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  1. Ok.. get it.. just saying what my friend did.. I personally could care less.. I don't drink wine.. I'm a beer gal,, and had the beverage package..
  2. Well whatever the corkage fee is for.. she had her wine in her room and enjoyed her vacation. :)..
  3. My friend got the wine bottles with no corks.. and didn't get charged and refilled her glass in her stateroom quite a few times..lol
  4. Yeah.. if it was just me and the hubby would of def done that.. but I had to keep our group together.. and not everyone has done Uber before.. soooo.. lol.. had to do it this way.. which worked out great.. and yes we did have a great cruise.. thank you :)
  5. It was $360.00 for 6 people.. that included.. FLL to SB, SB to PE, PE to FLL.. , (tip for the driver not included)
  6. Just wanted to give a shout out to Jiffy Jeff.. they were top notch with their service.. def recommend, we used them on Feb 1st.. they picked are group of 6 up at FLL.. brought us to the hotel on South Beach..(during super bowl craziness), then picked us up the next morning and brought us to Port Everglades, and then picked us up after our cruise and dropped us at the airport. Communication was great.. and they were on time and even should up early bringing us to the cruise.. which was perfect.. the vans were huge , plenty of room .. and looked new.. overall they did an outstanding job, and I would use again next time we go to FLL.
  7. I was on the Super Bowl sailing on the Allure and the ship was smooth sailing.. no issues at all..
  8. We were in the same situation , we rented a car and visited one of the theme parks..
  9. We were on the same cruise.. it was awesome... love your review!
  10. Well everyone else is on vacation also.. and it may be their only vacation.. and it's also special to them.. so if they want to wear shorts.. they will wear shorts.. they have every right, and shouldn't be judged upon it.. ... they paid to be on the cruise as you did...
  11. Well thank you for the suggestions.. and sorry that it bothered you that I wrote "and go"... , I appreciate that you answered.. but you could of always scrolled by if you didn't like the way I asked my question.. .. don't sweat the small stuff ๐Ÿ˜‰ thanks again.. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have heard good things about Big pink.. what about Monty's on south beach?
  12. Ok.. need some recommendations on where to eat that won't break the bank on South Beach/Ocean drive area., 1st time visiting south beach..... and go... ๐Ÿ™‚
  13. But however... I redeemed points back in 2018 for my feb 2020 cruise and I wanted to use them for purchases on my cruise planner.. and I called in Feb 2019 and my points showed on my cruise planner within 48 hours..
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