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  1. Your last name starts with an "A" and they start at the beginning list every day 😉
  2. Tough choice 😉 During the winter months the water at Labadee is you swim on the lagoon/inlet side will be warmer (if you get the timing on the tide right since the inland water will be going out with the tide) Both are nice places. Labadee has a nice tropical rain forest vibe/scenery going for it..... Cococay is the newer/fresher destination. Depending on where you pick to swim you can be in the man made inlet areas with a view that contains the ship all day Of if you get to south beach area.....I think it has the best over all view...of open ocean uniterrupted to the horizon (at least it did before they added the over water cabanas) but if you get one of those you will get that view back 😉 Other wise turn your head a little to the right so they are out of view 🙂 😉 😉 The water was also the clearest I have ever seen at cococay. Labadee I thought was a little on the greener side but still beautiful. I don't have any photos of locations without people in them 😉
  3. Having unemployment go down rather dramatically given all 'analysts' expected it to go up higher again has spurred a lot of market activity and perhaps added a bit of confidence around the 'post covid19 rebound' that has been hotly debated in terms of will it be a V shape or a hockey stick shape....or somewhere in between
  4. 😞 The face you make when you bought in at $34 in March.....got tired of watching it go up 4 then down 4 then up 5 then down 6 then up 7....so starting playing the up/down game and taking small bits of profit and realized if you had just left it alone you would have doubled your money today versus the 50% gain you have. Still....been doing okay for me....but could have been so much better if I had learned how to be patient.
  5. Yeah....I keep buying it and selling it....making small gains....if I had just held it from the first buy and sold today I would have made about 30% more than I have so far....but I'm too nervous to hold it for more than a few days at time....just keep waiting for another 'shot over the bow' in terms of more delays in ports, more strange rules in covid, more bad economic news in general....
  6. People react at different speeds. If markets are open....knee jerk reaction can tank you quickly...aka a bunch of people get nervous sell, stock starts to slide, more people get nervous, they sell, stock slides more...it hits threshhold, then major holders auto trading kicks in...... If market is closed, the initial knee jerk is delayed and in after hour trading it might take a small hit and then recover by the time the major indexes open the next business day.
  7. I saw the CA announcement early today and called RCL about 12:30....took 10 minutes and 'lifted/shifted' my two reservations from Aug 2 2020 to Aug 15 2021.....I had already cancelled all my cruise planner items 2 weeks ago thinking this would happen and I didn't want to have the full cruise fare plus another 6-7k in cruise planner items sitting in RCL bank account for 2 years. Still waiting on that refund though 😉
  8. Not sure its been mentioned or not....the FCC can't be used for the depo....so that means you do not need (or want) to wait for the FCC prior to booking the replacement (especially if you have a specific cabin you want)
  9. Whoa there.....didn't mean to derail the thread into yet another other COVID-19 measurement contests. PSA....sharing a news tidbit saying clearly the virus doesn't spread as easily on surfaces as first thought is not an open invitation that I want to start an internet argument since neither one of us is saying the virus doesn't spread that way; just that it doesn't spread as easily as thought. So, you know the whole doom and gloom images of countries walking around outside sanitizing side walks that help whipped up this entire crapfest? Well, now that we know more about the virus those actions appear now to be what we call in the industry 'an overreaction' 🙂
  10. No one knows....we can only make assumptions at this point.
  11. Some good news coming out of CDC today......according to this news source https://www.foxnews.com/health/cdc-now-says-coronavirus-does-not-spread-easily-via-contaminated-surfaces
  12. Well silver lining (at least for me)....cruising to the private islands is preferable to some of the ports ;). Especially if do enjoy the beach/water sport/activities.....
  13. 1. Hold onto money as long as possible before having to start refund process and get as many final payments in as possible from people holding out hope that didn't cancel already. 2. Waiting a little longer than previous because they didn't want to make negative announcement on one day and then negative announcement about losses at earnings call only a few days later
  14. Well....it is only an assumption 😉 An assumption that can be extended 😉 maybe previous break even model/published info doesn't not take into account additional costs around covid-19 activities......like cleaning efforts/supplies during sailings decon between sailings personnel requirements to support screening at various ports of calls Unknown/TBD costs that may be assessed at various ports of call
  15. I would 'assume' these have lower total operation cost.
  16. Well if that's the case....they they are just protecting themselves right...... If I do a lift and shift now.....I get same pricing. If I do a 'move my money to a new booking cruise' (which is essentially the same as a lift and shift without the same price guarantee) using a 125% future cruise credit it then turns into a small gambling dice throw....will the room/itinerary have greater than a 25% rate increase for next year........but.........I already pre-booked the room to insulated myself from that and the rate was about the same. I only did that for the one room...so my only exposure would be on the GS category.....I think that's a good gamble 😉
  17. They way I see it you have 3 options. 1. Straight cancel (assuming you are fully refundable) 2. Lift/shift into next year 3. Make final payment, wait for cancel, and hope for a 125% credit to apply to bring cost down for next year. Since you have not bought airfare yet you can wait on that till very close in. It all comes down to if you can afford to tie up the funds for the sailing for almost a year or not to take option 3
  18. lol. The time to go on a cruise is whenever the boats sail ;). So until it is cancelled... Trying times for sure. But at some point....someone.....somewhere.....is going to be the 'first' sailing when cruising restarts. No one knows when, or who, or where yet.....
  19. That is a possiblility. The 125% covers about 50% of my 1st reservation so thinking I would end up with 125% again from April, plus 125% of what wasn't covered by that FCC and paid in cash. Then I have a second reservation on the same sailing. I don't see a big delta yet in pricing between the two (2020 and 2021) in the room category we sail in.
  20. I certainly could. I try not to say certain things on this forum anymore because literally someone who looked me up on the internet based on my user name and started sending hate mail to my personal email addresses. But to put it bluntly....I don't want to lift/shift until after a cancel happens. We have a Royal Suite and a Grand Suite reserved. Getting a GS is easy so wasn't worried about getting into one if this gets cancelled, but the RS is a single room per sailing....so I want to make sure I protecting my room choice hence the reservation and not just wait to do a lift and shift after formal notice of cancel.
  21. Yeah.....fully expected that.......final payment has already passed....so everyone on the Aug 2 sailing is committed.....but......the rest of the month hasn't based final payment......so yeah. 😞
  22. Because if I cancel the hotel.....and then sail....I need to get a room again.....which may or may not be available....which may or may not be the same great price I reserved at.
  23. Seem to be missing the key point in the decision process......if the cruise isn't cancelled...we are sailing ;). So I can't lift/shift because it is not cancelled. I fronted the room reservation on a fully refundable...we are/were sailing in the RS which there is only 1 of on every boat....so I reserved the room in case. If 2020 gets cancelled, I will shift into 2021 and cancel place holder. If 2020 sails.....later on we can decided if we will go again in 2021 or not so the depo approach seemed like the best option,
  24. I can not cancel my hotel and change my flights until the cruise is formally cancelled. As for the cruise itself...like I said...I cancelled all the cruise planner items.....and I plan to move the cruise to 2021...but only if it is cancelled.
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