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  1. Do you have a link to see the port schedules? The only ones I see still have the NV going out of Miami thanks Our remaining 2021 cruises are all on the Indy or Mariner out of PC.
  2. They also reported that each ship has to do a test cruise in order to sail. That would be a LOT of test cruises if true.
  3. Don't know if it was right or wrong but the news people even said that each ship would have to do test cruises in order to sail. It's not just one ship and then all of them can go, they EACH have to do their own test cruises.
  4. The local news here in Florida just made it sound like the cruise lines ARE going to run test cruises. I'm so confused😇
  5. The local news is making it sound like the cruise lines ARE going to do the test cruises. So confusing.
  6. I just read an article where NCL CEO said there is no way they can be ready to sail by July. That they need 90 days at least to get going. I think they have already cancelled their July sailings.
  7. Snapper conch and shrimp cerviche in Key Largo. Finally made it back to the Keys
  8. I think you are right. Carnival's ships selling for July depart from Miami and Galveston
  9. At least it looks like NCL has stopped selling a lot of cruises that they know won't be sailing
  10. That has happened to me as well. I always had them cancel and re book figuring if I did have to cancel in the future there would be problems. I was told that their system automatically reverts to non refundable and that they have to change it to refundable
  11. I would be very surprised if any sailings actually go out in July. That said I would be okay with it since we are booked on the Mariner July 19th but I can't see them being ready by then.
  12. True buy Royal has also had over a year to plan which ship(s) to start out with
  13. Maybe they forgot to lay off the Royal Up peeps😎
  14. Mind have always been locked in as well
  15. Sure you can. Call whomever are you booked with
  16. Ok if they are going we will be onboard!!! Dan says we're in😎 I even have the UBP purchased
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