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  1. Sorry, this should say when entering the bathroom is on the left, the bed is next with the couch closest to the balcony door.
  2. Yes, that is the picture. I believe this is the standard setup for veranda cabins. Bathroom,bed,couch,balcony. Checkout the layout of a Vista cabin. I haven't stayed in one on the Koningsdam but I think it is the reverse with the bed closest to the balcony door.
  3. When entering the bathroom is on the right, the bed is next with the couch closest to the balcony door. If you search online for picture of Koningsdam 8192 you should find one from April 2019. I could not figure out how to share it. Sorry! Hope this helps.
  4. I don't want to excuse the website which can be a disaster. I have found that England is listed as the UK or United Kingdom. A passport held by a British citizen is a UK passport.
  5. Please continue!! I really enjoy reading your "live from" So entertaining and so well written.
  6. Hi, We were on the Zuiderdam May 2022. We had cabin 8068. We were right by the glass elevators and the regular elevators. It was very convenient being so close to the elevator. From the balcony you could see a bit of the glass elevator and I suppose people could see us on the balcony for a moment as they went by. It did not bother us. This particular sailing was not a full ship so there were no groups waiting for the elevator. We would not hesitate to book an accessible cabin next to the elevators in the future.
  7. Thank you for this post. It is wonderful to hear of your successful cruises. I think I understand having Baxter deliver supplies to the ship. A great service! It does sound like once on board crew members are very helpful. My concerns are getting to the port city. We would need to fly and probably spend a night or two pre cruise. Did you fly with the cycler and boxes of solution?? If so, any information would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou!
  8. My husband is in a wheelchair, which I push. He is also a dialysis patient using PD. Because of this type of dialysis he is unable to swim or use the hot tub. I mention this as being outside by the pool holds little enjoyment for him. We are grateful that we can still cruise. This is the only type of vacation that makes sense in our situation. We love the promenade deck! Most times as I push his wheelchair I would be considered slow. Our life is slow. We savour every minute that we are outdoors. If he wants to stop to enjoy the view or feel the breeze, I stop. It never occurred to me that we were an inconvenience to those that are able and wanting to walk briskly. I can't change our circumstances and I will continue to walk slowly enjoying our time together. So if you should see us as you go by don't be resentful that we are slowing you down be grateful that you able to walk around the promenade deck. Not that it should matter but we are in our sixties. Life does not always turn out how you planned but there are many things to still be enjoyed.
  9. I hope you feel better soon and contine with your "Rome to Home" pictures and stories. I was enjoying your unique perspective.
  10. There are Hawaiian cruises for late 2024 and early 2025 that have an early booking bonus HIA package. This package includes among other things gratuities.
  11. If a person were to add up what they would typically tip for three restaurant meals a day in Canada or the US I think it would be more than the daily gratuity charged by HAL. Removing the gratuities is something I could never do. Whether I agree or not with the tipping culture it is what it is. At least appreciation is shown by any crew member that I have singled out for an additional gratuity. In Canada and the US a tip in a restaurant is expected and seldom acknowledged.
  12. We purchased HIA for a 7 day cruise in May 2022. We did not spend any additional money while on the cruise. We were credited 7 points for cruise days and 7 points for onboard spending. Total 14 points.
  13. There is company out of Edmonton called Unbelts. They make belts that you do not need to take off going through airport security. Breezed through security just last week with my belt on. I have no affiliation with the company just my personal experience. There may be stores close to you that sell them or you can order online.
  14. We boarded the Zuiderdam in Vancouver in May. We had a positive PCR test result and did not have a letter of recovery nor did we need one. We were given chairs to sit on while they contacted the nurse on board to see if she wanted to do any further screening. She didn't. We had no symptoms and were visibly healthy so we were cleared to board. I would think that by now staff will be quite used to dealing with positive PCR tests. Hope this is still relevant as it was a few months ago.
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