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  1. Deface or take it down goes through my mind when seeing it. Passing this multi times a day when in a spa suite is rough on the eyes.
  2. Exactly! Fresh vegetables on a ship would be rare. 24 hour notice to prepare special items. If they have the ingredients, you will get it with proper notice. If you want freshly squeezed orange juice, bring your own squeezer and have oranges delivered to your room. But I'm guessing your great Dr. Weill would not approve of OJ. Anyway, you'll be set for your upcoming cruise.
  3. Interesting comment on the TK Dover Sole as I was wondering same about thickness. I'm thinking the past three cruises have had a thicker version than a year ago. It's way too consistent to be a fluke. And maybe my memory is worse than imagined. And maybe they are made in a machine. Who knows?
  4. Well, now you have a real hotel manager running the show and a qualified CD.
  5. Yes, we thought it strange how many people were having breakfast without bags in or near MDR. Not nice.
  6. False. The delay had nothing to do with customs/immigration. Someone else can explain the reasons. Customs/immigration was finished prior day in Key West. Basically, luggage was not unloaded until aprox 11 AM. No luggage and you were free to go about 9:35 AM.
  7. Eastern European bartenders have been excellent, but they are disappearing. We were on Quest in October and watched the famous Nelson. They don't let him near the popular bars. His way of operating does nothing for new to Seabourn guests and management knows it.
  8. Looking for Crystal Society phone number to do booking today. Not the 866 number, but one with local exchange (714, 213, whatever). Currently at sea and would like to get the seven day freebie booked today. Thanks!
  9. Professional bartenders on SB have, for the most part, been replaced. Thanks for the objective review.
  10. Are you satisfied now? And please, do not attribute threatening note when there was none. Geeeez!
  11. No fear, MB is still there. Changed container size to be earth and ocean friendly. Loose, attractive 10 oz. containers with a note stating you will be charged if containers are missing at end of voyage. If you interested in purchasing available in gift shop. Cannot imagine room attendants enforcing this on turnover day. Like they need one more thing to do.
  12. SLSD....I've done a couple SB cruises since the crossing. You would be surprised how many times "we used to do that" is heard. Even the piano in OB has been cut in half. The written notice about the Molton Brown changeover is a bit laughable.
  13. It's fair to say that even the Seabourn diehard loyalists are beginning to notice this is no longer anything close to the experience expected a few short years ago. Not even close.
  14. The nice thing about staying in a Hampton Inn following a Seabourn cruise is that you will be accustomed to the rough and tough bathroom tissues. It's easy to walk away from the Hampton breakfast as nothing served should be tempting to a human. Any Hampton using ceramic plates and metal utensils is not following brand standards and can be penalized by corporate. Newly instituted maximum working hours for crew is not going to help getting breakfast faster. It does help provide a happier crew.
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