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  1. Thank you, doing great. 🙂 Glad that you had a good time in Asia.
  2. He will be transferring to Jewel from Serenade so I'm guessing only 2 months for him.
  3. I guess that she is joining in May after drydock for the UK season.
  4. Looking at the rotations, am I right in thinking that Captain Tore Grimstad is on Oasis for the July 4th sailing? Anyone sailed with him?
  5. Keeping my eye on Oasis for early July, no idea who it will be yet. Seems as if Dennis will be on vacation then (not sure if he's the permanent CD there or not).
  6. Explorer and Independence both still unknown, one could go to Southampton and the other to either FLL or Galveston.
  7. Never had him but he's an older CD from other cruise lines who joined Royal last year, was on Serenade and now Rhapsody. Reviews weren't great.
  8. Nice to see you again! Thanks for the info on Keith.
  9. Dennis is on Oasis now, I think he's taking over this weekend.
  10. Surprising that Mark Rous is AM on Anthem, I thought he was a CD now, he did fill in contracts on multiple ships last year.
  11. Should be fairly obvious where Jimmy fits in as someone has to cover when Marc takes a vacation. For Harmony, you've listed Marc's contracts which he announced on his FB page. HM's CD schedule is as follows: Marc Walker - until March 15th Jimmy Rhodes - March 15th until May 3rd Marc Walker - May 3rd until September 13th Brian Leavitt - September 13th until November 15th Marc Walker - November 15th until March 7th 2021 Gordon is not on Ovation, I don't know where that came from. He's on Quantum covering for Ken and Joff is on Ovation.
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