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  1. I would expect that the second person would be charged once in board. @fusion927, did you not have it charged on the ship? Otherwise, good to know.
  2. For some of the cruises the whole fare is nonrefundable, not just the deposit. Make sure you ask lots of questions.
  3. I think there is now a $10 difference between precruise vs on the ship SBP purchase.
  4. The difference in price is $15 +15% tip per day for the whole length of the cruise. It will cover all beverages up to a $15 price.
  5. I'd suggest that you call fairly soon as they are often sold out.
  6. We tried using our cabana one evening on Nieuw Amsterdam. Security came around and said no one was allowed up there after hours.
  7. Yes for all stateroom categories.
  8. I don't think non-alcoholic beer and wine are permitted as other non-alcoholic beverages.
  9. Hope it all works out well for you and your family. Enjoy your trip.
  10. I have been able to find lower prices on our flights. I did not have to cancel first. I just accepted the new fare and the old booking was replaced with the new one. It wasn't always a big price drop but a penny saved......
  11. Last time we sailed on Zuiderdam was in 2009. Will be on her again in 2020. Look forward to see current pictures of her.
  12. Age plays into credit card coverage too. On our cards, after a certain age, you are not covered for medical and cancellation.
  13. Previously, I thought there was mention of adding a Dutch Cafe as well. One can only hope.
  14. We are like many others here and very happy with our PCC. If I could, I would readily recommend him.
  15. Those J and K category staterooms on main deck are huge. At least 25% larger than the ocean views. I should add, only on Vista and Signature class ships.
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