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  1. Another plus for this cruise, given the red-hot temps in the Med in recent summers (too hot for us in July and August), by the time this cruise goes it might well be nice and hot but not unbearable.
  2. Glad you were dealt with sensibly - but here is a cautionary tale though from October last year: My wife is Caribbean level but I am not, and when we turned up for the earlier time, having checked by email with P&O customer services that this is what we should do, we were refused entry by a pathetic jobsworth who didn't have the intelligence to see how ridiculous her position was! It took 20 minutes and a supervisor before we were let through, thoroughly ruffled. Our time differential was even longer than two hours! The Welcome lunch was an overcrowded buffet instead, and of poor quality with huge queues, so we ended up in the "workers playtime" canteen upstairs anyway!
  3. Has anyone else noticed that the Shore Experiences on forthcoming cruises will only give the following message?: "Please bear with us while we add the final touches to your Shore Experiences. Our team of destination experts is currently finalising the Shore Experiences for this destination, so you can enjoy the very latest and best options available in this port. Please check back with us soon for availability." For me this applies to a cruise in Sept this year for which I have already booked all my shore experiences (confirmed in "My Orders"), and another one booked for June 2025 which has never shown the tours yet (fair enough) except for 2 minutes one evening a fortnight ago!
  4. .... and take a couple of different configurations of mulit-sockets if that is the way you want to go as I seem to remember someone saying that there is not enough room around the wall socket to attach some types. Having said that I have never needed more than are already built-in on Aurora, be it 3 or 4 (not sure). Just remember to take a 3-pin adapter with the USB port in the back for charging phone or iPad etc. as JH1809 says. If you forget, just hang around in the lifts asking fellow passengers to lend you theirs for a few hours! Someone will take pity on you!
  5. 1) Back in October last year, Megabear2 said: P&O Exec Office email: Executive.Correspondence@carnivalukgroup.com 2) I agree with Winifred22. A saver fare gives you no control over your cabin number - that is why people typically pay up to a £1000 or more extra to secure a specific Select cabin that they choose at booking. I think P&O are saying that the appearance of Queen config was not guaranteed but would be allocated if available when they allocated cabins to all the Saver fare passengers, by which time your situation precluded it, in their eyes. Still, try the email address - good luck.
  6. In my experience with "missed ports" insurance: They will not pay out without that letter from P&O the captain was referring to. Often it is not automatically sent to your cabin and you have to know that you need to go to reception to get it - other wise back home you need to write to P&O to get the letter. The letter will specifically state that no compensation was paid by P&O. If compensation is paid, then the insurance claim will fall as they will claim you have not suffered any loss, having been compensated, probably even if it is less than the insurance pay-out (but no experience of that bit). Most insurance policies have a limit on how many missed ports per trip they will pay out for, expressed as a limit amount in £. A missed port that is replaced does not invalidate the claim, which is good news.
  7. Bear in mind that if an "independent" tour has an issue (e.g.breakdown*/traffic problems/etc) and does not get you back in time, the ship will sail without you. Only P&O tours guarantee the ship will wait for you. I have been on a Caribbean tour where the bus had a blow-out. The driver mended it himself and we got back O.K. (P&O Tour), but the Caribbean can be very lay-back regarding issues!
  8. When you cook the purple ones they turn green anyway - it is a conspiracy!
  9. This is the bit to be showing so the handlers know which deck and room number to deliver it to. We bought these strong plastic tag holders on eBay so there is no danger of the label coming off (red ribbon optional!).
  10. We did a glass-bottomed trip once and afterwards everyone was commenting on the fantastic colours - all except my wife who thought it was nothing special. Then she realised she had had her dark sunglasses on the whole time! Doh!
  11. or "Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh" (Camp Granada Song)?
  12. Clodia - it may have changed a bit since Roman times.
  13. Exactly! When as a young man you are playing football, you cannot imagine later in life not being able to even kick a ball at all without your right knee feeling like it has fallen apart, taking weeks befor the pain subsides! Also when you are fit and young you think you will live for ever! It is impossible to believe that later on in life you may find yourself unable to stand on the same spot for more than about 5 minutes, or to walk for more than 10 minutes or so, because bits of you start aching so badly. I am not disabled - just 80. Every new place you visit you never pass a toilet without serious internal debate! You avoid like the plague getting into situations where a waiting/some walking required at a pace not chosen by you/no toilets situation might arise! One such situation is arriving too early for embarkation at the P&O Mayflower terminal after a 200 mile car journey during which you know that if you are seriously late (closure of any of the M25/M3/M27/M271 due to a crash will do it) you will not only miss your holiday but also have the several thousands of pounds you paid forfeited. We therefore often have to find ways to kill time before driving into Dock Gate 10, but even then tend to arrive early in case of long car queues at the dockside, which we have experienced. I have found that I can relieve the hip pain caused by standing still for more than a short time by bending over to touch my toes (I am lucky enough to be still able to do this!) and staying there, so I frequently pretend to be retying my shoe laces (I have to remember not to wear slip-ons on these occasions!). The longer I am down there, the longer the period of pain relief gained for when standing back up again, so if you see a man bent double in the queue, apparently interminably trying and failing to make a bow, please don't offer to do it for him, just leave him to it - it's only me!
  14. because they come to realise that they are nothing but a mimic, with nothing to say of their own and think "What kind of a life is this?" So they put bits of themselves into it by varying the rendition and ending up pleasing no-one!
  15. Avomine? - how did they come up with a name like that? I assume it's a cut-down of "anti-vomit"!
  16. We were on that cruise too and did exactly that - walked out at the sight of the "special buffet" queues and went to the "normal" buffet.
  17. I hope Ventura will be able to get into Madeira - we lost Visby on a flat-looking sea last year due to adverse currents, swell and a lack of tugs - sailed in and immediately turned round and sailed out without docking.
  18. Not sure what you are trying to prove - we have done about 440 nights now. We have only had a suite once, all the rest were higher-end balcony cabins. No Priority Boarding until this time. You don't appear to have taken into account our on-board spending, purchases of artwork, and jewellery, or the P&O tours which we buy at every port on every cruise. You also do not know about the cruises we have paid for for other people. I did not realise I was going to be challenged on here as well as at check-in! Otherwise I would have said "at today's prices" and "I know the artwork and jewellery are not being sold directly by P&O", but hey - ho!
  19. Yes, Selbourne, we had a great time with fantastic upper-70s calm sunny weather all the way until before the last port (Gibraltar) when we hit our own particular storm - a constant force 10 - and kept with it for nearly 5 days at sea (Gibraltar lost). Room Service was fun. Our personal statistics were: Chances of: 1) nothing arriving at all - 25% 2) at least one ordered item missing - 40% 3) missing cutlery - 10% 4) order not even collected, even though put out on door handle in good time - 15% 5) chased missing items promised but never arrived - 15% They were all delivered with a smile and all got a tip of course, in any case - it was a source of amusement rather than anything else. p.s. Strawberry smoothie to die for! Not such fun was a non-flushing toilet for a 24 hour period early on, despite best efforts of crew - but then more fun with free automatic continuous sequences of bonus flushes, sometimes as many as 6 on the trot (if you pardon the expression) when no-one was even in the bathroom. We all got coughs along our corridor and we used to cough each other to sleep every night.
  20. On the same cruise. Is it me, or do they not know how to cook boiled potatoes; green beans; brussel sprouts; broccoli; peas; carrot; celeriac; turnip; parsnip; etc? It would appear they are all just prepared (or defrosted) and then dipped in warm water and served - no cooking involved. The boiled potatoes would easily have outlasted a 20/20 cricket match ball.
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