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  1. Please be advised, requests that do not have the ship and sail date in the subject line cannot be processed. Non group requests will be processed 30 days before departure. Table assignments can be found on your Seapass card received at check in at your port of departure.
  2. Me too. I knew this was going to be my last chance to eat there
  3. I've been sailing on Oasis class shops solo for a couple of years now. I'm currently on the Allure solo getting ready for dinner at Sabors. You'll be fine. Like someone else said join rollcalls for your sailing.
  4. It's their entry level I'm not sure if you even have to have gambled to become Choice.
  5. On most Royal ships the concierge will meet early with Pinnacle/Suite self assist passengers on the last morning and let them get off first Does celebrity do this as well?
  6. I have also been wondering about what happens if you cancel a specialty restaurant reservation with less than 24 hours. My situation would be dinner in CK on the first day. I don't want to not have a specialty reservation if we find out that we can't dine the first night in CK. It would be really nice if you could be told in advance. I have yet to receive an advance email regarding access for any of my recent Wonder or Allure sailings
  7. I just priced the Equinox for myself for next March at $3550 solo but if I put in 2 passengers it goes down to $2850 Crazy.
  8. My cruising friend likes to have reservations before boarding. If they can adjust it onboard that will be good. If not no biggie
  9. If I already booked specialty restaurants online can I call and get the 25% Zenith discount adjustment on them?Thank you
  10. I will get to enjoy Sabor's and that nice bar near the Aqua Theatre one more time mid June before she leaves PC and then gets amped up. Count me as one that likes her the way she is
  11. Does anyone know if the 25% off Specialty Dining perk can be used thru the Cruise Planner or if it only applies if you book onboard?
  12. It's a group booking that includes the Classic drink package and wifi
  13. I have a group one booked with my TA that comes with the perks as well but I just checked and if I downgrade to the regular rate without the perks it will cost MORE!!
  14. Zenith gets WIFI and the Premium Drink package correct?
  15. I'm on the ship just hanging out at the casino bar. Haven't decided if we will venture out or not
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