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  1. You think the OP is referring to that narrow strip of fabric that lays across the foot of the bed?
  2. Don't they use the 3 sheet system? We had it on our NS cruise. Or is that only in the cheap seats?
  3. Were you able to contact HAL to get some clarification regarding this seemingly new process? And ask them why they didn't contact you directly?
  4. We were on NS in February and asked about Snosqualmie Riesling that we enjoy on other ships. We were told the price had changed from $7.50 to $11.50, but that they didn't have any on that ship. He also explained that they don't promote the Signature Beverage Package very much because of the wine selection.
  5. Perhaps I missed it somewhere in this discussion, but do mariners get the 25% or 50% discount on the $10 charge? Regardless of how angry this addition makes passengers, will those who normally have ordered extra entrees in the past continue to order and pay the extra fee or will it make you think twice about ordering an extra entree?
  6. Or asking passengers for $50 to have meals in Club Orange with basically the same menu as the dining room. That brings up another question, will those who eat in CO also be charge another $10 if they order a second entree?
  7. First try a booking for 2 people followed by a booking for 4. That is about the only way to see if that cruise has the discount. I don't think there is any way to see a list of cruises that offer the 3/4 passenger discount.
  8. Looks like Koningsdam isn't on the schedule yet. Maybe she won't be sailing the Caribbean.
  9. We are fortunate that most times our travel booking consultant won't let us book using the nonrefundable deposit.
  10. And keep in mind that some of those new ships with bells and whistles might charge extra for those fun activities. Example, the bumper cars on NCL Bliss, $10 for half hour ride. That can add up for a family with kids.
  11. We just did a multiple b2b2b cruise and found the average age on the eastern caribbean was about 15 years younger than the western caribbean. Somewhere in mid 40s.
  12. Thanks, I will follow up with a call to them.
  13. We are looking to book a scooter accessible cabin on NA. Seems there are no fully accessible cabins available, but 5001 shows up as partially accessible. I've tried searching for pictures or descriptions but found nothing. Has anyone been in 5001? Would it be suitable for someone with a scooter? Thanks for any feedback.
  14. Yes, the wc is in the same location as most standard cabins. You just have a much wider hallway between it and the closets.
  15. Posted pictures of 1111 on Nieuw Statendam on another thread. Hope you can find them. I've also sent them and a couple more to the site that shows facts about HAL.
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