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  1. Hopefully we can get the right info regarding this. Booking onboard and getting the extra OBC sounds like a winner to me.
  2. Our PCC always told us if we book onboard, he is not able to look after the cruise for us. I wonder if that changes now? Can we have the booking assigned to our PCC, just like having it assigned to a travel agent?
  3. You can call ship services and order it from them. Sorry, I don't have the number handy.
  4. You can purchase bottles of water before you cruise. Log on to your account and open up your booking. I think you will find it under Indulgences.
  5. We have never had a cruise with many problems, but after reading experiences like this, I worry about our luck running out.
  6. You will get a list onboard for you to make your selections. There will be some of the higher priced bottles that will be 2 for 1. We've ordered this package before and there were a lot of choices. Hope you enjoy it.
  7. Years ago there were wine cards which were for a specific number of glasses of wine. These have been discontinued.
  8. Please keep this in mind if you get one of these veranda cabins.
  9. Unless this is a glitch in the system. Shhhh.... don't tell anyone.
  10. All beverages purchased will be used for points calculations, even if they were paid by your beverage package.
  11. Sometimes as part of a booking promo the cruise price increase will be a good deal. But that's not always guaranteed. Most of the time the price increase equals the cost of the package The beverage packages on their own never go on sale.
  12. We are so sad. We have to cancel our cruise on Zuiderdam for Feb 8 and Feb 15, 2020. Kazu, can you please remove us from the list? 😥😥😥😥😥
  13. In the past I've worked with many people of different faiths. I think pretty much all of them enjoyed any reason to have a party and have fun. So, I'd definitely give something extra to any staff you like. And many of the bar staff (Filipinos) could very well be Christian.
  14. It's true that sometimes the difference in price for the cruise with and without the SBP makes it a no brainer. Enjoy @Aquahound.
  15. At Vistaprint I designed one of the car magnets with cruise related images. I hang it on the wall above the mailholder. Luckily, it's never been taken.
  16. You could try for a personalized underwriters policy. It could be more expensive but at least you will be covered.
  17. If you are getting the OBC as part of Explore4, then no beverages are included. You just purchase as you go and it will be deducted from you onboard account, using the OBC.
  18. I'd suggest flying into Buffalo. Rent a car, do the whole Niagara thing and return to Buffalo and fly to Quebec City or Montreal.
  19. I would expect that the second person would be charged once in board. @fusion927, did you not have it charged on the ship? Otherwise, good to know.
  20. For some of the cruises the whole fare is nonrefundable, not just the deposit. Make sure you ask lots of questions.
  21. I think there is now a $10 difference between precruise vs on the ship SBP purchase.
  22. The difference in price is $15 +15% tip per day for the whole length of the cruise. It will cover all beverages up to a $15 price.
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