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  1. Try Jiffy Jeff or SAS.. and you have to book them ahead of time.. they both have websites ..
  2. Thank you .. hoping that they show it there.. 🤞
  3. I am also from New England.. Go Patriots..lol.. and we love cruising during the Super Bowl.. done it quite a few times.. love it..
  4. yeah.. I get it.. once again.. I am just trying to figure it out.. cause I CARE about the Super Bowl.. 😉
  5. yeah.. I am just hoping that they air it on the big screens, like they have done on the Oasis.. 🙂
  6. So I am on the Allure for the Super Bowl Cruise.. and I know in the past on Oasis they have show the game on the screens in the back.. but right now the planner is letting you book an 830pm show on the night of Super Bowl?... has anyone every sailed on Super Bowl cruise before on the Allure....and if so where do they show the game?
  7. I would call them and tell them you want to use the OBC to purchase items in advance.. and they will put it on your cruise planner usually within 48hours.
  8. My cruise isn't until Feb 2020, and I redeemed my points back in Dec 2018, and I called in Jan.. and they were put on my cruise planner that same day.. I would just call.
  9. We were there last time Super Bowl was in Miami.. and we sailed out of Miami.. now we stayed the night before.. , our friends arrived the day of and made the ship without any issues.. so you should be fine.. We are also sailing out again on Super Bowl Feb 2 2020, we are actually staying in Miami.. I booked the room back in Feb.. What cruise line are you sailing on?
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