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  1. Bungalows used to be on south beach (we rented one August 2017) With the changes to the island around formal opening of Perfect Day and the new South Beach club....the bungalows kinda went away. In my cruise planner I see Water park Cabanas Chill Island Cabanas South Beach Cabanas (which show as being in the same location as the old South Beach Bungalows we rented before so I suspect a branding/name change - and they also show as 'sold out' for the last 5 months so may just be off the market entirely) South Beach Day beds Lagoon Cabana Beach Club Cabana Beach club over water cabana
  2. My 7 (girl) and 11 (boy) loved their first cruise....and everyone after it. Lotsa time in the pool, sampling all the good food, going to new and exciting places. They loved it (as did we) so much that we spent quite a lot of time sailing between August 2018 and now....(4 trips) and they have shown no signs of not liking it....we have 2 more trips already planned for April and Aug 2020
  3. No perk(s) offered by any company will remain the same 20yrs from now.
  4. Both are good points. But are you looking into the total costs? I don't know how much it costs to fly to Fiji or Bora Bora....I usually only cruise from ports I can drive to in order to keep some of my costs low so I don't have airfare to contend with (except next year since we are doing Alaska....you don't even want to know how much the air cost me for 4). Some people are saying they are cruising for less than $1000-$1500 since they say the cabana costs more than the cruise. (I'm not one of those people 😞 ) So as a % of the trip it is expensive...but if you costs $2,000 to fly to the pacific somewhere and get something over the water for $600....is it really less money?
  5. RC Website indicates the beach club will open in January 2020 so I would imagine that's why. The original date was Dec 2019...but it looks like they pushed it out a little
  6. If you see something in the planner for less you can cancel and rebook all online. I wouldn't personally do that for that specific item because I would secretly fear that since I cancel it first in cruise planner and then rebuy it....someone would snatch up the last one and I would lose out. So I call in for something like this. I originally had a chill island cabana booked for $799 but 3 weeks or so ago I noticed they were at $499....I did it all in cruise planner....went into order history, cancelled the cabana, then just reorder it for less.
  7. I see....yeah...I'm allergic to strawberries so that would make me mad too 😉 Bright side though....they finally have made these new features available for booking and the price is now out there....so no more waiting and waiting and waiting. I always say "Book it"...and then watch the prices since they change all the time. $699 for a beach cabana with access to beach club, $999 for an over the water one on my sailing....I've got 197 days to watch the price go up and down...and call everytime it goes down 😉
  8. Well....the drink package was a highly visible mistake up for like a day that thousands of people jumped on. A pricing mistake on a brand new excursion that was ( I assume) corrected quite quikly isn't anywhere near as public damaging. Plus...it sounds like you did the typical call to Royal "hey is this price right" ;)...instead of just booking ... I could be wrong...not alot of details.
  9. Appeared on my planner today for April 16th sailing. $999 isn't cheap....but if you wanted one like i did.....check and see if they are there for you sailing yet.
  10. While I didn't want to do it....I was able to work just fine last outing on one day. Work consisted of SKYPE style calls (audio, no video) and email with attachments. No VPN log ins, just access to WWW available resources like webmail, Jira, Slack. I was also able to facetime with Family with no issue...so I would assume video would have work for work too....I just didn't want to do it I did see some serious lag when I wanted to upload to youtube some reaction videos we had shot with it taking almost an hour to send up a 5 minute video....so if you have to work with large file sizes....you might not be happy.
  11. Maybe hurricane season is wearing a little thin for the working souls aboard. I've been on 4 RC cruises in the last year or so....and everyone always looked like the Joker has just gassed them....(aka they were smiling ear to ear and projecting happiness.....even if they were secretly crying inside)
  12. No you got it. Parents live 1.5 hours north and want us to see their new house. So was thinking of getting off ship at port of call, renting car, driving 1.5 hours, saying hi, then driving back and getting back on board....not really my idea...its theirs.
  13. It would be 2 adults, 2 kids, no luggage....because its like an excursion for us
  14. I've only been into Port Canaveral once and didn't pay much attention since we were taking an RC excursion....so just followed the line onto the bus ;). Is there an 'easy' to get to rental car company at the port (aka in the port that you can walk to)? We are going to be there in April and have been asked to visit family that is about 1.5 hours north of the port. A bit too far for Uber....but I'm also a nervous nelly type thinking about all the things that can go wrong with renting a car and driving far.....especially on the return trip....road accidents, tie up at the drop offs, missing the boat......
  15. Can you book through a US TA to take advantage of price drops if/when they happen? The 'conventional' logic is that ships are the cheapest the further out you go.....I haven't tracked it too closely but the last 4 cruises I took I booked all about 100 days out....and I didn't feel any significant cost different booking Serenda for August next year (230 days out when I booked)
  16. We needed to make the same decision...we opted to stay an extra day in Vancouver and snag a non-stop to Newark the following morning.
  17. Nope....makes it feel like you're own home at sea (unless of course you own a rancher....then you might not get the same feeling we do out of the loft suites 😉 )
  18. They currently do not have a suite only area. Some of us have thought the over water cabanas when they become available might be part of a suite first area in the coco beach club....but they aren't built yet, aren't priced yet, etc....so right now....nope...still no suite only area anymore.
  19. I've sailed on Anthem.....not quite an Oasis...but still pretty big....the only time it ever felt crowd was right after a show and you all had to walk from the theater to somewhere else at the same time. Other than that.....sea days by the outdoor pool looked messy....but we always swam in the inside pool to keep from getting a sun burn and it was almost empty.
  20. Sailing in star is different than anything else you have done. You don't worry about reservations....when you talk to your Genie via email tell them what/where/when they will take care of it all. The cabanas in the suite area at Labadee don't show up in the cruise planner, you book them as well when you talk to the Genie. Cabanas at CocoCay are still kind off a grey area since right now there isn't a suite specific area and everything can be booked in planner. I am hoping when South Beach Coco Club opens with the over water cabanas that is what will become a suite first area that you can book through Genie/Conceirge What room are you in on Anthem...we've Star there twice....if its one of the loft suites....they are quite a walk from the elevators 😉
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