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  1. We had a similar situation in 2019. We were in the hotel the night before our cruise, and my adult daughter developed flu-like symptoms (chills, aches, fever). We went to an Urgent Care facility the next morning, and the diagnosis was Influenza B. We had cruise insurance (through Carnival), so I called my PVP and everything was taken care of. I submitted the Urgent Care report, and we rebooked a cruise for 3 weeks later. The process was exceptionally smooth, since we had the insurance. I will never cruise without it!
  2. Hope everything goes smoothly and stress-free with your travel plans tomorrow! For some reason, we've always had "hiccups" getting home from Europe. 🫀 LOADS of thanks for the marvelous cruise report. You've shown me a few places I'm anxious to visit now.
  3. I prefer the surf and turf, with wasabi mashed potatoes. I usually get the French onion soup, as well. My husband likes the strip loin steak. On our last cruise, he ordered the smoked oysters as an appetizer. The presentation was incredible, and he said the taste was wonderful.
  4. You are VERY entertaining! I love the format, with your numbered conclusions. It makes for a fun read!
  5. We were recently refunded our remaining balance from gift cards. We received it in the form of an e-gift card a day or so after returning home.
  6. We basically toured the wall and took a guided taxi tour of the surrounding areas. I don't remember the specific name of the guide, but he gave us lots of historical context. The views of the Adriatic are stunning.
  7. When we went on our Med cruise, I had no idea what to expect in Dubrovnik. It ended up being one of our favorite stops! Enjoy, but try to stay cool and hydrated. (I remember the old town being ridiculously hot!)
  8. We haven't done a transatlantic, but we've done a 14 day Hawaiian cruise and a 14 day repositioning cruise. There were many more activities, such as lei-making, hula and ukelele lessons, dance classes, "lecture"-type sessions, extra comedians, more live music opportunities, and more trivia. We never felt bored with the many options provided. We also had "throw-back" days, with retired Carnival activities such as frog racing, horse racing, etc., three elegant nights, and an extra past guest reception (not just Diamond/Platinum, but the old past guest one).
  9. The thermal loungers, aromatherapy rooms, and Thalassotherapy pool on the Magic are worth it. I get the weeklong pass, if I don't book a spa room, on ships that have all of the nicer Cloud 9 features. Magic is one of the BEST!
  10. I've read that certain brands and types aren't compatible to the ships. My daughter has the same hair profile as you, so she has to have a straightener, etc., to travel. She's had no problems whatsoever with her appliances, but I know some people do. Is yours ceramic? I think I remember that some of those were problematic.
  11. Excited for this one! My favorite cruise EVER was a western Med cruise. We had another one booked for the summer of 2020, but we all know how THAT went! We hope to book the Med again in 2026, when a friend retires and wants to treat his family to a big cruise. Being the (unofficial) cruise planner of the group, I'm always on the lookout for experiences of others, both good and bad. Let's have at it!
  12. There's a menu at Alchemy, but you can just request that they concoct something special. You can choose liquors or flavors (I like anything lime/coconut/almond, etc.). They're masters at mixology!
  13. This hotel looks fantastic! We always fly into FLL when cruising out of Miami, so I'll make note of it!
  14. I'm along for the ride (figuratively!). I always enjoy your reviews!
  15. Prices from Baltimore and Norfolk also tend to trend higher. I guess it's for the "convenience" of those of us who live on the east coast and don't wish to fly or drive to Florida every cruise.
  16. Dang, that's 3 bookings he can take credit for! Carnival...PAY UP 😁!!
  17. I did the same thing! We were considering Venezia, but thanks to this review, we're now BOOKED!! πŸ˜ƒ We'll be on her in January 2025!
  18. Wishing you a safe, smooth flight ✈️! Looking forward to your live trip report!
  19. Much love and appreciation to you and Patti for another awesome review!
  20. Ok, I just "dug out" my Funtimes from our April Journeys cruise. Our cruise was the 7th to the 21st of April. The first elegant night was Monday, April 8th. Throwback elegant night was Sunday, April 14th, and the last elegant night was Friday, April 19th. I hope this helps!
  21. Family cruises are the best! I just love how the wait staff interacts with my grandkids. On our last one, our waiter made origami for them every night. Now my 7 yo granddaughter is hooked on origami! Thanks for a fantastic (as always!) review.
  22. This happened to us last month in Tampa. I got the paper in my suitcase (delivered late) that said I had a "prohibited item". It was the tiny fan that has gone on most of my 34 cruises! I showed Guest Services the prohibited item list (from my phone), and fans aren't listed. However, they were not sympathetic at all, and I didn't get it back. (NOTE: I was told I could have gone to claim it upon debarkation, with security, but we were on the Pride repositioning cruise, so we had to bus from Norfolk back to Baltimore. No time to waste!)
  23. I knew we had more in common than teaching! I come from a huge family of Parrotheads. My daughter and I have stayed at the Hollywood Beach Margaritaville...AWESOME place! We're considering making it an annual mother/daughter trip (down from Virginia). It's not cheap, but it sure is special!
  24. We just did a Pride Journeys cruise. BlerkOne is correct! I don't remember which days the other elegant nights were, but the Throwback seaday one was the second Sunday (ours was a 2 week, Sunday to Sunday cruise).
  25. Enjoy being disconnected and cruising! We will all wait for you "on the other side" of your cruise. Relax and refresh, friend!
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