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  1. I was the same way until Hurricane Michael hit my town. I'll never stay for another hurricane - ever. OP - thanks for the heads up!
  2. This is what I was going to recommend. The 50% off the first night is a fantastic deal - you can get some amazing wine for a great price. I like to get a Far Niente or Caymus cabernet, but the FN is impossible to find lately. Last cruise I got a bottle of Stag's Leap SLV cabernet that was incredible - it's my new favorite. I drink a few glasses with dinner, then make another reservation for night 3 to finish off the bottle.
  3. While I appreciate the OP suggesting new ideas, I'd definitely pass on boxed meals. After a whole lot of deployments where I was fed MREs and 'boxed nasties,' the mental association is there always. Hard pass.
  4. While, as others have said, it depends on your comfort level, I would. Currently booked on Riviera for mid-December again, and am keeping my fingers crossed that it sails. The fact that Riviera is sailing from a US port to standard Caribbean ports makes me a bit more optimistic that she'll sail. (Opinion and wishful thinking only, of course.)
  5. The offer, which surprised me, was a free junior suite on any Caribbean sailing this fall. I've always wanted to try one of the massive Royal ships - just once, mainly to ride the carousel - and so this one worked perfectly. And I can DRIVE to the port - always a plus. :-)
  6. I was on the last sailing of Breeze before the cruiselines started canceling - and my next cruise is entirely too far away. Was supposed to sail on an Elite cruise in April on Spirit from Hawaii to Vancouver, but that got canxed. Had a music charter booked in Nov, but once the musicians started canceling, the cruise line agreed to postpone it until next year. But then Royal Caribbean sent me an offer for a free junior suite and I couldn't turn it down - sailing 29 November on Harmony of the Seas. 2 weeks after that, I'm off on Oceania Riviera for a week of indulgent relaxation.
  7. PS Thanks to the OP for starting this thread! I had completely forgotten about the Mongolian steak salad and the Caribbean pepper pot soup. One quick google later, and I found the recipe for the soup - the ingredients are going on my grocery list for next week!
  8. I miss the macaroni and cheese with fried chicken on top that they used to have on the brunch menu. I only had it once or twice before they revamped the menu, but it was delicious! Other old menu items I miss - the Caribbean pepper pot soup and the steak salad - both on the old lunch menus. As far as current items I miss - the entire Alchemy bar menu. 😃
  9. I feel your pain. My 10 April sailing was cancelled by Carnival on 20 March. I requested a refund 21 March. I called Carnival on 14 May to check the status, and was told it hadn't been processed, but he'd do it while I waited on the phone. Still waiting. It's a bit frustrating to see people with May sailings getting refunded. At this rate, based on when he processed it and what I'm seeing other people comment as to their process dates vs actual refund dates, I'm not getting a refund for at least another month. Ugh.
  10. Odd. I booked a specific cruise while on Riviera last year using the reduced deposit, and I was told I could change the booking to a different at no cost or extra deposit - but only once. Upon arriving home, I rebooked to a different ship and didn't pay a dime. Could it possibly be a US vs UK issue?
  11. There's always a 3rd option - cloth hand towels. On our Costa cruise last year, we loved the rolled up washcloths in every bathroom for hand drying. They did an excellent job of keeping them stocked.
  12. Having sailed on Elation, Conquest, Victory, Valor (x2), Triumph (x2), Imagination (x4), Holiday (x3), Legend (x3), Spirit, Inspiration (x2), Miracle, Liberty, Fantasy (x3), Horizon, and Breeze, I don’t know that there are any I wouldn’t sail again. How much I enjoy a cruise largely depends on the current crew and fellow passengers - not the decor or layout of the ship. That being said, I certainly wouldn’t rush to jump on Breeze again - everywhere was SO crowded, with low ceilings and choke points. It also had the loudest, rudest group of fellow cruisers I’ve ever experienced (having a full beer dumped on my by a guy who was so drunk he got angry that A BAR on the ship wouldn’t issue him a new room key was a particularly special highlight), so that had a lot to do with it. And contrary to a lot of comments here, I absolutely loved Horizon and would sail on her again in a heartbeat!
  13. It was so fun to re-read your review! I went back to see what I had commented on your review (since I haven't sailed Conquest in years), and I realized I was booked to sail on Conquest again in October 2018 - until Hurricane Michael wiped out our town and we had to cancel. Still a great review to read, though!
  14. UPDATE: After seeing folks from this cruise getting their refunds last week and this week, I called Carnival today to ask about the status of my refund - I just wanted to make sure my form had gone through. The very nice Carnival rep I reached after about 15 minutes noticed it was an Elite casino booking, and transferred me. After another 30 minutes on hold, I spoke with a casino rep who stated the refund had not yet been processed, and asked if I REEEEEALLLLY wanted a refund, or FCC. I verified the refund request, and he had me hold on the phone while he processed it. He was very friendly, and one thing he said as we were chatting that stuck out was, "we're not really sure what's going to happen with the company, so the refund is probably a good idea!' 😳 I'm hoping he meant as far as future casino offers... So if you were booked on a casino cruise or offer, you may need to follow up with the casino department with regards to your refund/FCC request.
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