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  1. Update: A couple things to address comments above - Our December 2020 cruise that we moved from Oasis to Harmony in Dec 2021 (still W. Caribbean, but different ports) was SIGNIFICANTLY more. We have a star loft suite booked, and I'm guessing the price on Harmony was double. It was moved - no problem at all. Also sails out of a different originating port. I would argue that price is not the issue. We could have booked on Symphony - and that was even more expensive than Harmony, but dates didn't work for us. Just had an update from my TA - he escalated to his rep who spoke with Miami and despite being told there was nothing comparable in April 2022 vs April 2021 - turns out that the stock hadn't yet been released for the Lift n Shift. We are now waiting to hear back from Miami - but I anticipate we will be moving from Oasis 2021 to Symphony 2022 (most similar dates and ports of call). We have a 2BR aquatheatre suite booked with friends for my DH's 50th bday - so we jumped on getting this done as we have a small travel window in April with our friends as we all have kids. Hopefully Miami will move the booking - can't see why they wouldn't as the move fits exactly within the parameters of the Lift and Shift policy. Same class of ship, same itinerary (Eastern Caribbean - with most similar ports of call we could find), same length. Fingers are crossed.
  2. we are in the exact situation - Oasis out of FLL booked April 2021 - want to move to April 2022, but Oasis doesn't have any sailings out of FLL, and none match our original itinerary. We had an Oasis Western Caribbean booked for December 2020 and have moved it to Harmony, also on Western Caribbean in December 2021. Royal had no problem with this trade - but the April one isn't possible apparently. Fighting this one tooth and nail. I'm not sure why we can do it with one and not the other.
  3. I feel like the best response to a question that is so clearly out of bounds is “why do you want to know”. It really makes people stop and think. cruising solo sounds absolutely heavenly.
  4. If you have the photo package and are in the photo with people who do not have the photo package you will still get the pictures. The catch is when you try to put photos with others who aren't included in the package in a photo without you the picture will not be included. We sailed on Anthem in July with a group of 10. My family of four, my inlaws (family of four) and my parents in law. My sister in law had the photo for her and her family. We took photos with her kids and my kids and the pics were included. However, when we tried to include a photo of my just family without anyone from her cabin the photo was removed from her package. But we had lots of shots with all 10 of us, and grandparents and grandkids that were all included. You just need to have at least one of you in the photo.
  5. We check in on the 7th and she said the rooms would be closed by then... Maybe they're closing them end of November?
  6. I've got this hotel booked for a night next month before our cruise - and have been very nervous after reading all the negative reviews. So I called to see if I could confirm a tower room and the agent told me they will be closing the non tower rooms for renovations and we will be in a tower room. Seems like they've heard the feedback and are actively working to upgrade the older non-tower rooms. Phew! Fingers crossed..
  7. Allure 12/8/19 - email correspondence from Alan, but he's going on vacation and Luciano will be our genie.
  8. You could take the kids to Chocobar Cortes - get 'em all hyped up on sugar and then back to the ship for some pool time to burn it off! My kids (9&11) are bored of SJ too and will be staying on the ship while I wander for coffee and chocolate 😉
  9. Not all restaurants show a kids menu. But some do - it’ll give you a sense. 150 And Giovannis show it in the app. I didn’t search each venue - but you can have a look for your sailing. The menu in this video is from our allure sailing next month. FullSizeRender.mov
  10. Have a look in your RCI app if it's available for your ship and sailing - it lists all the menus - including kids'.
  11. Here's a link to the height requirements - hope this helps. They're super strict with height requirements and measure the kids. My son was about 5/8 of an inch short for flow rider and was denied (they made him take his shoes off for the measure - otherwise he would have been tall enough - lol). https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/are-there-age-requirements-or-height-restrictions-at-perfect-day-at-cococay
  12. In our experience on this - no. They definitely don’t. And the rentals are hysterically funny to skate in and very humbling.
  13. There are a million guy on the beach offering the chair/umbrella/drinks package -you won't have trouble finding somewhere to sit. The later you arrive the further back you will be from the beach. If you take the water taxi they'll all be standing at the end of the dock workin' hard to get your business. Take a breath. Take a moment. Look around at where you'd like to sit (near jet ski area? near swimming area? etc) and then go from there and find the "vendor" responsible for that section of the beach. Almost all sections of the beach have someone who will take a food order and deliver lunch to you - and drinks too.
  14. I whole heartedly agree with Peaceful - it's heaven in your tummy. But you could also look at Kirin on Alberni Street - it's northern chinese and is amazing.
  15. go to this link https://www.*****/stthomas/getting_around_stt/taxi_stt/ scroll down - not too far - and the rates are all listed.
  16. for the short day in San Juan - it shows departure time at 1:00 - but no "all aboard" which typically shows on port days. Do you remember if the 1:00 was the departure time or all aboard? Trying to gauge how much time we will be in SJ for next month. Thanks 🙂
  17. Some cabins (not all - and be careful when booking) have a Pullman bed that comes down from the ceiling. We’ve sailed with ouR 2 kids in these rooms and have made good use of the Pullman and the sofa bed.
  18. Jr suite - I wouldn’t. I might consider that amount for a grand suite. It’s a big price jump for not much more space and no real suite benefits. You won’t even get internet with it.
  19. Perfection - thanks! It's hard to judge the scale on the maps. It will definitely be a perfect day and we cannot wait!
  20. True they are preassigned - however we're spoiling ourselves this time and I was going to ask our Genie to see about getting one away from the wave pool. I think you can also go to the excursions desk upon boarding to request certain areas.
  21. When we were on Anthem, on one of our tours, we found out there are 1,400 cameras on the ship and all are equipped with facial recognition (hence the expressionless photo requirement). The question was asked about kids taking the xbox controllers. The crew member informed us that yes, it has happened, and yes they always know who did it and where it is. I wouldn't worry about your room cards.
  22. Which cabana were you in? We'll be there in December and it's hard to tell from the map where to pick. I don't want to be over by the wave pool... it looks like there are some cabanas closer to/in between the two sets of waterslides. We'll have the bigger kids (11/12) that will want to do Devil's tower and younger kids (6/9) that will probably be more interested in the racers and tube slides. Thoughts? Suggestions?
  23. Agree that she should go - it's fun to watch. A heads up - when we did this excursion last year we were freezing on the way back to the port as we were wet and the wind from the moving boat was nippy. Remember to bring something warm and/or dry to wear on the way back after you're done swimming! Access to the catamaran is a few steps up/down - and if she's already down to a cane she'll be fine.
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