and shoes. That saves me some space. I take trainers, sandals, walking shoes. Always pack a pair of weightless black velvet slippers that I wear to dinner and black flippers with a little decoration, both weightless. It's taken me years to get down to a 35-40# checked bag.
  2. Call Royal and ask them. Can also post on Royal's page here at CC.
  3. You never know what the Alaska weather might be. Do the usual 'layer plan' so you are comfortable no matter what the weather. Bring clothing you can hand wash that doesn't need ironing. Don't worry about the 'formal', just bring a dress or top & slacks that you like, you can wear that to dinner with different scarves and jewelry.
  4. Well, probably because we didn't know. Thanks for this, Hank!
  5. This sounds like a good adventure ... in theory. But the same-day switch could be a disaster. I'd not be comfortable without 24 hours between ships. All depends on what your risk tolerance is.
  6. No question, this is the best example of stupid I've ever heard of. It's hard to understand how some people get through life without working brains. How could anyone think that this little adventure would ever happen. Sad.
  7. I finally got to tour the Opera Garnier in Paris last spring. The place was overrun with pairs of young Japanese girls in elaborate costume-y dresses, lots of makeup, ,white anklets and tennies. They were everywhere, taking photos of each other. Quite took over the place, and in everybody's way. Now I realize this must have been some fad like the wedding pictures in Santorini. Weird.
  8. I don't do any luxury cruising, a butler would make me nervous!. "Prepaid gratuities" are just considered part of the cost of a cruise; I doubt the crew sees much of that money. We have always tipped the cabin steward $20 or $40 the first day. Have never considered it a bribe, but rather it just establishes that we are not those awful cruisers who don't tip. At the bar we tip for every drink, don't like to wait to be served. We rarely use the MDRs and tip the servers in the buffet for each drink or glass of wine. Crew on my kinds of ships work for tips; the thought that they'd be insulted or think me a low-life is laughable. They take good care of me, I give them money. It's a simple system and it works well.
  9. Isn't this just nuts? There must be a better way to schedule ships into ports like Santorini. I wouldn't want to miss it, but I wouldn't want to deal with that insane number of visitors.
  10. My TA is taking over the booking and she needs to know exactly what I want so she can negotiate the best total cost for me. I had forgotten how nice it was to order drinks from the cabin on my phone. Thanks everyone, now I know what I'll know what to tell her.
  11. Travelling solo on Crown to Alaska in August. Debating on getting the drinks package ... can someone tell me the appx cost of a glass of house champagne (prosecco probably) and a cocktail like Rum & Coke? That's about all I drink. TIA
  12. You could put on a funny hat and pretend.
  13. Selling bags like this 'by appointment only' makes no sense. You make an appointment to buy a Jaguar or a Bentley or a hundred bags wholesale. Hopefully somebody on these boards will walk into the Down Home Bahamas Center one day and see if it's real.
  14. I gradually realized how weird American English is over the years. My hat's off to anyone who grows up elsewhere and learns English later in life ... it's got to be complicated and frustrating.
  15. One of the many things that keeps me booking Avalon ships is that casual little buffet of goodies up at the bow in the evening. I just don't want a 'big dinner' every night, it's wonderful to just wander in there for a bite.
  16. I grew up in Minnesota and have gradually come to the realization that Minnesotans just deal with anything and everything without drama. I'm still a little bit that way, but I admire people who just carry on with a sense of adventure and great common sense.
  17. Yes, we're dying of curiosity. I'm thinking that you're on the ship and have no time to update us. A girl can hope!
  18. I don't understand why you wouldn't use an e-cig or vape whatever in the privacy of your cabin. How could this be a problem? Does vaping create an odor or harmful 'smoke'?
  19. I'd have a look at the weather averages. That will tell you how many layers to pack. Almost anywhere in December, I'd bring ear muffs, fuzzy scarf and gloves. I start with a silk turtleneck and build: polo shirt, fleece vest, jacket or heavy cardigan, windbreaker w/hood, long jacket/coat w/hood. I'd bring whichever long jacket/coat will keep me warm at the predicted temps. I always travel with a soft backpack and all this stuff can get rolled up and stashed if it's warm enough. I've travelled all over with this formula and have yet to be uncomfortable.
  20. If your cruise is insured, I'd take my chances tomorrow (and wishing you very good luck indeed) that you arrive at MIA sometime. If you get out of DesMoines but miss the sailing, spend your time in Florida, make a vacation out of it. Book a hotel for the first night and figure out what you want to do for a few days. Sure better than staying home feeling badly.
  21. EXACTLY! I hope that people soon tire of complaining about smoking and move on to another topic ... any topic. If you don't like someone smoking, walk away. No need to make a fuss.
  22. I feel bad for the clueless cruiser who posts on these forums. Such snark. Certainly we could treat them with a little more respect. As to the question about dress code, ontheweb, river cruising is relaxed. Wear long pants and tuck in your shirt; add a scarf and some jewelry for dinner. If you want to go all out, wear a blazer to the Captain's Welcome Dinner and those sparkly earrings that have been waiting for an opportunity to shine.
  23. Wow, Laura, this is very enlightening. Not sure I'd have the courage to actually make the trip. Fingers crossed for these intrepid travellers. My little brother from Minneapolis is in Ecuador but a 'couple of hours' away from the turmoil. He better keep his head down. And I hope these cruisers get safely on their ship and away. Thank you for posting this.
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