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  1. Our soldiers home is a health care facility in holyoke, ma dedicated to just veterans.. and this virus was responsible for at least 75 deaths of our veterans at that facility..
  2. Actually.. I'm in western Mass ... and it was hit hard.. specially our soldiers home.. which was so sad.. :(... so it really did hit our entire state..
  3. It was the entire state.. Massachusetts..
  4. I look online 1st and get the price.. then call to book.. and they usually tell me the same price that I saw online..
  5. I guess it all depends where you live.. my state was one of the hardest hit, and we are only in phase 1 of reopening.. and masks are still required in all supermarkets, etc. There are still lines around the corner at Costco, and Walmart, and home depot. , are restaurants are limited to take out only, and retail is only curbside pick up. Everything is going to take time..
  6. you can get there that early.. but usually you won't board the ship until 1130ish.. you just will have to wait in the terminal.
  7. Cocoa Beach Shuttle.. they were great.. no issues.
  8. I have been on Majesty before and loved her.. and I have been on the Oasis and Allure and loved those also.. The Majesty is a great ship.. and I have a cruise booked on her and can't wait..
  9. No time limit at all.. just got off the Allure a month ago..and just sat down with one drink at the pool.. and ordered the next one right away.. love the sea days 🙂
  10. Love your review.. thinking of booking Majesty..your review is convincing me,.
  11. Try Cocoa Beach Shuttle.. they will pick you up at the airport and drop you off at the hotel, then you can arrange for them to bring you to the port the next day. It worked for us.
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