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  1. Big changes on HAL ships tend to go through some rough growing pains. When they first added cabanas to the ships, the discussions were long and very negative. Now, most, if not all are quite positive. If CO is used a lot on the ships, HAL will keep them and expand to the rest of the ships. If the space is underused, they will come up with other ideas. Only time will tell.
  2. Thanks for that added information. Very helpfull.
  3. No. At the end of the cruise they will refund any balance on your drink card to the credit card used for purchasing it. You cannot use the balance directly to pay for anything else on your final bill. Only if you purchase onboard credit can it be used to cover your final bill.
  4. If you have the SBP, buying a beverage card as well makes it much easier to buy drinks for other friends onboard. If you are so inclined. 😘🍹 With just the package it makes it difficult, because you may not share it and I don't think there is an easy way for bar staff to charge your account .
  5. Thanks for giving a $ amount. I always wondered what amount would get an offer.
  6. Not sure what people mean when they say they don't spend much in the casino. I understand that no one really wants to share numbers. So I'll ask, will $25 a day on slot machines get one a casino offer? Any ideas?
  7. No, I don't think so unless it's part of the program, like a pizza party. But that would probably not be during dinner time.
  8. Not the same. But we understand if you made a mistake in your first post.
  9. Yes, they do set up many evenings so you can have posed photos done. You will have many opportunities for those.
  10. @simplyrubies as long as you know that the black white portraits are very, very, very expensive. Formal portraits like that can be done at home too.
  11. The white space is a staircase used by crew. Those cabins are usually booked early. Congratulations on your assignment.
  12. Sorry for being off topic, but.... on Nieuw Statendam, I really wanted to have the Advokaat at the Dutch Cafe. Nope, sorry, we don't have any on the ship and don't expect to get any until we get to Amsterdam. This was 2 months after the ship sailed and they had non left! Count me as one disappointed customer. 😒 Back to regular programming.
  13. You keep your wine with you, so no need to have it returned. As far as corkage fee, I think you've paid to bring it onboard so likely no refund of that. You'll just have to drink a bit more or lug it home again.
  14. The last evening of the cruise you can go to the front desk and get cash if you still have obc left.
  15. Another way to use up some of that time while you wait is to watch some youtube videos. Scott Singer has a great youtube site with lots of vlogs on cruises that he has taken. Even if it's not your ship or itinerary, there's lots of info. He started with his first vlog here on CC a number of years ago and he's just kept on going.
  16. If you remove the "do not upgrade", HAL can move you to any cabin in a higher category without asking you. Make sure that there are no cabins you would not like. If the give you an offer to upgrade for $$, then you can usually pick your cabin.
  17. You think the OP is referring to that narrow strip of fabric that lays across the foot of the bed?
  18. Don't they use the 3 sheet system? We had it on our NS cruise. Or is that only in the cheap seats?
  19. Were you able to contact HAL to get some clarification regarding this seemingly new process? And ask them why they didn't contact you directly?
  20. We were on NS in February and asked about Snosqualmie Riesling that we enjoy on other ships. We were told the price had changed from $7.50 to $11.50, but that they didn't have any on that ship. He also explained that they don't promote the Signature Beverage Package very much because of the wine selection.
  21. Perhaps I missed it somewhere in this discussion, but do mariners get the 25% or 50% discount on the $10 charge? Regardless of how angry this addition makes passengers, will those who normally have ordered extra entrees in the past continue to order and pay the extra fee or will it make you think twice about ordering an extra entree?
  22. Or asking passengers for $50 to have meals in Club Orange with basically the same menu as the dining room. That brings up another question, will those who eat in CO also be charge another $10 if they order a second entree?
  23. First try a booking for 2 people followed by a booking for 4. That is about the only way to see if that cruise has the discount. I don't think there is any way to see a list of cruises that offer the 3/4 passenger discount.
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