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  1. Regarding SS charter flight, yes.....I couldn't believe it. You will see that SS has a very loyal following. This was for their world cruise people. Very impressive! However, try SS at your own risk. Much different than the SB product. Many years ago, the two were about equal minus SS had the better hardware. Today, they might be more equal because SB quality has slipped to be maybe on par to some people.
  2. Perhaps HAL will accept current events as an opportunity to get Seabourn back on track to being a luxury line. Rid SB of the two larger ships that will enable it to maintain the quality crew its reputation depends upon. Maybe install a leader with a spine.
  3. Yup.....ditto.....final pic best of them all. One airline exec had the courage to cut his salary. Your spot on about the people operating these highly leveraged, merged airlines. None should be earning more than the highest paid flight attendant.
  4. I hope you are spending some time in Barbados. You do not want to fly into the USA right now.
  5. Silversea, on its own, would be bye bye today. It's been fun to watch the big three cruising stocks performance this week relative to one another. They have performed in accordance to their debt/equity ratio every day of the week. Carnival being least battered and NCL most.
  6. Yes, very true......if that is what has been designated by the person with the unused OBC. And it is a refundable credit. Otherwise, no cigar.
  7. Contacting Meadows......he is a puppet with a title. Has anyone checked Holland America's cancellation policy? It seems like the Carnival divisions acting independently on the cancellation policy. Remember.......it is Holland America operating Seabourn.
  8. Feel free to think what you wish. It could well be that I just sit in the house typing on various travel websites all day. Much fun!
  9. I travel mostly solo and much prefer being on a ship full of happy couples. Totally do not understand this business of solo sailors thinking they hold some kind of added value to Crystal. I see most as cheapskates. A supplement of 100% does not make sense? Thought that to be the pretty standard supplement on large lines. I really appreciate the lower supplements on Crystal, but it carries zero influence when booking a cruise. All I care about is the per diem cost of cruise with consideration given to cost of getting to/from the ship. What I do not want is to be on a ship overweight with solo travelers.
  10. Thread began 14 hours ago......how things have changed! Very fortunate to have Dr. Fauci speaking up. Hopefully the American political segment shuts up. And the Chinese get hung by their toes.
  11. Whoa.....do not blame David. That's on me. My apologies. I can now see how thread drift happens.
  12. Sir, you have no clue what the staff is paid. Excellent post by David. It wasn't enough to wreak havoc upon French Polynesia during the 18th century. Late 20th century tipping introduced to Tahiti that would spread throughout the islands. What the French could not destroy with their nuclear testing, the Americans will with tipping.
  13. You, and others should try harder to honor the idea of the all-inclusive non-tipping system on Seabourn.
  14. SB Seattle is discouraging branded bottled water being ordered pre cruise. We received a letter promoting their green way of doing things and basically forget about them supplying our preference. Eventually they agreed to supply what we wanted, but not without aggravation.
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